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[Comment section bug update]

Heyyy everyone. So, the bug seems like it might be a problem with Disqus and not me (or rather, my lack of understanding of how Disqus handles ampersands, not to blame Disqus). Basically no matter how I try to write the ampersands in URLs, somewhere Disqus will not link back to the threads properly... This only affects play diaries with "scenarios", so TokiMemo3 and all of the SaGa games. Everything else works fine.

For now, everything should be updated to work almost all of the time, but when Disqus generates a link to send in an email to respond to the comment, it generates it wrong (even though it generates it properly everywhere else?) so if you click the "Reply" button in an email, the page will break, and you'll get an error. The same happens for any other URL generated in the email that links directly to the thread on ThaaoNET.

So if you're wanting to reply to a comment from an email you received from Disqus, you'll have to click on the username of the person who you are replying to, which will take you to their Disqus profile, and reply from there, rather than from my page. Though, once you're there, clicking any link that takes you to the thread on my page will work properly, so you can get back to the thread that way, too.

This is about the best I can get it functioning for now. I've contacted Disqus support about it and hopefully it will all be resolved soon. I don't know if this is a problem with all emails, or particularly Outlook emails, but if you're getting a table selection error when trying to reach a comment from a URL generated by Disqus, try going to the profile page of that Disqus user and using that to navigate back to the site, or just go to the thread on the site if you can get to it easily (to see an index of a diary, click the game's logo on that diary's page, or to see the most recent updates if you're wanting to go to something that's been posted in the last few days, just go to the ThaaoNET home page.)

Sorry for all the problems. And after I was begging for comments, they don't even work properly lol :)

EDIT: NVM, it suddenly is causing problems on some web links, too. I have no idea what I'm supposed to do ^_^ Apparently Disqus doesn't work on the weekends (but they do work on Fridays) so hopefully they'll get to my support ticket today hahaha :) I have no idea what their support is like but... same-day support seems unrealistic these days lol...

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