Subadventures Digest #3
feat. Titan's Flute

We're getting close to the end of the subadventures, and most of the rest of these we already saw during Ruby's scenario, so there won't be as much to discuss this time. Mostly we're just cranking up the monster rank to increase our chance of L5 panels in the final few adventures and letting Marie slowly but surely study her tablet.

Sparkling Waterfall

A girl has finally achieved her dream of becoming a dancer, and wants you to take her to the resting place of her passed lover so she can... dance for the dead body. Everyone in this universe is either a necrophobe or necrophile, there is no in-between.

UNLIMITED:Saga screencap

The lover's body rests at the "sparkling waterfall," which is a sand waterfall (?) in the cave of the undead. So we're going back there again. This is another short adventure, only a 60 turn limit. You pretty much go to the waterfall (which was behind where the Hoard with the Sword were last time), get attacked by a Pinhut family, and let the girl dance. Turns out she was an undead or something; I don't really get it. Though I thought the body was going to turn into undead, but it didn't, so at least I was surprised. (And I've played this before and still thought that was going to happen...)

Nothing much came of this adventure at all, and there's not much to say about it lol. But, uh, we didn't see this in Ruby's story, right? NEW STUFF YAY

Cavern of Murals

A repeat of a subadventure we took with Ruby. Find the glyph hidden deep in the cave, touch it, and fight the dragon that dwells within. Pretty simple, but it can be tough because the cave has quite a few dead ends, and touching murals will initiate midboss battles, but only some of them have passages hidden behind them.

Not just the midbosses, this adventure decided to throw a ton of tough encounters at me. Almost every encounter was at least three enemies at a time, and usually at least one Aspidochelone (no, I don't have that memorized, and no, I don't know how to pronounce it). The big fishies. I touched one of the wrong murals and ended up fighting three Principal Razorfishes that I didn't need to...

By the end, everyone just got L4 panels. At this point, L4 panels are not helping me, really. But Marie is getting close to finishing her tablet -- she needs to finish Trickle and then Seal of the Abyss and she'll be done.

Speaking of Seal of the Abyss, I've now found three Demonites over the course of the game! And I was able to craft a Bone Cross with Forbidden Arts. So Marie will actually be able to use her forbidden art when she learns it! I'll have to dump Metal Arts... but she does have a Metal Familiar L4, so she can at least use Shock and Magic Lock still. But she'll be losing Weapon Blessing. But I think Mythe has it...? I don't remember. I can always swap out her accessories, anyway. I chose the Bone Cross because it has Life Protection and Wood Support. Angelite rings have those, too, as well as Heal+5 (instead of Heal-5 like on the bone cross...) but I didn't have any spare Angelite. Actually, I did, but I didn't realize at the time, and now my Demonite has been used up.

Fae glimmered a new martial arts, Cyclone. It's got a fun animation. It's a L3 Throw in the Hairdryer line. She throws the enemy up with such rotational force that they get caught in a vortex, then come crashing down. Not only is it pretty strong and fast with decent LP damage rate and ability to stun, it's especially cute because of Fae's ridiculous throw animaion sprite:

UNLIMITED:Saga screencap UNLIMITED:Saga screencap

I love how afterward she just watched it crash down with her typical arms-crossed can't-be-bothered pose.

Lucky Glyphs

Into another area of the glyph cave, we gotta go touch all the glyphs. The reward for this quest is a L99 chest (the corpse type, so no traps or locks!) which fortunately had almost 50,000kr in it! I found quite a few other money chests along the way, though there were a lot of battles, and I barely made it to the end in the time limit. You have to open the L99 treasure to clear the adventure, and I did so on turn 97 out of 100.

