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Diaries out the wazoo

Heyyy everyone~ Been a while since I updated the ol' bloggo. I'm gonna be picking SCARLET GRACE back up because I'm addicted to it again (basically play for 5 minutes and you get like this... soooo good XD) so get ready for some Urpina~~ I actually played through like almost her entire story before but lost my screencaps to a data corruption thing so I'm starting it all over :,)

The unsaga site is going pretty well and there's not as much left to do on it, so I'm gonna be doing more diaries hopefully. I got stuff to write for unsaga, sagasca, sth, and romasaga2 already quite a bit. And then for R2, I actually completed a no-damage run, but I'm so unhappy with it that I even removed it from my YT channel and will be redoing the whole thing from the beginning~ woo~~~

That's about it :) Thanks for reading. It seems a few more people are hanging around now and I really appreciate it~~~ <3 Keep leaving comments; I like talking with you guys :O

Also, I've been having a hankering to play a different Harvey game recently. Maybe after I finish the current ending on Save the Homeland I'll start a different game? StH doesn't seem to popular honestly hahaha. Plus I'm kinda burned out on it already. I can usually only do one or two endings at a time and need to take a break.

Was thinking of doing FoMT or HMDS...? HM64 is pretty popular right now, too.But IDRK, I might just stick with the things I got right now. I'm doing too many games maybe XD

I also said I wanted to get back into gamedev a while back but I keep piling on the diaries and now the unsaga site ;;; I should maybe try to whittle it back down to one or two games and get back into dev?

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2018 schmunny ate teen

Hello, friends~ And happy new year. Just letting yall know, I'm super fixated on working on the unsaga site right now, which means play diaries entries will be coming in a bit slower than normal (I realize they are already slow lol). I've been playing and writing to prevent getting burned out on working on the site lol. I did play romasaga2 for a while last night and maaannnn this game is good. This and Scarlet Grace are pretty much the pinnacle of the open-scenario system IMO. I remember when I first heard sagasca was going to be based on the Romancing trilogy, I was a little miffed, because I wanted it to be a new, experimental game... But in the end, it just took the best aspects of the series for nostalgia fans and then was super creative everywhere else.

Anyway, I'm also wanting to kind of play unsaga a bit more casually, so I think I'm going to start in on the Korean version a bit more. I keep starting games and then not getting far because Korean is hard and I forget so much of it, but I also am kinda tired of all the screncapping from playing the US version (I'm actually working on Ventus's story now and probably have enough for a couple diaries lol) and making sure I get everything 'recorded.'

I've played a bit more into the second run of Save the Homeland as well; I think I might stop doing the 'letters to Grandpa' thing for the new game+ runs because, well... the majority of the content of said letters would be the same? And I don't want to try to work the oddities of new-game+ into the 'story' I had going with the letters. Not that there was much 'story' there; I was mostly just doing it as an experiment and an homage to my grandfather.

I've also been practicing ROCKMAN WORLD, which I actually played for the first time only recently. When I first started playing it, I was like "ehhhh IDK if I care enough to do a no-damage run of this," but after clearing the game for the first time, I grew pretty attached to it. And it's super short and simple so it shouldn't be too hard to do. And determining a stage order won't be so bad because there's only four stages lol. I remember playing RW2 (the only one of the RW games I've played) on my Game Boy and being extremely underwhelmed with it, but the first one really held up a lot better, IMO.

I've been having a hankering to play Super Mario 64 again (I play through like, at least once a year lmao) so I might do a mini-diary about collecting max coins in every course or something, since I've been wanting to do mini-diaries. I started a video series on max coins a long time ago but never finished it; it's really the only thing in the game I haven't done. I've even done all kinds of glitch-exploiting runs and stuff which are usually not my thing. But man, getting max coins is haaaard. Of course, this is doing the 'legit' max coins without glitches or abuse. Honestly the worst part is probably Lethal Lava Land. Well, Rainbow might be a terror but I've never gotten that far.

I'm also marooned at my mate's (which isn't a problem at all, though I did have to make so many phone calls to cancel appointments like WHY DID I HAVE SO MANY APPOINTMENTS FOR THE FIRST WEEK OF 2018 wtf wtf) so I'm not able to do as much game playing here, but I can do lots of writing and junk. I also want to get back to drawing but my carpal tunnel is teerrrrrrriible these days and my hand goes numb within minutes of trying to draw. It's even bad when using my phone. I've been trying to ice it and do stretches and stuff but there's only so much you can do once the damage has been done lol.

