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Hey, friends!! So, Romancing SaGa 2 is releasing on modern platforms TWO DAYS FROM NOW

Of course, I'm super hyped, and I've already started working on getting a Play Diary set up for it. So hopefully I'll get some entries up very soon after it's released! Like, maybe even this weekend?!

This is also making me think about what I want to do for RSG3 -- I put the old one on hiatus because I was thinking maybe I'll just wait for the English release, but... now there's even hints of a SCARLET GRACE English release (?!!!!) so I might end up instead finishing up my current JP playthrough, and maybe do a couple others if I feel like it, then I can always switch over to the Engilsh-language remaster when it comes out, as part of the diary itself :D

I'm not going to return to playing it right away, though. I'm still doing Save the Homeland (I cleared the game the other night and have already started on a second playthrough loll) and ROCKMAN (I'm ALMOST done with the no-damage videos for R2... basically just have to do the boss rush and final boss, which is all easy, it's just about waiting for the luck to line up with Air and Quick). And then I'll be doing, of course, Romancing SaGa 2.

I'm also heavily working on my unsaga shrine/guide, which I hope to be something like but for unsaga. I'm making a database with all the game information so I can dynamically create pages about monsters, arts, etc. and use those throughout the guide itself. I'm also going to be doing a lot of stuff like extracting graphics and sounds from the game and whatever to make this the most complete shrine I can. And I hope to eventually do this with other SaGa games in the future, but for now, I just want to get the unsaga shrine done. I'm trying to think of a good name for it -- I was thinking "The Strelitzia Inn" since Strelitzia is the game's symbolic flower, it's the flower of Iskandar, and it's the name of the inn in Vaftom, so... seems like a fitting name for a fan site, right? And it's kind of inspired by Galbadia Hotel, which I thought was such a neat name for a fan site back when it was in its prime, too XD

I also want to do shrines for some of the Harvest Moon games. Ushi no Tane already has great guide pages for most of the handheld games, but information on the console games is scattered around the internet and full of misinformation and rumors. SO I MUST BE THE HERO.

Anyway, get hype get hype~~~~~~ See you guys soon with the end of the Horse Race story in StH, the debut of R2, and the launch of RSG2!

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