I'd like to get L5 weapon panels for Grace and Pharr, but otherwise, everyone is in pretty good shape, build-wise. I downgraded Grace's Sharpeye to L4, which gave her the same-level bonus for her keys, giving her +4 Skill level. I'm not going to try for all L5 keys since there are only a few adventures left in the game, and it took long enough to get a single L4 bow panel... (now watch me consistently get L5 keys from here on out and have to keep discarding them XD)

Desert Mirage

Perform the waltz to find the oasis. Ran into a Satan's Chia Pet! Another uneventful subadventure, where everyone had to level down at the end because of L3 panels. Pharr's dump space got Monger L3, which was very helpful since I ran into a pair of Faerie's Heels, which are pretty much like an upgraded version of Silver Boots. An extra defense point and Null Blackout instead of Skill Saver. Great for Mythe. Plus I feel like Faerie Heels suit him somehow lol.

Also found Obsidian Mail, which while less expensive, is a certainly rare and valuable find. It's the strongest armor in the game that releases Life Protection, with a whopping 22 defense points. I gave it to fragile Michelle. The problem is she'll be a little more fragile until it actually releases Life Protection... it only has two of its abilities released right now.

I managed to get Metal Arts onto another Black Armlet, so Marie got a little boost to defense. She actually has Weapon Blessing, Armor Blessing, and Supersonic, so Metal Arts are even more valuable to her than I had originally thought. Still will be nice to be able to swap out Forbidden Arts to use Seal of the Abyss sometimes. Once she finally learns it from her tablet... she did master Trickle during the Desert Mirage adventure, so now she just has that one art to learn to finish mastering her tablet.

So despite the L3 panel haul, the shop refresh was totally worth it. Plus we mastered another magic art. Feeling pretty good about moving forward with these last few quests!

Crossing the Desert

We secure the pedestrian path through Antlion Hill. I still don't really understand this adventure. I just go southeast until I win... this time I only had a couple turns left in the limit O_o Not much goodies in the shop, but tons of battles so Marie got about a third of Seal of the Abyss learned, at least. And Michelle released the second to last ability on the Obsidian Armor, so now we just have to wait for Life Protection to pop...

Lumina Stone

Remember this? Usually one of the first subadventures I take because there's a free magic tablet in the desert. But I didn't really need it this time, since I had already found tablets.

The magic tablet this time was just a L2 Fire Artist's tablet, so I tossed it. Michelle released Life Protection on the Obsidian Armor, and in the shops after the Lumina Stone race, I found a Damascus Sword with everything released on it. It cost almost 20,000kr (more than half of my money), but I was able to forge it into a Black Armlet that already had Life Protection released.

Night Desert

A merchant lost his wares scattered across the desert because of the Sabretiger. We go and pick them up. Afterwards, another Obsidian Mail appears in the shop! This one goes to Pharr, and I hand down her old Ironstone armor to Tiffon.

Also, Tiffon glimmered Bloody Mary against a rando. Not gonna complain, but I'm certainly surprised...

Titan's Flute

Hoo boy.

Mythe and friends head out to the tower where the administrator wants us to change the pitch of the noise in the tower to keep the fiends out. In Ruby's game, we came back down the tower the way we went up, where the ominous and threatening statue that looked exactly like a monster ended up being the boss of the area, completely and totally to our surprise. Definitely never saw it coming >_>

Back then, I said that there's another way down the tower. This alternate route is a bit difficult because you really have to manage your turns well if you want to pick up all the treasures. There are locked doors and chests everywhere, and every little lockpick and sharpeye and stuff is going to cost you a turn.

UNLIMITED:Saga screencap

The adventure does have a 350 turn limit, which seems pretty high. When we arrived at the top of the tower and fixed the noise problem, we had spent about 120 turns. Less than half. And that's with stopping in all the side rooms on the way up to grab treasures and goodies. Seems good, right?

On the way up, there's a few things to notice. One is a room where there's an odd part of a wall on the second floor. The other is a room where there's a door with no keyhole, and no way to open it on the fourth floor. For reference, the giant boss is on the third floor, so this is clearly meant to be part of the path to avoid it.

Upon leaving the control room on the 6th floor, we head back into the side rooms of floor 5. Now that we've changed the pitch of the winds, one of the rooms seems to be making a funny sound. Searching the walls, we find a mysterious switch. Pressing it seems to do something, but we're not sure what yet.

UNLIMITED:Saga screencap

Going down to the fourth floor, we find that the door with no keyhole is now open. Going through it, we enter the opposite half of the tower, which has blue flooring. The door slams behind us and it seems there's no way to return.

