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2018 schmunny ate teen

Hello, friends~ And happy new year. Just letting yall know, I'm super fixated on working on the unsaga site right now, which means play diaries entries will be coming in a bit slower than normal (I realize they are already slow lol). I've been playing and writing to prevent getting burned out on working on the site lol. I did play romasaga2 for a while last night and maaannnn this game is good. This and Scarlet Grace are pretty much the pinnacle of the open-scenario system IMO. I remember when I first heard sagasca was going to be based on the Romancing trilogy, I was a little miffed, because I wanted it to be a new, experimental game... But in the end, it just took the best aspects of the series for nostalgia fans and then was super creative everywhere else.

Anyway, I'm also wanting to kind of play unsaga a bit more casually, so I think I'm going to start in on the Korean version a bit more. I keep starting games and then not getting far because Korean is hard and I forget so much of it, but I also am kinda tired of all the screncapping from playing the US version (I'm actually working on Ventus's story now and probably have enough for a couple diaries lol) and making sure I get everything 'recorded.'

I've played a bit more into the second run of Save the Homeland as well; I think I might stop doing the 'letters to Grandpa' thing for the new game+ runs because, well... the majority of the content of said letters would be the same? And I don't want to try to work the oddities of new-game+ into the 'story' I had going with the letters. Not that there was much 'story' there; I was mostly just doing it as an experiment and an homage to my grandfather.

I've also been practicing ROCKMAN WORLD, which I actually played for the first time only recently. When I first started playing it, I was like "ehhhh IDK if I care enough to do a no-damage run of this," but after clearing the game for the first time, I grew pretty attached to it. And it's super short and simple so it shouldn't be too hard to do. And determining a stage order won't be so bad because there's only four stages lol. I remember playing RW2 (the only one of the RW games I've played) on my Game Boy and being extremely underwhelmed with it, but the first one really held up a lot better, IMO.

I've been having a hankering to play Super Mario 64 again (I play through like, at least once a year lmao) so I might do a mini-diary about collecting max coins in every course or something, since I've been wanting to do mini-diaries. I started a video series on max coins a long time ago but never finished it; it's really the only thing in the game I haven't done. I've even done all kinds of glitch-exploiting runs and stuff which are usually not my thing. But man, getting max coins is haaaard. Of course, this is doing the 'legit' max coins without glitches or abuse. Honestly the worst part is probably Lethal Lava Land. Well, Rainbow might be a terror but I've never gotten that far.

I'm also marooned at my mate's (which isn't a problem at all, though I did have to make so many phone calls to cancel appointments like WHY DID I HAVE SO MANY APPOINTMENTS FOR THE FIRST WEEK OF 2018 wtf wtf) so I'm not able to do as much game playing here, but I can do lots of writing and junk. I also want to get back to drawing but my carpal tunnel is teerrrrrrriible these days and my hand goes numb within minutes of trying to draw. It's even bad when using my phone. I've been trying to ice it and do stretches and stuff but there's only so much you can do once the damage has been done lol.

I've also made a backloggery solely for games I want to cover in diaries. I actually managed to score the username 'mustache' which was awesome. I have an old backloggery from when I had a huge game collection, but it's so outdated and I've given so many games away now. And then I tried to make a new one but the confirmation email thing seems to hate Outlook, so I was never able to receive it, so I had to use some weird google email address to make this one. Fortunately I didn't try to use 'mustache' as my username for the one I tried to make with outlook :P

But, uh, yeah, that's it for now XD Have a good 2018. If you can. Hopefully it's better than 2017~~

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unsaga site softlaunch

Heyyy friends. I've been doing some holiday stuff or other stuff or having health issues so I haven't been updating too much. But luckily I have been hyperfixated on starting the UNLIMITED:Saga Shrine!! There's not much right now, and it's not officially launched, but you can preview it there.

But yeah hopefully I'll actually write some play diary entries soon hahaha.

I think I'm going to add a new section to Play Diaries called like 'mini-diaries' or something, where I can write a single entry about an entire playthrough of a game. Like, when I don't really have a lot to say or don't want to cover the entire game, but still want to talk about it. This way I can share EVERYTHING EVER with you guys and not just those four series haha. It also would be perfect for Four Job Fiesta if I do it again.

