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Hello, friends. I hope to get back to writing play diary entries again very soon! As in like, this week? Sorry for the long delay. Been going through a looooot of stuff. Thanks for the comments and everything while I've been dormant~

As for streaming, I think I'm going to stop trying to stream games that I'm also writing about because I'm terrible at getting screencaps while I'm also trying to read chat and talk. If you watch, you know that I can't even talk and move my character around at the same time, so trying to juggle all those things in my brain is way too much lol.

Anyway, just thought I should post since I've been so quiet here.

I think after I finish writing FF5 and R1, I'll get back to work on TokiMemo3 and just keep doing Save the Homeland for now. Then once I finish one of those, I'll maybe jump back into unsaga or sagasca? I know I keep changing my "plans," but honestly what I end up doing will probably just be whatever I feel like doing when I actually finish those things lol.

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