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Romancing SaGa 3 - FUZZY EDITION

So, I've been thinking about learning romhacking, and learning a new thing is helpful for my health, and the simplest thing to do is create a graphics hack, so I did just that, fixing a major problem with one of my favorite games: the lack of mustaches (and beards).

Romancing SaGa 3 features many playable characters with fuzzy faces in their official artwork by Tomomi Kobayashi, and they continue to sport this beauty in the additional artworks created for newer things like Imperial SaGa, but in the game itself, the sprites all have bare faces. Perhaps this was to keep them all looking similar, but they have different shaped eyes depending on their age, and I mean, you can play as a lobster and stuff, so I don't really get it.

So, I fixed it.

Romancing SaGa 3 Fuzzy
Edition RomHack
Sprite closeups, filter
SNES9X filter applied

The "Fuzzy Edition" of Romancing SaGa 3 contains but a few edited sprites so that the player characters match their original artwork a little more closely. The following characters have had their sprites modified:

  • Fake Robin now has a cute little mustache under his mask. Sadly, I couldn't find Trucks's sprites in the data, so when he takes the mask off, the mustache comes off, too. Sorry. Just don't go into the bar until after you've recruited him and it will appear seamless :D
  • Tiberius is as sexy as ever with his mustache to go with his beautiful bald head.
  • Herman now appropriately has some grey scraggle on his face to make him look cooler and more piratey and more hot.
  • Ward's face is... a little darker because his hair color and skin tone are very similar, so you don't notice too much. But I did try to somehow capture the essence of his van dyck in there somehow.
  • And finally, Young Fang gets his little goatee, so if you want a complete party of fuzzy-faced daddies, you can make it whole with him.
Mock-up modified
Mock-ups I did before making the mod

Of course, there are no scruffy protagonists, so I was considering making a protag mod to complement this that would give Harid a mustache and Mikhail and Thomas beards. Maybe something for Julian, IDK.

Anyway, if you're ready to increase the sex appeal of your romasaga3 rom tenfold, you can download the patch here. I used a vanilla original RSG3 rom that was 4,194,304 bytes.

I've only tested it a little, so if you find any sprites that are wonky or suddenly losing and gaining hair, let me know.

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Moving Forward~

Hello friends~ Today's update is just a blog entry lol. Since the official launch, I think I've been updating every day though?! I kind of have some stuff to do today so I don't know if I'll update with a new play diary.

I've played a lot, though, so I just need to write some entries. I'm thinking about what I want to do as I near the end of the diaries I'm working on now. TokiMemo3 will not take long at all, and FF5 isn't terribly long either. We still have a while to go for unsaga, but when the other two are finished, I'll be working on that alone.

I was considering a few different things -- I do want to start a Mega Man diary since I don't have one yet, but I also want to get back to working on Rogue Nightmare (my current game project). I could do that alongside unsaga, but I don't want to have too many diaries going at the same time, because I might not be able to keep up with all of it and then I'd get discouraged and bad things would happen lmao.

Despite the fact that many people claimed to be excited about this site, no one is reading or commenting really :,) I realize people have better and more important things to do though. I really shouldn't be bitter like that lol...

But I was just so excited to get comments and stuff XD But I'm sure eventually people will come and look :) These things take a while, judging by the experience I've had on art sites and YouTube and stuff. But with this I pretty much have to self-promo to get people to even know it exists, because I'm not just a profile searchable on an existing site...

I'm terrible at that lol...

But yeah I think I just got my hopes up too much about the launch of the site. I really knew it was going to be dead for quite a while, but... XD

But I think if readership for the Play Diaries doesn't pick up by the time I finish TokiMemo3 and FF5, I might start working on RN right away. And if it seems people are actively engaging and reading, maybe I'll continue to play out more TokiMemo3 scenarios or go for Urpina in SGSG, and start up some Mega Man, too. I've been really craving to start Mega Man lately haha. Well, for a while now. But if I go the RN route, I'll start MM once I finish unsaga.

Oh and I want to get back to RSG3 eventually, too. I originally put it on hiatus because they announced an enhanced port coming soon, with plans to eventually make a localized version, but it's probably going to be years before we ever see that, so I will probably continue playing on the SFC. Maybe once I finish the other things, I should get back to that before starting anything new. I miss Mikhail's fuzzy-faced harem XD

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