• Introduction
    • Seven Heroes
    • Game Flow
    • System Data
    • Clear Data
  • Towns & Amenities
    • Inns
    • Shopping
    • Market Rank
    • Blacksmith
    • Carriers' Guild
    • World Map
  • Adventuring
    • Turns
    • Skill Menu
    • Traps
    • Obstacles
    • Treasures
    • Monsters
  • Battling
    • HP & LP
    • Formation
    • Action Order
    • Reel and Combo
    • Using Arts
  • Character Growth
    • Stats
    • Growth Panel
    • Skill Panels
    • Glimmering Arts
    • Studying Magic
    • Recruiting Characters
  • Items & Equipment
    • Equipment Types
    • Durability
    • Repairs
    • Materials
    • Abilities
  • FAQ

Welcome to The Strelitzia Inn, a fan shrine for UNLIMITED:Saga. The site has not officially launched yet, so there is much missing and broken.


Note: After ver 0.05 I'm not tracking updates as closely because I'm working so erradically. Upload a couple images here, change some layout here, add some text here... stuff like that. Basically I will continue to add content and improve the existing content until things near completion and then start doing more detailed updates again.

ver 0.05

07 January 2018

  • Fixed an obnoxious problem with magic arts sorting (woo implicit type conversion!! x_x)
  • Added images for all monsters!
  • Changed the look of the main menu a bit, added a bunch of minimenus for the Primer section
  • Added 'recommended arts' sections to Martial Arts and Weapon Arts pages
  • Added ability line charts to Weapon Arts page
  • Removed the ability to click on Weapon Arts to go to a page about them since it didn't have any unique or useful information
  • New sections with basic functionality:
    • Weapon Arts
    • Martial Arts
    • Skill Panels

ver 0.04

04 January 2018

  • Added monsters that can use each magic art to magic arts' individual pages.
  • Fixed the mislabled stats on the Player Characters page
  • Added a handful of English names for stuff, mostly monster arts
  • Added about 40 images for monsters
  • All weapon arts and martial arts added to database
  • All weapon ability art lines added to database
  • New sections with basic functionality:
    • Magic Tablets

ver 0.03

02 January 2018

  • Changed some page titles to make everything more consistent.
  • /monsters/ is now a list of all enemies in the game.
  • Replaced the Class column with Family in monster lists, since it's more useful.
  • Icon images for the seven heroes added
  • New sections with basic functionality:
    • Playable Characters
    • Magic Arts
    • Leader Monsters
    • Gauntlet Battles
    • Scenario Bosses
    • Subadventures
  • Clicking the name of a Magic Art takes you to a detailed page about it. Doesn't include monsters that can use that art yet.
  • Data added to database (doesn't include all English/Korean names):
    • Magic arts
    • Magic tablets
    • Player characters (missing initial equipment and panels)
    • Towns
    • Area Maps
    • All adventures (sub & main)

ver 0.02

28 December 2017

  • The debug/test version of the site is now hosted online, along with some new stuff.
  • The left navigation now has proper links to every section instead of just doing nothing.
  • The site banner now links to the updates page.
  • The original debug monster chart is gone.
  • Sections with no content now display an "Under Construction" message instead of just going to a 404 or other error page.
  • "Common Monsters" section is now working, albeit with a lot of missing images and English names.
  • Individual monster pages now have listed the monster arts and magic arts that the monster can use.
  • Monster pages beyond the common monsters can still be visited if you type their id in the url query. Of course, you'll have to use the id they have in the database, so it will be hard to find one you want this way. Chaos's final form is 190, so anything between 1 and 190 (inclusive) should work.
  • Monster lists now have thumbnail images. These should later be replaced by actual thumbnails and not just sized-down versions of the large images.
  • "Monster Arts" item added to main menu under "Monster" heading.
  • Monster Arts section is now live! All 299 monster attacks (including Chaos's two unique Magic Arts) are accessible.
  • You can now click on monster names or monster art names from anywhere to go to their page.
  • Monter Arts pages now list which monsters are able to use that art.

ver 0.01

26 December 2017

  • A single page is hosted online!! The 'site' is now more than just a database!
  • The base for individual monster pages has been created.
  • Navigation menu and banner created.