As for things I've been playing... well, I haven't been playing that much. I did clear Mega Man 9 as Proto Man in the Steam version on MMLC2. And I played through ROCKMAN WORLD for the first time ever (and streamed it!). It was kinda annoying at first since the physics are so different from NES Mega Man, but by the end I actually thought it was pretty cool. Not gonna be as interesting to cover as the NES games, though, I feel.

But yeah, just wanted to let yall know I'm not dead.

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Hey friends! I'm excited to launch that I've finally written the intros and the first entry to the ROCKMAN Play Diary! Check it out!

If you don't want to read the giant intro stuff, in short: I'm doing a play diary based on my attempt to clear the game (one stage at a time) taking no damage whatsoever. It's... very hard at times. In fact, the very first entry took hundreds of attempts to finish.

I didn't want to blather any more than I already was in the diary proper, so I'll talk a little bit about naming conventions here.

It took me a while to really decide what naming conventions I wanted to use for the game titles and characters (lol remember my Wod/Ward thing) because they aren't consistent across the series nor the fandom. So I'll explain why I chose the things I did:

Japanese names - I decided to play the Japanese versions of the games because they are much more consistent. Plus the titles are a lot easier to distinguish. Some examples: Wily is called Wily, Willy, Willey, Waily, etc. throughout the series. In Japanese he's always just "Wily." Later in the series, you'll see even weirder things, like in Mega Man X5, they decided to create all new names for the characters (even more different than the normal name changes), but then had Squid Adler (originally Volt Kraken) refer to Launch Octopus (originally Launcher Octopauld) as "Octopardo," using not only the Japanese name, but spelling it wrong... And then with the game titles, there's stuff like how Mega Man 5 is the fifth NES title, and Mega Man V is the fifth Game Boy title, but Mega Man 5's title is written as Mega Man V in the game, and stuff like that... This kind of confusion just doesn't exist in the Japanese version. There are many times I actually prefer localization changes (and when talking about the game casually myself, I will use my preferred titles and names for everything using my own consistent conventions I've created lmao), but for the sake of the diaries, I'm siding with consistency.

Character name stylization - This is something that differs throughout the games and fandom as well. Is it "Magnet Man", "MagnetMan", "MAGNETMAN", "Magnetman" ...??? I double-checked with the eleven main games (I didn't really look at the GB games) and the first two write the names like "MAGNETMAN", while after that they are consistently stylized with a space ("MAGNET MAN"), except for in ROCKMAN6, which for some reason reverts to the former style. Also, they're usually only in all-caps because they appear in places where all the text is capitalized anyway. In the few cases where it is not, they're either written in Japanese or with normal capitalization rules. So I'm going to be consistent with that stylization and use "Magnet Man." There is one exception -- the titles of the games and the lead protagonist seem to always be stylized as "ROCKMAN" even in contexts where the other characters' names are not stylized as such, so I will continue to use "ROCKMAN" for the game titles and the name of the main character when specifically referring to his ROCKMAN persona in contrast to his character as a whole or his service robot persona. In general, I will just refer to him as Rock, because that's his name and it's a lot easier to type.

Game Titles - To make this one short, I'm stylizing the titles this way simply because it's the way I like it best. There's lots of competing stylization here, too. Classic main titles are written with no spaces (ROCKMAN2 &c), the same with X titles (ROCKMANX7 &c). Titles that use multiple words will be spaced (ROCKMAN & FORTE, ROCKMAN WORLD 3). Except for the words "X" and "ZX" titles that contain multiple words will be spaced (ROCKMAN & FORTE, ROCKMAN WORLD 3, ROCKMAN Zero 4, ROCKMANZX Advent &c). Again, all this is just... the way I like it.

The period after "Dr" - This is just a personal stylization thing. I don't write a "." after "Dr" (Doctor) and other titles (Mrs, Lt, etc.) because I don't like the way it looks, even if this is prescriptively improper. Since there are many "Dr" characters in this series, it will come up a lot, lol.

That's all I can think of for now. Hope to get Judy's scenario finished today, too, so be on the lookout for that!

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Black Hole Bombed

Hello, friends. This weekend was my anniversary and the first pre-season NFL games, so I haven't really gotten anything written for an update this week. Oops.

