Subadventures Digest #2
feat. Mayor's Nightmare
& Regal Lion's Treasures

Well, I actually started on "For the Love of the Girl" but it seemed like it was going to be the final adventure... so I reset and started working on more subadventures.


Weird cemetery. Strange stuff is up. When you enter, you hear a "song" over the winds saying "you can only search our graves three times." Basically, there's a ton of graves, and one of them holds the key to the groundskeeper's shed, so you can... break into his house I guess. If you just try to approach the door, he'll shoo you away. So let's force our way in!

Just kidding, really. The groundskeeper's key is always in the same spot, and when you search the graves, you get a reel check. Fail it, and you'll be attacked by undead instead of unearthing an item. Fail three times, and the grave just... disappears (well, from the target list, at least).

I failed three times trying to get the key, so there was literally nothing I could do. There are two ways to clear this adventure: One is to barge into the groundskeeper's house (where you'll discover a secret he is hiding), and the other is to just... leave the graveyard empty-handed. I was forced to do the latter.

The panels here were horrid. Everyone got L2 across the board. So I had to weaken the whole party. A general tip for playing this game is to always leave one "dump" spot on each character's growth panel -- a place that affects stats you don't care about for that character, so you can throw trash panels there.

The biggest problems I have with this are that Pharr's 'dump' spot is also where she has Artiste (which expands shops' inventory), and that Silver Girl Fae's spot is ... the exact center of her growth panel, which means it affects ALL her stats, even if only a tiny bit.

Marie's dump panel still affects her Magic level somewhat, as keeping a line bonus and focusing on her Fire elemental level means leaving her Magic level more vulnerable, too.

So Marie and Fae took a hit to their stats, and Pharr lost her Monger panel because I wanted to save her Artiste. So no more discounts in the shop. (The place where 'Monger' was will eventually be a Punch panel, if she'll ever finally get one).

After the adventure was over, during my shopping trip, I found not one... not two... BUT THREE pieces of Mullock armor. This is particularly frustrating because I'm desperately seeking Mullock right now for smithing, but armor pieces can't be used at the blacksmith. And I've been having trouble finding ANY Mullock whatsoever. The game is just rubbing it in my face that this point. (I did find one raw piece of Mullock, though!)


At least the battle scene in that adventure is pretty cool looking:

UNLIMITED:Saga screencap

Oh, and I did find a raw chunk of Angelite in the shops, too, so I was able to make another Angelite Ring for Michelle (which will hopefully soon release Life Protection, which she desperately, desperately needs...)

Garden of Death

Garden of Death is a fun adventure. Some guy has lost a letter he wrote in this weird overgrown ruins. It's your job to go get it back. Quickly you find out that some vegeplasts have stolen the letter and are running around with it. You have to keep cornering them at different areas of the maze-like ruins until finally they give up the letter and flee. Along the way, you'll find plenty of traps, monsters, and treasure. As long as you explore thoroughly (and don't forget to interact with the monsters when you find them lol) you should find all their hiding spots pretty easily. There's a big turn limit, so even with mistakes, you can still get it done in time.

There were a TON of monsters and I had to do a little backtracking at one point. The party's LP was getting pretty low by the end. Thankfully, there's no boss, you just finally grab the letter and the guy who wrote it appears suddenly because he was apparently following you.

After the adventure is over, you have the option to return the letter to him, or read it first. I have a feeling Mythe would not care one bit what the letter says, so I had him hand it over without saying anything. In fact, I can't imagine any of the protags except maybe Laura reading it. So, I won't spoil the contents of the letter for now.

UNLIMITED:Saga screencap

Also there was a point where I came up against a bunch of undeads... completely forgetting about Tiffon's phobia, I shoved her FRONT AND CENTER to fight them. I'm so sorry, Tiffon...

Everyone got L4 panels, but no one got anything particularly useful except for Mythe, who scored Obstacle Crossing L4, making a L4 line of map panels, boosting his Water level up to 55 (!!!) and then in the shops, I guess the game felt bad for trolling me last time, and I got four pieces of Mullock. I was able to make two pieces of Damascus, and turned them into Black Armlets. I replaced one of Michelle's Angelite Rings with a Black Armlet, and gave the other Black Armlet to Grace. The extra Angelite Ring I forged with Lazuli until I finally mutated Wood Arts on it, though it lost Wood Support and Life Protection in the process. I gave that to Marie, so hopefully she'll release those abilities back again quickly.

