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Coming Soon!!

Hello friends! Thaao here. Thanks for reading and commenting. Just wanted to make a little announcement...

A new series is coming very soon!! :D Doing the gameplay right now, which you can also follow on Twitch. And speaking of Twitch, I'm also doing a playthrough of Pokemon Crystal, where viewers get to choose the monsters I use. The whole party is accounted for already, but hopefully it should be fun. Not gonna make a diary series about it though, sorry :P

I've been wanting to have a game that I just play on my own recently... as in, not streaming. So I guess I should really get back to TokiMemo3 and RSG3, huh? But I have a weird hankering to play Rune Factory 4. I really shouldn't get into that, though... I have too much to focus on right now XD

Anyway, thanks for stopping by. Also I put a link to my Twitter in the main menu. But really I need to make little icons for Twitter and Twitch and stuff, so people can follow them more easily. I really doubt people want to bother bookmarking my site and checking up on it regularly XD (ETA: Okie, the icons have arrived. ENJOY!!)

But yeah, as always, I'm terrible at ending things. BYE

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