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No video games for a whole weekend

Hello, friends. I was planning on doing a lot of updating this weekend, hoping to finish up FF5, Judy's scenario, and get to work on ROCKMAN (and maybe even finish that), but I left my power cable for my laptop at my dad's apartment so I couldn't use my computer at all...

I did actually end up writing a couple of the ROCKMAN entries on my phone (lol) and watched a bit more of Star Trek; I finally watched The Undiscovered Country, which actually was really great, especially compared to the rest of the movies lol.

I also got out the ol' notebooks and took a bunch of notes on Rogue Nightmare stuff, and I'm kind of eager to get back into dev for that. So maybe once I get caught up on the diaries, I'll keep going with Harvest Moon (which is next on the agenda) and Tokimeki Memorial (which I, uh, still have been neglecting) and try to work on game dev a bit. But that seems like a lot of things...

Anyway, I do want to start Save the Homeland very soon, so I'll be happy to go ahead and start taking name ideas. I will probably prioritize regular readers and stream viewers first, though. But, uh, I don't even know if anyone actually reads these blogs :,) And in the end I will just choose the name suggestions I like the most first.

But yeah, leave comments with name ideas for the following things:

  • The farm
  • Pet doggie
  • Six or so chickens?
  • Cows. Lots of cows.

Gonna do the player character's name and horse's name myself, sorry :P I sell cows and get new ones regularly, so I will probably need lots of cow names.

Anyway, gotta go to the grocery today, which is an event in itself, but I'll probably stream later, even though I have no idea what to play since I don't really want to go on with unsaga right now and in general just don't have anything to play. Maybe I'll do another run of Dream Daddy or just mess around with some more Mega Man. Any requests?

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