Mayor's Nightmare

We've moved on from Longshank to Loch Vaan now. We're going to start running out of subadventures soon...

Mayor's Nightmare is a primarily story-focused adventure. The turn limit is only 45! The mayor of Loch Vaan is having trouble sleeping because he's being haunted by a ghost. The adventure starts with the party chasing the ghost to the mountainside, a chase that takes all night.

UNLIMITED:Saga screencap

That sounds... too poetic, Mythe...

We travel across the mountainside until we encounter a building. Inside are some traps, swarms of rodents, stuff like that. But curiously one room smells sweet. There is some kind of dresser in the room, and we push it aside to reveal a hidden passage behind.

Upon climbing the revealed stairs, we find a corpse "riddled with swords and arrows" and assume this must be the source of the ghost. Upon inspecting "Gory Corpse L1," Mythe decides to remove the large sword embedded in the body (yes, it's true, people LOVE messing with dead bodies in this game!)

UNLIMITED:Saga screencap

The body itself rises, moaning out about its pain. But it's not the pain of the weapons that have this ghost crying, but rather the pain of betrayal. Suddenly berserk, this guy attacks us.

UNLIMITED:Saga screencap

Complete with cutscene battle and everything!

UNLIMITED:Saga screencap

"Edgelord" omg...

Anyway, this guy is Regal Lion, and now he wants to kill us. This was surprisingly tough for what I am pretty sure is an early-game subadventure. I mean, I had no problems with it, but if I had come here earlier, I may have died easily. He seems tougher than those Sabretooths...

UNLIMITED:Saga screencap

And of course, since he's an undead I... make the bright decision of pushing Tiffon right up to the front again. I'M SORRY!!

UNLIMITED:Saga screencap

Mythe takes the sword and travels along the mountainside to give this guy a proper burial. The sword he was stabbed with was apparently his own sword, because it had his name on it.

Upon returning to town, the mayor recognizes the name Regal Lion and breaks down crying.

UNLIMITED:Saga screencap

He tells the story of a legendary thief, Regal Lion, who, along with his three loyal followers, was very prosperous, but one day a fight broke up their little band. Angry that Regal Lion would not reveal his secret treasure even to his most trusted followers, the other three killed him. When they went to try to steal the secret treasure, they were unable to find it.

UNLIMITED:Saga screencap

After telling the story and heavily hinting that the mayor himself was one of the three followers of Regal Lion, he hands you a Mystic Orb. This is ... probably the only subadventure that actually gives you a tangible reward. The Mystic Orb allows you to take on another subadventure, called Regal Lion's Treasures.

In the shops afterward, I found some more Mullock (!), a Bandana made of Glossed Silk (one of the rarest materials in the game -- a glossed silk bandana has twice the defense of a velvet bandana! The body armor made of glossed silk is what you REALLY want to find, but I bought this nonetheless), and a piece of Damascus itself. I spent about half the money I had saved up over the course of the game in this one trip...

Making two more Black Armlets, I juggled everyone's accessories around a bit.

Regal Lion's Treasures

Having learned of the secret treasures hidden by Regal Lion and with a mysterious orb as a clue, we can now adventure to a cave, the location of which we assumedly learned from the mayor of Loch Vaan.

UNLIMITED:Saga screencap

Upon entering the cave, the orb begins to change colors in Mythe's hands. It becomes green. This adventure only has 100 turns as its limit. Good luck figuring this out on your first try! Even though I understand the solution, I still had to take two trips because I ran out of turns trying to figure out where everything was again.

As you wander around the cave, you'll find various things that clue you in to what you're supposed to be doing. One thing I do like about this game is that these kind of mysteries and puzzles are really an archeological exercise -- you have no idea what you're even supposed to be doing. When the "puzzle" in a game essentially tells you the solution then you have to go find it, you're not doing much more than a word search. Here, you really have to pay attention to clues and figure out the goal. It feels like solving a mystery.

There are a few things that will stand out as you explore the cave: water sources, holes in the wall, and some curious monsters that block various passageways. There's also a grotto in the back of the cave with a very pretty lake.

There are fives holes in the wall scattered about the cave. Three of them have engravings that say Regal Lion, Vernal Lion, or Gold Lion on them. The other two have nothing. The engraved holes will also talk to you if you approach them, and ask you to "offer the token." If you're lucky, the orb might vibrate when you're near one of the holes (though not on the actual space the hole is on), which is another clue.

