Decisive Battle with Dagul Bos

Hey, everyone! It's been... quite a while! Doing all the subadventures and getting the site worked out and launched took a lot of time, but I'm pack to playing games again, yay! And that means Laura is back, too. Well, the last entry was new to you guys reading, but for me that stuff happened kind of a while ago...

I thought about replaying the Secret Adventure over and over to finish learning tablets and try for better panels, but... Honestly I don't like the Secret Adventure much after I've uncovered the map and found the treasures and defeated Nergal. Which you can do in two or three plays...

So, I've decided to just move on! If you remember from forever ago, we were actually supposed to be headed back to Lord Galeos's manor to leave the Blade of Escata and the four Elemental Gears we've collected with him while Henri goes to Dagul Bos's place for his big showdown with the guy who killed his family, and hopefully we'll get the Gloves of Venus from him while we're at it!

So with a ton of stuff left to learn on tablets and less than perfect panels and equipment, we're off to see Uncle Basil.

UNLIMITED:Saga Screenshot

When we arrive, we're greated by the Hotness himself, and Henri tells him that we're off to try to nab the Metal Gear (hehe) from Dagul Bos. Lord Galeos applauds the idea and is convinced we will do fine, but Laura isn't quite so convinced about Basil. She asks him to join the party (WHY OH WHY COULDN'T THIS HAVE HAPPENED T_T) but Henri tells Laura that we need someone to stay behind and guard the Blade and Gears.

So we leave all our cool stuff behind, and Basil says it's an honor to be its protector.

UNLIMITED:Saga Screenshot

We head to the ominous-looking castle where we've been many times before in other scenarios. If you remember, the subadventure says we're to go fight Dagul Bos, but when we get to the top of the castle, we are just faced with some minions because Boss Bos is out. I wonder if he'll be in today? Maybe we should phone ahead... Just kidding there are no phones. Maybe Mythe should invent one.

Henri is worried about fighting Dagul Bos, which is perfectly understandable. I mean, the guy destroyed an entire kingdom, and we're just a kid, a washed-up pirate, and a handful of weirdos running around the world.

Laura pretty much says, "Don't have anxiety!" and Henri is like, "OK, I don't now, thanks!" ... I really wish it worked that way in real life... *chugs Prozac*

UNLIMITED:Saga Screenshot

Henri's L5 Diplomacy is ab fab and I'm really going to miss it when I start a new scenario. There was a point where I stepped on a space that had that giant monkey thing (Tao-Tie?), the big Mumbo Jumbo thing (the Jade Forest guardian thing), and a Gatorgrass, and Henri just told them all to leave and they did. We even sweet-talked a Mimic, the rank 9 Vegeplast! And coupling it with Aura, we even avoided some Aquan battles with Aspidochelone and other obnoxious creatures.

UNLIMITED:Saga Screenshot

Without the short turn limit that the subadventure here has, we're able to leisurely explore the entire castle, including the dungeon where we find the corpse-type treasure "chests." I guess they are dead prisoners or something? Doesn't Dagul Bos clean up his dungeon? He just leaves the prisoners to decompose until they're just a skeleton? Doesn't it smell? Or maybe he just lets the monsters eat the bodies or something...

There are also lots of treasure boxes scattered around the main upper floors, and we manage to find a few bestial materials. Sadly no Carnelian, which is what I'm really looking for right now, but we did score some Opal, so that's another attempt at making Musol's axe into Faerie Silver at least.

UNLIMITED:Saga Screenshot

We get to the top part of the castle, and this time we actually do find Dagul Bos! He's also surrounded by a swarm of monsters. I wonder why monsters are cool hanging around Anubito but just attack all the other races...?

Anyway, Dagul seems more perturbed or offended that Henri came into his house, moreso than he seems worried about a fight. He says he's going to teach Henri a lesson one-on-one (oooh~) and tells his monster buddies to stand down.

UNLIMITED:Saga Screenshot

And so we enter battle, with a unique battle music and everything! The participant limit here is 1, which means only one party member can be on the field at once. Everyone else has to rest for that turn. I'm assuming the point of this is that Dagul Bos is supposed to be fighting Henri solo, but... we're allowed to use any character we want, and swap out each round of combat, so... it doesn't really work out that way mechanically.

So let's make it work that way!

UNLIMITED:Saga Screenshot

For the entire battle, I decided to only use Henri and only use his gun. We gave the Blade of Escata to Lord Galeos (along with the Gears, which means Henri lost his pants, too), and the kid's been practicing with a gun for a while now...

