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A little touching up

So, I've updated the site a bit to make it a little easier on the eyes. I kinda liked the playful/kitsch look with the bold borders and contrasting colors, but ... probably most people don't like that hahaha. So I toned it down so you can focus more on the content and not massive, bright borders. Colors have been changed and the borders around most things have gotten thinner.

Castle Crashers on Steam Screenshot

My brother and I played Castle Crashers for the first time in a looong time today, and we have the DLC now because he bought it for both of us. I played as the pink guy and he's so fun and cute. When he does his magic, he does a V-sign pose and shoots rainbows out... and his advanced magic is tossing plushies! I kinda forgot how fun this game was.

There's also a new episode of TokiMemo3 today! Be sure to check it out~

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