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[Where have all the updates gone?]


So, I haven't updated in like... three weeks?! Well, other than the update I just posted today (new unsaga entry~ check it out).

Besides the normal health stuff (which is kind of an all-the-time thing) I was also trying to get my FF5 playthrough done for the end of the Four Job Fiesta. I did! And my victory was verified, yay~

I'll be continuing to update the journals on it. I've also been heavily working on getting ready for the newest play diary that I'll be adding to the site -- I know, I know. I already have three going and I can't even keep up on them properly. But, uh, there are times I become super hyperfixated and it's pointless to try to work on anything else.

Also I had another obsession unrelated to this site, but luckily the initial fixation of that has at least worn off where I can get back to work.

I'm also thinking of trying to get back into streaming again. I'm thinking of making Wednesdays in general a 'chill day,' spending the daytime catching up on stuff I'm watching (which is pretty much Hello!Station, 205Live, and sometimes RAW and Smackdown, and then maybe some Star Trek of course) and then streaming the rest of the day. I did stream the other day, playing ROCKMAN, and a few people came even though it was my first time ever streaming on YouTube, so that was cool (twitch was dead idk)

I kinda like the YT streaming, honestly, so maybe I will move over there...? But I have a lot of friends on Twitch, so IDK.

Anyway, now that the playing of FF5 is completely finished, I'm going to be posting a lot more entries. Judy's scenario is almost done, too. I really need to play TM3 again lol... I stopped playing after the xmas party so there's not any more to write.

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