It's not the most exciting fight from a strategical standpoint, since I pretty much just mash the 'Shoot' command for all five actions every turn... But I think it's kinda cool that it follows the narrative a bit better this way~~

UNLIMITED:Saga Screenshot

Despite the fact that he has a giant sword sheathed on his back, Dagul never actually fights with any weapons. Most of his attacks are various types of kicks that resemble heavy martial arts. Henri is able to block those since they're basic physical attacks, but the block rate for them seems pretty low. He can also use that weird blue aura stuff around his fists to attack, somehow forming it into a knife-like shape and cutting with it. With that, he's able to do some more dangerous attacks like Thunderbolt, where he cuts into Henri and electrocutes him simultaneously. This causes Paralysis, which is bad, because it makes the good "Hit!!!" panel on the gun reel way harder to hit, and caused me to miss. A LOT.

He also does this thing called "Dog goD" that I don't think I've ever seen before... he only did it once. There are a lot of rare enemy arts in this game like this... Anyawy, it dealt 3 damage to Henri with a single attack, so it was pretty terrifying.

UNLIMITED:Saga Screenshot

With some scary attacks in his arsenal, Dagul Bos was able to whittle Henri's HP down somewhat quickly. And Paralysis made Henri terribly inaccurate with his gun... As long as we hit any of the "Hit!" panels (and not a Miss or Paralysis panel), Henri deals 1LP damage to Dagul Bos with each shot, so we continue to chip away at his LP, too. And a lot of Dagul's kick attacks aren't the greatest at inflicting LP damage, so we manage to dodge a lot of damage while consistently dealing some ourselves.

UNLIMITED:Saga Screenshot

But in the end, it was Dagul Bos who dealt the final blow... Since the participant limit is only 1, when Henri falls, the battlefield is 'full' of bodies and there's no more room for participants, resulting in a Game Over.

Or rather, a loss. The game actually doesn't end here!

UNLIMITED:Saga Screenshot

Dagul Bos taunts Henri and lets him go for some reason (or maybe the rest of the party rescue him and take him away, again implying that the battle really was meant to be only Henri and Dagul).

Henri is sad he wasn't able to secure the Gloves of Venus or avenge his parents' death, but he realizes the only thing he can do is get stronger and try to face Dagul Bos once more. Laura says we have to return to Uncle Basil and report on our failure and get our stuff back.

We're then taken to the Growth Panel, where Laura got Fortuneteller L5 and Francis got Bow Arts L5! Armic also got Throw L5, which means he has two of the three martial panels at L5 now (the missing one being Punch).

UNLIMITED:Saga Screenshot

... But when we return, Galeos starts gonig on about how the royal familiy is worthless, and says he's going to go get the Gloves from Dagul himself. I guess he was expecting us to grab them, and then was going to take them from Henri and run off with them, since we already have him the rest of the Gears... Another weirdo lusting after the power of the Seven Wonders...

Francis starts to run after him, and Laura exclaims that she knew Francis was a traitor all along. But Francis insists that he had no idea any of this was going on, and wants to continue fighting with us to stop Basil. Laura also explains that Galeos was conspiring with Dagul Bos to acquire the Gears -- apparently the two were going to work together to collect them, but now Basil's going to go steal the last one for himself. I don't really know how Laura knows this lol...

UNLIMITED:Saga Screenshot

Even though he said he was going to Dagul's place, I guess he runs into his own castle? Or maybe he just runs inside because we're chasing him... anyway, when we get near him, Galeos summons four Minotons to hold us off while he can escape, but at this point, Minotons are really no match for our party.

UNLIMITED:Saga Screenshot

After taking out the minions, we rush into the castle and start running up a tower after Galeos. But in the stairway, we're confronted by some kind of giant serpent dragno thign called Ajatar. It just has your basic bite and tail attacks, so it's not much of a threat, but it does do a good job at stalling for time for Galeos.

This is one of those fixed camera battles, and it looks pretty cool. Everyone stands in the stairwell, and even when I did Doppelgangers with Laura, the Laura clones all jumped on different parts of the stairs to attack instead of standing on the open air in the center. I was surprised they gave attention to that detail. None of the character sprites ever stood in the air, actually.

After a while beating down this thing's HP, we're finally able to defeat it, and we head up to the top of the tower. If you're going to run away, running to the top of a tower is probably a bad idea, because you'll have nowhere to go...

UNLIMITED:Saga Screenshot

When we reach Galeos at the summit, he's accompanied by some kind of creepy skeleton dragon thing. He must be a necro guy, too. I don't think this is meant to be Ajatar, though, as we actually saw this thing for a brief moment before we even fought the Minotons.

