High School Celebrity

With Summer Vacation over, we can finally get back to school! Yay! HIGH SCHOOL!!!!

Tokimeki Memorial 3 Screenshot

Before heading off to school, let's check out the new Moegino Watcher, since it's fall now, and there are new things to look at. Except for at the movies, where they're still showing that stupid penguin movie.

But the parks have fall colors now, there's an art show going on, a flea market at the end of October, and a theatre opening. But the most exciting thing is that FLAME UP (the arcade where we went with Kawai) has air hockey tables now! Which means we'll have the option to go to the air hockey corner when we go there on dates now.

Tokimeki Memorial 3 Screenshot

Back at school, we get started right away in our studies. Our two main academic levels are not doing so great... Over the weekend, I studied Humanities so we could get the boost during the week, then accidentally selected Sciences to study for that week... The failure animation for science study is you choking on some kind of gas you created in the lab lol...

But we also need to keep leveling up Fine Arts, because there's a scene I'm trying to trigger...

Tokimeki Memorial 3 Screenshot

And it finally happens! I think this can actually occur as early as Fine Arts reaching level 3 or 4, but for some reason it took us until ELEVEN. Anyway, we're working on our art in the art room, and suddenly we're approached by a girl with an unsettlingly cold and formal style of speech. She notices that we're painting a picture, but then goes on to wonder if such a thing can be called a "painting" at all, and continues to talk about how horrible our art is right in front of us. We just kind of stare at her, and she apologizes for her rudeness, but I for some reason am doubting her sincerity.

And with that, she leaves.

Tokimeki Memorial 3 Screenshot

Ah, shit. Here comes Yabe. He says he saw us get torn down, and starts talking about how Mari is pretty but she's also pretty harsh.

We ask him if he knows that girl, but he's more surprised that we don't, as she's pretty famous. Her mom is a famous actress and her dad is a movie director. Though it's funny he doesn't actually say their names, because if they're famous, you would just call them by their name... But I'm sure they didn't want to use real people's names, and if they used made up names your reaction would just be "who is that?" which gives the opposite of the intended meaning lol... I guess she's going to become an actress herself in the future, but this isn't really the kind of school a future actress would go to.

Tokimeki Memorial 3 Screenshot

On Friday, we got the opportunity to walk how with Tachibana, and the next day was going to be a sunny Saturday, so I decided to try asking her to go to the hilltop park. I figured she'd prefer the hilltop one since you can get some exercise walking there.

And she actually said she'd go!

The next day is the date right away. Again, we're just gonna go with the suit... And surprisingly, she doesn't say anything bad! We don't really get any kind of positive comment on it, either, but hey, she didn't run away or get upset, so it's a victory!

Tokimeki Memorial 3 Screenshot

She wants to head to the hilltop plaza thingy, so we go up there, and she tells us that recently this place was on TV. We can act surprise that she even owns a TV, say that it's a picturesque place, or ask what kind of program the site was on.

I feel like saying ~it's picturesque~ is probably the "good" response, but I think if someone told me that, I'd be like "Really? What show?" so I went with that answer.

And uh, she starts trying to recall and I guess it was a detective drama or something, but it seems we've kind of killed the mood. Tachibana really doesn't seem like the type to want to sit around and talk about TV.

Tachibana thanks us for the date, though doesn't say that it was nice or anything, and says she has things to do so she has to go. And we head on our way, too.

Tokimeki Memorial 3 Screenshot

The very next day, we have another Akido competition. We're seeing a lot of Tachibana recently! This goes... just like the last one, sadly. Tachibana says the exact same things as last time, for the most part. The school we face is different, though that doesn't really change anything. And this time, we win all three matches. And at the end, Tachibana just asks us to do well next time, too, and we seem a little disappointed that that's all she had to say.

Tokimeki Memorial 3 Screenshot

We have Monday off from school, so we spend the day after the competition finishing our sketch of Kawai! It's so cute... I love the googly glasses.

Then, after a pretty eventful weekend, we head back to school. It's raining on Tuesday as we start the school week.

Tokimeki Memorial 3 Screenshot

After school, though, we manage to catch Oda! We call out to her and... she gets mad? She can come up to us when we're working on our art and tell us how awful we are, but just calling her name out after school is apparently too offensive...

She says she wishes she wouldn't call after her with such a boisterous voice. All we did was come over to satisfy our own curiosity about her parents and stuff, right? She knows our type. She really hates people like that, who fawn over celebrities and want to meddle in their affairs. From the way she's talking about it, it sounds like this is a pretty common thing for her.

Of course, we're a bit taken aback by this response. We have the option to say either essentially "What the hell?" or "I wasn't trying to do that???"

Tokimeki Memorial 3 Screenshot

When we tell her that's not what we were trying to do, her expression changes completely, but she isn't sure what to say. We tell her we just called out to her to be friendly, and thought maybe she'd like to take a walk together on the way home from school.

Tokimeki Memorial 3 Screenshot

Her countenance changes once again, this time appearing a bit forlorn. She still seems to have no idea how to react. I think she really wasn't expecting us to actually just want to talk to her.

We tell her that we just thought we'd get to know her, since we know nothing about her.

Tokimeki Memorial 3 Screenshot

After a bit of a pause, her expression turns back to her usual haughty, coy look. Of course, we don't know anything. We really need to focus on learning about her properly, it seems. She says our first step is to carry her bag for her. We say we're happy to, though we actually feel pretty confused about what just happened.

And with that, we walk home with Oda. When you normally walk home with someone, when the screen fades out to start the next day, it will say something like "And so we walked home together and it was fun." But this time the punctuation at the end is "...?" lolol Tokimeki Memorial 3 Screenshot

On Friday, as we're leaving school, we run into Kawai. And it seems Oda is with her? We ask if the two of them are actually leaving together, and Kawai says that they're going to go hang out after school! Oda excuses herself and the two of them walk off together. Our character comments to himself that Oda and Kawai seem like a strange pair to be friends. I think parts of it make sense -- Kawai is only interested in geeky stuff, so she probably didn't even know Oda's parents, and doesn't really care about the whole fame thing, which makes her easy for Oda to be around. And Kawai doesn't seem to pick up on social cues too well, so when Oda says all of her mean stuff in a polite and implicit way, Kawai probably didn't even realize she was trying to be mean. So Oda is comfortable around her, and Kawai probably easily becomes friends with anyone, so I can see why they would become friends.

Oda is one of two characters in the game I haven't gotten to know at all, though not because I dislike her at all. I really like everyone, and I thought she seemed very intriguing, and her story might be pretty good or interesting, so I decided to save her for one of the later runs and then still haven't gotten around to exploring everyone's stories yet.

Of course, she seems like the type that has gotten used to pushing people away and being rude to protect herself from being hurt first. And... even with what we already know about her, it seems like we can probably understand why. So I don't really know where the story can even go from here, but I am curious to eventually see how it goes.

Saturday is the Culture Festival at school, so we'll start there next time.