Though I have been working on some playing, at least. I've also been having plenty of health funtimes so everything is difficult right now lol. But I'm working on ... Mega Man, which takes a while just to get the content for one entry (you'll see why when I post it~), and of course, playing FF5. I'm almost at the end of unsaga already, so I don't really have much playing to do there.

Mega Man Legacy Collection 2 came out, and I got it with... this weird app that pays you for playing games, which I did for about a month and got $20 from it. So I've been replaying Mega Man 9 a lot, because I really love that game, and there are a lot of fun challenge things in it.

I also have been messing around with stage orders in it a lot. Before, I always started with Galaxy Man because the stage is pretty easy, and you can do a lot of fun stuff with Rush Coil in there, so you don't really need any special weapons or items. The Black Hole Bomb is also a very powerful weapon, so I always had it from the start. So when I first started playing, I of course just started there again, but I decided to mix up my play order and try to get some of the other weapons earlier on. I used to always do Tornado Man near the end because I liked having the Rush Jet for the rainy part with the weird lift things. And I'd go to Plug Man usually last because I thought Plug Ball was a pretty worthless weapon.

So this time, I started trying to prioritize getting Tornado and Plug done early, to see what kinds of stuff I could do with those weapons. Tornado Blow is ridiculously powerful -- a bit overpowered, even. It's a screen cleaner that works on almost everything, and it has enough weapon energy to use it five or six times per stage I think? And that's if you don't refill the energy at all...

Anyway, it was a lot of fun utilizing it either way. What's the most fun about it, though, is that not only does it clear enemies from the screen, but it also makes you jump higher since the wind is pushing you upward! It's a lot of fun and there's a lot of places where you can skip climbing ladders or going through certain platforms by utilizing this, which makes it a ton of fun, and pretty interesting, as it changes the way you play parts of many stages.

The Plug Ball, though, is way more useful than I thought! Ground-roving weapons tend to be some of the least useful in the series, as they're usually poorly balanced, moving slowly and not even dealing decent enough damage to the only enemies it actually can hit.

Plug Ball, however, is not like this! It goes very fast, you can have three on the screen at once, it climbs walls and ceilings, and it dishes out quite a bit of damage! It also can hit rapidly back-to-back, so you can quickly shoot out three of them and destroy an enemy that takes three shots right away.

This makes it great for enemies that crawl on the ceiling, enemies up on ledges, enemies on ground below you, enemies that pop out of holes... and even just some regular enemies that happen to die quickly from it despite the ground trajectory not being necessary to fight them.

So I really wanted to get the Plug Ball earlier in the game after discovering this, but the problem is that I also like to create stage order routes that include getting all of the unique items in each stage, and in MM9, this includes the large screws laid around each stage. And to get one of them in Plug Man's stage, you need the Hornet Chaser... But then a big problem with Hornet Man's stage is that there's a mid-boss that takes forever to defeat without using a special weapon...

Well, I discovered that it's actually not bad at all to fight the Hornet Man midboss with the Magma Bazooka, even if it's not as fast as the Concrete Shot (though the Concrete Shot can be much slower depending on where the thing pops up, so Magma Bazooka is actually a bit more reliable). And Magma Man's stage is actually pretty fun to do with only the Tornado Blow! So I was able to get to go to Plug Man's stage fourth and utilize the Plug Ball for the rest of the game.

I even ended up going to Galaxy Man's stage second to last (with Splash Woman being last since Trident Laser is a bit superfluous) and it's actually quite fun to utilize the various weapons and items there.

Now I'm "working on" a stage order for Proto Man. I thought it was going to end up being exactly the same, thinking that the differences between the two characters wasn't big enough to really change the stage order, especially since the special weapons are identical between the two, and that's generally the main thing I consider when choosing the order of stages.

But it actually was quite different... Proto Man has a slide and charge shot ability, and I will admit that I really have underutilized both, so it's interesting to see what kinds of things I can do with those. But there a few more important differences: Proto Man has access to the Jet right from the beginning (something I had forgotten about), there are no screws in Proto Man's game since he doesn't have access to the shop, and the "trick" you can do where you stand right on top of a Sniper Joe and shoot with your arm extended through the shield so it thinks you're shooting it in the back doesn't seem to work with Proto Man (or if it does, it's ridiculously more difficult to pull off).

