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[Maintenance is done~~]

Hello again everyone.

The site was down for maintenance overnight. I pushed an update and then had to watch the Great British Baking Show (lolol) but the update broke the site because I was using some tech that exists on my personal server but not on my host server... and then they ended up showing both the semifinals and finals (which they always do but I forgot) and I was way too tired to fix it so I went to bed. Then I just got around to updating everything.

So, sorry for the downtime, though I'm not sure who I'm even apologizing to. *yells into the void*

Just kidding; I hate yelling.

But yeah, hopefully everything works now. And maybe I will actually get an actual update done this weekend...

EDIT: If you're curious, I kind of settled on Air->Crash->Heat->Quick->Bubble->Flash->Metal->Wood lol