Interestingly enough, you can travel back upward here. Floors 5 and 6 on the blue half of the tower are filled with treasures. We feast on many delicious L99 chests (though some of them have fixed contents, like 4000kr...) and explore lots of tiny rooms, unlocking many doors along the way.

After stepping out of the room with the L99 chest on the top floor hidden behind the control room, I check the turn limit. We've used 265 turns out of 350 so far. Less than 100 turns remain. But at this point, all I have to do is run to the bottom of the tower.

Well, yeah. Twice. The problem is, that strange wall we found on floor 2 is another door without a keyhole from the blue side. That means we need to find a switch the press... We head straight down to the bottom floor, though we can't leave from here because there's no passage to the "normal" side of the tower from the blue side down here. We get to the central room where there's yet another treasure chest, and the room is making a strange sound again. Searching the walls we find a button. We don't have time to mess with the chest, because there's already less than 50 turns left in the adventure, and we still have to go back up to the second floor, pass through to the normal side of the tower, and then descend back to the entrance again.

Before we can press the switch though...

UNLIMITED:Saga screencap

Giant birds come and ambush us. This isn't a scripted battle; the game just decided it would be fun to spawn a difficult enemy down here for us to fight. It took three turns to take it down. Every turn spent makes me more and more anxious.

Running back up to the second floor, we're able to traverse through the no-keyhole door, and like before, the door slams shut behind us, turning back into a wall. We can't get back into the blue area now to explore the rooms on the second floor we ignored due to our lack of turns remaining.

From here it's pretty much a straight line to the exit, though. We run along the outer corridors of the tower, ignoring all the central rooms and heading for the stairs. No time to try to defuse traps, and if monsters don't aggress, we keep running. Of course every trap decides to trigger along the way, and most of the party is hanging on with just a couple LP and no HP at all.

We finally reach the last stretch to the entrance. We step onto the space just before the goal line and...

UNLIMITED:Saga screencap


Two undeads, one being yet another enemy that is difficult to take down quickly.

And what do you do when you encounter undeads? Shove Tiffon out in front! Yes, I forgot again about her phobia. She's pretty good at taking out smaller enemies with Bloody Mary since it can instakill and even when it doesn't, it often deals multiple LP damage to lower-rank monsters anyway. But... these are undead so she did like 8 damage. Like, 8 HP damage.

Unable to take either one out on the first turn, I had to get serious:

UNLIMITED:Saga screencap

Four Grace heads means I'm not messing around.

I was able to take them out on the second turn. I finish the battle and check the turn limit. 347. I hop onto the final space and we go to the panel development screen... My heart was pounding by the end of this. I did not want to get this close to the end and fail the adventure... I knew with all the treasures and monsters we went through, I had to get some good panels at the end.

For the effort, I indeed got many L5 panels. Grace even had all four L5 panels. Two characters got L5 bow panels. Not Grace, though.

Michelle got a L5 Punch, which upped her Skill level to 67. I guess I should mention that she is by far the biggest damage-dealer in the party anymore, way more than either Grace or Tiffon. Her huge Skill level combined with Acupuncture and DHS make her unrivaled. But her low LP means she doesn't see a lot of battle action.

Marie got a L5 Staff panel, which is pretty cool. It boosted her Magic level, and it will make it easier for her to glimmer some staff arts, though I hardly use staff arts anymore at this stage in the game.

Everyone else got much of nothing, really. Grace did get another L5 key (did I... make a mistake? She'd only need one more if I had kept the old one... lol) but I didn't give it to her because there's only about 3 or 4 more opportunities to get L5 panels from here on out, and I want her to have the higher Skill. It's either three L4s or three L5s, or I'm taking a bit hit to her Skill level. Any other combination won't give the same-level bonus. Having a L5 bonus instead of L4 is only an extra +1 to skill, while missing out on it would be -4 from what I have with the L4 bonus.

With that, we only have a few more subadventures to go. Tune in next time for what will probably be the last Subadventures Digest for Mythe, and then we'll be able to move on to the final adventure...