I was using that Sniper Joe "trick" as part of a way to get through Tornado Man's stage (it's not necessary, but it's more fun and definitely a lot more interesting than just standing in place and waiting for him to drop his shield...) so it's not really that great to go to Tornado Man's stage first. But not having to pick up screws means that Plug Man's stage is more easily accessible from the start! The biggest "problem" here is that there are some really obnoxious parts later in the stage that are way better with special weapons. The Black Hole Bomb could actually take care of all of this, so it's possible to get to Plug Man second that way, at least. And the Plug Ball could take care of one of the Sniper Joes in Tornado Man's stage at least... and now that I'm thinking about it, possibly both of them (and it would actually be really fun to use it on the second one, I think!)

Also, it might be possible to make Plug Man's stage not so bad to do first if I utilize the slide, charge shot, and jet. I haven't actually tried that yet; I just thought of it while writing this. I just kinda messed around playing a couple stages with Proto Man so far.

Anyway, sorry for no big updates this week. Maybe I'll write something later tonight...?

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Apostrophes of Doom

Heyyy everyone. So, uh, I fixed the apostrophe thing lol. While I was at it, I ended up changing a bunch of other stuff under the hood even though it was probably unnecessary to do right now, but if I keep expanding the site, it will have become necessary. It was fun, though, so...

But between doing that and other stuff, I haven't written many entries. I have played a loooot more FF5, though, and a bit of the others, and have lots of content to get up. I just gotta do it lol.

Trying to update every day was a bit... overwhelming after not too long. So I'm going to try to keep updates weekly. The amount of content in a single update will vary depending on how much I'm able and willing to get done, but I'll try to get some stuff up every week. Which means I don't have long to get this week's stuff done lol...

Last night, my mate was watching Big Brother which stresses me the heck out (the show, not the act of him watching it) so I needed something obnoxiously loud and constant to blare into my ears to drown it out that also wouldn't make me feel overwhelmed... so I ended up playing Mega Man 2, of all things...

Since RoahmMythril showed that you can get past the Pippis in Crash Man's stage, I have really been rethinking my stage orders. And uh, if you don't know, Mega Man stage orders are a THING for me and I spend way too much time developing stage orders.

Importantly, I like to be able to avoid all damage as well as make use of all of the special weapons and items. Previously, I thought you needed Leaf Shield to get past the Pippis without taking damage, which meant visiting Wood Man's stage first. And in Wood Man's stage, there's a really great use for the Time Stopper and the Metal Blades, so I'd like to clear those first... I like doing Air Man before Flash Man and... well, basically, Crash Man was coming very late in the order solely because of the Leaf Shield.

But I also previously made no use of the Crash Bomber at all! But now I can actually take it into Heat Man and Flash Man's stages where I can actually use it properly...

This also changes a lot of other things up... so I'm basically completely rewriting my stage order and using a few different strategies. One thing I still have yet to find a decent solution to is those mole driller things in Metal Man's stage... I mean, other than just slowly inching through them carefully. But I hate doing that. I tried riding Item-2 through the middle, but you still get hit quite a bit (I did make it through once on pure luck, though...) and none of the weapons seem particularly useful. I haven't tried the Quick Boomerang yet, and Quick Boomerang was my last item in my old stage order.

Right now I'm pretty happy with going Air->Crash... but then I'm a bit unsure of where to go next. I actually had a better idea when playing last night, but I've of course forgotten.

I think it's something like... Air-Crash-Heat-Quick... then IDK what next. I'd like to get Bubble Lead before Flash Man now, I think. But I'd also like to have Metal Blades before Bubble Man, but I want to have Time Stopper before Metal Man... lol

I'll have to play around with it a lot. I really don't like losing some of the fun places to use Bubble Lead or Time Stopper... I wouldn't mind getting Leaf Shield last since I only really use it in Crash Man's stage, and you can use it for almost the exact same things in the Wily stages, so...

I didn't get a chance to grab the Quick Boomerang and take it to Metal Man's stage yet, though. So I'll have to do that some time. All of this is making me want to start the MM play diaries, though...

In other game news, I've gotten several more endings in Dream Daddy and it is still a fantastic game.

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