This can be a pretty rough fight if you're not prepared. As I've mentioned, Laura's scenario was the first I ever played when the game was new, and I got stuck on this fight for a very long time.

Despite having a big lance thing in one hand, I don't think Basil ever actually attacks on his own. He only commands his necro pet, who does a lot of the same bite and tail lash junk that Ajatar did. But there's one critical difference:

UNLIMITED:Saga Screenshot UNLIMITED:Saga Screenshot


Shadow Breath doesn't just look devastating -- besides dishing out a lot of damage, it also has a pretty decent chance of inflicting Blackout, which renders a character completely useless as if they were dead (though they can eventually recover, unlike with death XD)

I forgot to prepare for this when I was doing my Henri solo character challenge, and this was a HUGE pain. Every time Henri got hit with Blackout, it was a "Game Over" as far as the challenge was concerned, and I had to restart. And there are only a couple pieces of equipment in the game with Null Blackout, and none were available to me at the time.

None are available to me now, either. Thanks, no shopping run!

UNLIMITED:Saga Screenshot

And Anzan got knocked out by it... But another thing about Blackout is that the character can still be the target of attacks; Anzan still was at the front of the formation and tanking attacks even while blacked out! His high HP made the damage nearly trivial, plus he had cast Aegis Shield earlier in the battle, and the magic would still activate even while he was blacked out! So that means he blocked a lot of the tail or bite attacks from Necro Snakey.

The battle actually drug on long enough that Anzan even recovered from Blackout (and just in time, as he only had 1 LP left), but we did finally manage to defeat Galeos. Or at least weaken him enough that the battle ended...

UNLIMITED:Saga Screenshot

... And Dagul Bos shows up. I guess he just... jumped up the side of the tower, idk. People do crazy stuff in this game. Anyway, he's super pissed that he was betrayed, and says a bunch of stuff to Galeos. Because this is still a battle scene, it's all just voiced but there are no subtitles...

Anyway, he does his Dog goD thing and kills Galeos in one hit, I guess thanks to us beating him up first. Then he takes the other four Gears and the Blade of Escata and jumps back off the tower...

UNLIMITED:Saga Screenshot

And with that, we're able to develop our Growth Panel again...

Musol got both Fortuneteller L5 and Axe Arts L5, which was pretty cool, but it was awful trying to decide between them. He does have a completed Metal tablet and Supersonic now, so he could definitely benefit from the Fortuneteller boosting his Metal Level. But is Supersonic really that useful? We have much stronger arts to hit the entire enemy party like Laura's Corona and Francis's Parashots. In the end, I decided to go with the Axe panel, raising his Strength level to a whopping 73 (!!) and of course raising the power of all of his axe arts, too.

We're able to save the game again, and our little run up the tower actually counted as a separate adventure called "Galeos the Traitor," but I decided not to use it in the title of this entry to avoid spoilers.

What, you mean you saw that coming this whole time?

To be honest, I actually didn't expect it my first time. But I'm really gullible and they literally could have named him Evil McTraitorpants and I would still believe him when he told Henri he'd help out. Apparently he's a very obvious villain. His pointy evil head, wild hair, steely countenance, sinister long circle beard, lucious almost-naked torso, and the fact that Laura was suspicious of him the entire time... but hey, I'm an idiot :) When I was streaming this game, most of my Twitch friends had never seen it before and were like "OH HE'S GOING TO BE THE VILLAIN" as soon as they saw him lol... Maybe I was just too enamoured by his vile charms XD

It's never explained in the game, but in other official materials, it was explained that the assassins that were chasing Henri at the beginning of the story were actually hired by Basil himself; his original plan was just kill Henri and snatch the Blade of Escata while working with Dagul Bos to collect the Gears, then he could just betray Dagul and take all the items for himself. But with Laura at Henri's side, he wasn't able to be taken out so easily, and when the party met up with Basil in Vaftom, he changed his plan to allow Henri to collect all the Elemental Gears. He did encourage Francis to go with him (as now Henri's survival is important), and probably planted the idea in Francis's head that Basil himself would be a good caretaker for the items if they ever need protecting (as it was Francis who suggested leaving the items with Lord Galeos). Though it seems he didn't reveal his plan to Francis, since he knew Francis's loyalties were first with the Prince, and he didn't want Francis to screw up the plan. So Franics really was a good guy all along, just being manipulated by someone he thought he could trust.

But now our beardly daddy is dead, and just like in Armic's scenario, we've brought a bunch of items that will summon Chaos together and essentially handed them over to some wacked-out weirdo who wants to use that power for bad stuff.