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~Warmth Like Home Unawares~


Hello, friends. I hope to get back to writing play diary entries again very soon! As in like, this week? Sorry for the long delay. Been going through a looooot of stuff. Thanks for the comments and everything while I've been dormant~

As for streaming, I think I'm going to stop trying to stream games that I'm also writing about because I'm terrible at getting screencaps while I'm also trying to read chat and talk. If you watch, you know that I can't even talk and move my character around at the same time, so trying to juggle all those things in my brain is way too much lol.

Anyway, just thought I should post since I've been so quiet here.

I think after I finish writing FF5 and R1, I'll get back to work on TokiMemo3 and just keep doing Save the Homeland for now. Then once I finish one of those, I'll maybe jump back into unsaga or sagasca? I know I keep changing my "plans," but honestly what I end up doing will probably just be whatever I feel like doing when I actually finish those things lol.

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Coming Soon!!

Hello friends! Thaao here. Thanks for reading and commenting. Just wanted to make a little announcement...

A new series is coming very soon!! :D Doing the gameplay right now, which you can also follow on Twitch. And speaking of Twitch, I'm also doing a playthrough of Pokemon Crystal, where viewers get to choose the monsters I use. The whole party is accounted for already, but hopefully it should be fun. Not gonna make a diary series about it though, sorry :P

I've been wanting to have a game that I just play on my own recently... as in, not streaming. So I guess I should really get back to TokiMemo3 and RSG3, huh? But I have a weird hankering to play Rune Factory 4. I really shouldn't get into that, though... I have too much to focus on right now XD

Anyway, thanks for stopping by. Also I put a link to my Twitter in the main menu. But really I need to make little icons for Twitter and Twitch and stuff, so people can follow them more easily. I really doubt people want to bother bookmarking my site and checking up on it regularly XD (ETA: Okie, the icons have arrived. ENJOY!!)

But yeah, as always, I'm terrible at ending things. BYE

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Where have all the updates gone?


So, I haven't updated in like... three weeks?! Well, other than the update I just posted today (new unsaga entry~ check it out).

Besides the normal health stuff (which is kind of an all-the-time thing) I was also trying to get my FF5 playthrough done for the end of the Four Job Fiesta. I did! And my victory was verified, yay~

I'll be continuing to update the journals on it. I've also been heavily working on getting ready for the newest play diary that I'll be adding to the site -- I know, I know. I already have three going and I can't even keep up on them properly. But, uh, there are times I become super hyperfixated and it's pointless to try to work on anything else.

Also I had another obsession unrelated to this site, but luckily the initial fixation of that has at least worn off where I can get back to work.

I'm also thinking of trying to get back into streaming again. I'm thinking of making Wednesdays in general a 'chill day,' spending the daytime catching up on stuff I'm watching (which is pretty much Hello!Station, 205Live, and sometimes RAW and Smackdown, and then maybe some Star Trek of course) and then streaming the rest of the day. I did stream the other day, playing ROCKMAN, and a few people came even though it was my first time ever streaming on YouTube, so that was cool (twitch was dead idk)

I kinda like the YT streaming, honestly, so maybe I will move over there...? But I have a lot of friends on Twitch, so IDK.

Anyway, now that the playing of FF5 is completely finished, I'm going to be posting a lot more entries. Judy's scenario is almost done, too. I really need to play TM3 again lol... I stopped playing after the xmas party so there's not any more to write.

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Maintenance is done~~

Hello again everyone.

The site was down for maintenance overnight. I pushed an update and then had to watch the Great British Baking Show (lolol) but the update broke the site because I was using some tech that exists on my personal server but not on my host server... and then they ended up showing both the semifinals and finals (which they always do but I forgot) and I was way too tired to fix it so I went to bed. Then I just got around to updating everything.

So, sorry for the downtime, though I'm not sure who I'm even apologizing to. *yells into the void*

Just kidding; I hate yelling.

But yeah, hopefully everything works now. And maybe I will actually get an actual update done this weekend...

EDIT: If you're curious, I kind of settled on Air->Crash->Heat->Quick->Bubble->Flash->Metal->Wood lol


Apostrophes of Doom

Heyyy everyone. So, uh, I fixed the apostrophe thing lol. While I was at it, I ended up changing a bunch of other stuff under the hood even though it was probably unnecessary to do right now, but if I keep expanding the site, it will have become necessary. It was fun, though, so...

But between doing that and other stuff, I haven't written many entries. I have played a loooot more FF5, though, and a bit of the others, and have lots of content to get up. I just gotta do it lol.

Trying to update every day was a bit... overwhelming after not too long. So I'm going to try to keep updates weekly. The amount of content in a single update will vary depending on how much I'm able and willing to get done, but I'll try to get some stuff up every week. Which means I don't have long to get this week's stuff done lol...

Last night, my mate was watching Big Brother which stresses me the heck out (the show, not the act of him watching it) so I needed something obnoxiously loud and constant to blare into my ears to drown it out that also wouldn't make me feel overwhelmed... so I ended up playing Mega Man 2, of all things...

Since RoahmMythril showed that you can get past the Pippis in Crash Man's stage, I have really been rethinking my stage orders. And uh, if you don't know, Mega Man stage orders are a THING for me and I spend way too much time developing stage orders.

Importantly, I like to be able to avoid all damage as well as make use of all of the special weapons and items. Previously, I thought you needed Leaf Shield to get past the Pippis without taking damage, which meant visiting Wood Man's stage first. And in Wood Man's stage, there's a really great use for the Time Stopper and the Metal Blades, so I'd like to clear those first... I like doing Air Man before Flash Man and... well, basically, Crash Man was coming very late in the order solely because of the Leaf Shield.

But I also previously made no use of the Crash Bomber at all! But now I can actually take it into Heat Man and Flash Man's stages where I can actually use it properly...

This also changes a lot of other things up... so I'm basically completely rewriting my stage order and using a few different strategies. One thing I still have yet to find a decent solution to is those mole driller things in Metal Man's stage... I mean, other than just slowly inching through them carefully. But I hate doing that. I tried riding Item-2 through the middle, but you still get hit quite a bit (I did make it through once on pure luck, though...) and none of the weapons seem particularly useful. I haven't tried the Quick Boomerang yet, and Quick Boomerang was my last item in my old stage order.

Right now I'm pretty happy with going Air->Crash... but then I'm a bit unsure of where to go next. I actually had a better idea when playing last night, but I've of course forgotten.

I think it's something like... Air-Crash-Heat-Quick... then IDK what next. I'd like to get Bubble Lead before Flash Man now, I think. But I'd also like to have Metal Blades before Bubble Man, but I want to have Time Stopper before Metal Man... lol

I'll have to play around with it a lot. I really don't like losing some of the fun places to use Bubble Lead or Time Stopper... I wouldn't mind getting Leaf Shield last since I only really use it in Crash Man's stage, and you can use it for almost the exact same things in the Wily stages, so...

I didn't get a chance to grab the Quick Boomerang and take it to Metal Man's stage yet, though. So I'll have to do that some time. All of this is making me want to start the MM play diaries, though...

In other game news, I've gotten several more endings in Dream Daddy and it is still a fantastic game.

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