I've also made a backloggery solely for games I want to cover in diaries. I actually managed to score the username 'mustache' which was awesome. I have an old backloggery from when I had a huge game collection, but it's so outdated and I've given so many games away now. And then I tried to make a new one but the confirmation email thing seems to hate Outlook, so I was never able to receive it, so I had to use some weird google email address to make this one. Fortunately I didn't try to use 'mustache' as my username for the one I tried to make with outlook :P

But, uh, yeah, that's it for now XD Have a good 2018. If you can. Hopefully it's better than 2017~~

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lol a month

Hey everyone~ Remember when I said I was about to post again like... a month ago? XD Well, it's happening now. Life has been restless for a while, but now I'm good to go, I think.

I'm going to be making a few changes 'round here, though! Basically, a lot like the "problem" I had with doing SCARLET GRACE, I'm trying to force myself to do stuff I don't want to do, and unless I'm in perfect health, that's pretty much making everything way too overwhelming and intimidating and I'm just getting nothing done at all.

So, here's what's going to happen.

I'm going to be cancelling the Four Job Fiesta diary. It's... honestly super boring. I love FF5 but it's not that fun to write about, and the 'challenge' ended up being super easy and repetitive and it's just way too difficult to write an entire diary about. Every comment on the story is "just go with it" and every comment on the gameplay is "there were no troubles."

I'm going to be putting Tokimeki Memorial 3 on hiatus again. I keep starting this project and quitting lol. But I'm just super not feeling it right now.

Which means the only 'active' diaries right now are going to be ROCKMAN and Save the Homeland. ROCKMAN is nearing completion, and after that, I'm planning on going back into either UNLIMITED:Saga or SaGa SCARLET GRACE.

I've also joined a group playthrough group (lol) at GameFAQs, and we're starting Lufia II. I kinda want to cover it, but I don't know yet. I'm also considering starting a "mini-diaries" section for much less detailed diaries, but that could always just be blog entries, so maybe not.

Anyway, hooooope to get back into the rhythm soon, but I'm playing MMOs with my brother and my friend now, and Pokemon is coming out today, so... who knows lol.

Comment if you have a preference of unsaga vs sagasca! I kinda feel like playing both equally, so if there's any demand, I'll play that one. SCARLET GRACE will be an Urpina playthrough, and UNLIMITED:Saga will be the final playthrough with Ventus!

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Moving Forward~

Hello friends~ Today's update is just a blog entry lol. Since the official launch, I think I've been updating every day though?! I kind of have some stuff to do today so I don't know if I'll update with a new play diary.

I've played a lot, though, so I just need to write some entries. I'm thinking about what I want to do as I near the end of the diaries I'm working on now. TokiMemo3 will not take long at all, and FF5 isn't terribly long either. We still have a while to go for unsaga, but when the other two are finished, I'll be working on that alone.

I was considering a few different things -- I do want to start a Mega Man diary since I don't have one yet, but I also want to get back to working on Rogue Nightmare (my current game project). I could do that alongside unsaga, but I don't want to have too many diaries going at the same time, because I might not be able to keep up with all of it and then I'd get discouraged and bad things would happen lmao.

Despite the fact that many people claimed to be excited about this site, no one is reading or commenting really :,) I realize people have better and more important things to do though. I really shouldn't be bitter like that lol...

But I was just so excited to get comments and stuff XD But I'm sure eventually people will come and look :) These things take a while, judging by the experience I've had on art sites and YouTube and stuff. But with this I pretty much have to self-promo to get people to even know it exists, because I'm not just a profile searchable on an existing site...

I'm terrible at that lol...

But yeah I think I just got my hopes up too much about the launch of the site. I really knew it was going to be dead for quite a while, but... XD

But I think if readership for the Play Diaries doesn't pick up by the time I finish TokiMemo3 and FF5, I might start working on RN right away. And if it seems people are actively engaging and reading, maybe I'll continue to play out more TokiMemo3 scenarios or go for Urpina in SGSG, and start up some Mega Man, too. I've been really craving to start Mega Man lately haha. Well, for a while now. But if I go the RN route, I'll start MM once I finish unsaga.

Oh and I want to get back to RSG3 eventually, too. I originally put it on hiatus because they announced an enhanced port coming soon, with plans to eventually make a localized version, but it's probably going to be years before we ever see that, so I will probably continue playing on the SFC. Maybe once I finish the other things, I should get back to that before starting anything new. I miss Mikhail's fuzzy-faced harem XD

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