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[Disqus bug oops :D]

I fixed a problem with the Disqus comment sections on play diaries that have scenarios. So if you commented on TokiMemo or any of the SaGa games before now, your comment might disappear from that page. It still exists on Disqus somewhere, but it won't link back to the proper page to see what it was you were commenting on.

There was only one comment on a scenario diary so this shouldn't effect too much anyway. I guess it's good no one is really visiting and commenting yet since that would have been horrible to have this bug destroying lots of comments or something lol :,)

But sorry Farel, your comment is going into the Disqus Abyss XD

Also, new Judy chapter up today~ Sorry for no updates yesterday. I was having a Health Day lol. Today kinda was, too, at first, but I also had therapy today and it was very helpful so yay XD But yeah, go check out Judy's scenario in the unsaga play diary :)

(Why is my foot so itchy?!)

EDIT: K, I didn't fix the bug, just made it a different bug that does the same problem in a different way :)

EDIT: KK, I did indeed fix the bug, but Disqus doesn't like it when you fix stuff and so it will only work on new entries that haven't ever been loaded in a browser before... fun... Hopefully it's not too hard to fix...

EDIT: KKKK, I had to like... manually update a bunch of crap for Disqus and upload a list thing. I guess it will take up to 24 hours for the pages to correct themselves, BUT it means the old comment threads won't be gone (as in, that one comment lolll)

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