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[Diaries out the wazoo]

Heyyy everyone~ Been a while since I updated the ol' bloggo. I'm gonna be picking SCARLET GRACE back up because I'm addicted to it again (basically play for 5 minutes and you get like this... soooo good XD) so get ready for some Urpina~~ I actually played through like almost her entire story before but lost my screencaps to a data corruption thing so I'm starting it all over :,)

The unsaga site is going pretty well and there's not as much left to do on it, so I'm gonna be doing more diaries hopefully. I got stuff to write for unsaga, sagasca, sth, and romasaga2 already quite a bit. And then for R2, I actually completed a no-damage run, but I'm so unhappy with it that I even removed it from my YT channel and will be redoing the whole thing from the beginning~ woo~~~

That's about it :) Thanks for reading. It seems a few more people are hanging around now and I really appreciate it~~~ <3 Keep leaving comments; I like talking with you guys :O

Also, I've been having a hankering to play a different Harvey game recently. Maybe after I finish the current ending on Save the Homeland I'll start a different game? StH doesn't seem to popular honestly hahaha. Plus I'm kinda burned out on it already. I can usually only do one or two endings at a time and need to take a break.

Was thinking of doing FoMT or HMDS...? HM64 is pretty popular right now, too.But IDRK, I might just stick with the things I got right now. I'm doing too many games maybe XD

I also said I wanted to get back into gamedev a while back but I keep piling on the diaries and now the unsaga site ;;; I should maybe try to whittle it back down to one or two games and get back into dev?

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