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unsaga site softlaunch

Heyyy friends. I've been doing some holiday stuff or other stuff or having health issues so I haven't been updating too much. But luckily I have been hyperfixated on starting the UNLIMITED:Saga Shrine!! There's not much right now, and it's not officially launched, but you can preview it there.

But yeah hopefully I'll actually write some play diary entries soon hahaha.

I think I'm going to add a new section to Play Diaries called like 'mini-diaries' or something, where I can write a single entry about an entire playthrough of a game. Like, when I don't really have a lot to say or don't want to cover the entire game, but still want to talk about it. This way I can share EVERYTHING EVER with you guys and not just those four series haha. It also would be perfect for Four Job Fiesta if I do it again.

As for things I've been playing... well, I haven't been playing that much. I did clear Mega Man 9 as Proto Man in the Steam version on MMLC2. And I played through ROCKMAN WORLD for the first time ever (and streamed it!). It was kinda annoying at first since the physics are so different from NES Mega Man, but by the end I actually thought it was pretty cool. Not gonna be as interesting to cover as the NES games, though, I feel.

But yeah, just wanted to let yall know I'm not dead.

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