The exiled god Firebringer returns in the form of a comet. The quelled monsters across the land rise up once again, and the world is thrown into chaos.

The gods grant their power to a single man. This man's fate is to build an empire with an army to fight back against Firebringer. The monsters are sent back to their underground and the exiled god's comet will be sent away from the world.

The Comet of Firebringer returns every 150 years. For ages and ages, empires have arisen to battle Firebringer and the monsters.

There have been fated emperors who have lazily built up their armies, and even negligent ones who doomed the world to spiral into hell.


On the seventh return of the comet, Firebringer was finally vanquished. For one thousand years, there was no need for fighting, and people were able to live in peace and harmony.

Upon his destruction, the remains of Firebringer rained down as fragments falling to the earth, almost as if they were fireworks in celebration of his defeat.

Because Firebringer was no more, there was no longer a need for an empire. Opposition arose and grew into rebellion.

The resistance fought against the supporters of the empire in civial war, and amidst the new chaos, the emperor that had defeated Firebringer was slain, and the empire began its downfall.

70 years later now, people who remember the times of the empire are few and far between. People became unable to notice approaching dangers to the world. But, the era has prepared a hero...

A new hero for a new era...


Hello once again, and welcome to my play diary for SaGa SCARLET GRACE, the newest entry in Square-Enix's SaGa series. I actually preordered this game, which is something I haven't done in a very long time. And I was certainly not disappointed!

Similar to my other "old" play diaries, this was originally written as a way to share the game with a few friends on LiVEJOURNAL, but grew into a full play diary of the entire game. I'll introduce the game in the first post, so I won't say too much here, so you won't have to read it twice. But please enjoy these interesting adventures through the land of the fallen empire!

Leonard's Scenario

  1. Leonard's Scenario
  2. First Impressions!
  3. The Spider Goes Down!
  4. Our First Friend!
  5. We Have a Baby?!
  6. Babysitting Adventures!
  7. The Wishing Tree!
  8. Babies, Crabs, and Polar Bears?!
  9. My Doppelganger and Me!
  10. Beware the Plague!
  11. Goodbye, Liz!
  12. Whose Side Are We On, Anyway?!
  13. Open-Scenario Shenanigans!
  14. Suspicious Characters!
  15. Killer Queen!
  16. X Marks the Spot!
  17. Go, Birdman, Go!
  18. Mustache Double-Teaming!
  19. All Hail Dark Lord Savnok!
  20. Is She Really a Witch?!
  21. Towers and Volcanoes!
  22. Showdown with Doppleo!
  23. Catch the Fairies!
  24. One Million Ice Caps!
  25. Vigilante Textile Smugglers!
  26. Have we Finally Made it?!
  27. The Final Battle!

Urpina's Scenario

  1. Urpina's Scenario
  2. Escape from Silmium!

Balmaint's Scenario

  1. Balmaint's Scenario

Taria's Scenario

  1. Taria's Scenario