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[Update number ONE]

My first update since launch... *tears up*

Thanks to everyone who checked out the site yesterday for launch day, and to everyone who helped me find bugs and stuff during the soft launch!

UNLIMITED:Saga is going swimmingly; I'm updating with a new chapter today and have played a bit past that, too. I'm past the point where Laura's story path diverges in my own playing, and it's fun because I've never seen one of the story paths before because I always do the same one every time I play lol.

The new chapter is fun; finally we have our big showdown with Dagul Bos :) You can read it here~

But yeah, FJF should be updated again some time this weekend probably? And then TokiMemo3 will have to wait until at least next week because I didn't really have time to play this week... but I'm looking forward to getting back into it.

Anyway, so what's new with the site??? Well, other than the new unsaga diary chapter and this blog entry, I fixed a couple little bugs that weren't caught (like, uh, in the SaGa dropdown menu, it had "Mega Man Legends 2" between SG2 and SG3 wtf XD it was a copypaste mishap I guess) and I added FJF to the Play Diaries menu thing. It's yellow because it's a special event thing~

I also edited some CSS so images would display properly in blogs. If the images are huge and you've visited before now, try refreshing the page~

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