If you approach the water sources, you'll find there is cold water and hot water. You're prompted to try putting the orb in the water. The orb will change colors depending on its temperature -- when it is cold, it will turn blue, and when it is hot, it will turn red. Also, while red, the orb will emit a strange noise. As you walk around you may notice another thing about the orb's colors: the orb will quickly warm up while it's blue and turn to green again (which is its sort of "neutral" color), but when it is red, it stays red until you douse it in the cold water again. The green orb only changes color by changing its temperature with water it seems.

If you try putting the orb in one of the holes, two things can happen. One is that the guardian will "accept" your "token," which... doesn't seem to do anything right away. The other thing that can happen is that your token is rejected, which starts a battle with this tentacle miniboss:

UNLIMITED:Saga screencap

This thing can be pretty tough at lower levels, but thankfully it's not too big of a deal for our party since we're pretty powered up. It still took three turns to defeat it, which was annoying.

If you haven't guessed by now, the three engraved holes require a different color of orb as their "token." If the orb vibrates near a hole, that means you have the correct color (so you don't have to risk fighting big tenta over and over through guess-and-check).

The Vernal Lion hole is the first one you'll likely come across as it's near the center of the cave, which isn't too far from the entrance. It needs the blue orb, and thankfully there's some cold water pretty close to it. Near the northern part of the cave, still pretty central, the Gold Lion hole will want the green orb. And then the Regal Lion hole on the far east side of the cave wants the red orb.

The problem with the red orb is the sound it makes, and the fact it won't cool off and become the green orb again without going to water to turn it blue, then wait for it to become green. While the red orb is making its sound, all of the monsters stationed at the corridors will attack you. If you don't have the red orb blaring, you can choose to walk away when you run into them, or attempt to wait them out (which has a pretty decent chance of them leaving you alone and letting you continue through the hall).

Fighting these are a huge pain, because you have to take on an entire party of aquans:

UNLIMITED:Saga screencap

Sometimes you even get a "shiny" that has 3LP and pretty decent life protection. It took me three turns to take one out and I was very mad. Grace's Arrow Rain or Marie's Shock can take out all of the green ones in one attack, though, so we're lucky here. I've attempted this adventure before without any target-everything arts and it was horrible.

There's also the chance that while you're experimenting and figuring out the solution to this adventure that you'll end up using the hot water that's at the far northwest corner of the cave. You'll probably have a hard time if you do that, since you're quite far from the Regal hole, and even from any cool water.

Fortunately there's also hot water just a quick jump north of the Regal hole, though the little dead end with the Regal hole in it is surrounded on both sides by the monsters, so you'll have to deal with them at least once to get through. The monsters also do not go away after you defeat them, so every time you pass through a hall that has them, you'll have to deal with them again.

After the third token is accepted, the orb will glow all kinds of colors and then vanish. So I recommend doing the Regal hole last, so that you won't still be carrying the red orb on your way out and have to fight more monsters. Hopefully they will leave you alone when you choose to observe them.

UNLIMITED:Saga screencap

After the third token is accepted, you'll hear a loud noise. If you head to the grotto, you'll find the water has emptied, and you can crawl into a hole that was in the lake, which will take you to a secret area. Inside, the Regal Lion's treasures await...

UNLIMITED:Saga screencap

But it looks like Regal Lion had one last protection for his treasures -- a guardian monster!

UNLIMITED:Saga screencap

For some reason, I'm always so amused when the monsters' names are "Humans?" lol. Even though every time this happens, you clearly identify the monsters as non-human before the battle so it's even weirder.

Anyway, this thing is pretty cool looking. It's like an alternate-color Dulahan but with a head and hair lol. It's kinda sexy, really >_>;;

UNLIMITED:Saga screencap

It looks undead, so let's shove Tiffon in the front again! I actually don't think it's undead hahaha. I was a bit worried, but he was quite easy to defeat. I think I vanquished him in only two rounds of combat. Afterward, you can run around and collect the treasures -- a bunch of L99 treasure chests and a Dragon Scale Knife lying around the cavern. The chests don't have traps, so they're easy to open! Sadly, the treasures are mostly fixed, and I think this is meant to be done earlier in the game, because I got stuff like 4000kr. The Dragon Scale Knife would be very powerful early in the game, though, but for me, I sold it to make a quick 10,000kr.

Pharr finally got her L4 Punch panel, which sent her Strength level to 55! And yet again, no L4 Bow for Grace... She did get L5 Sharpeye, though, which is kinda cool, but placing it actually ruined her same-level bonus in her line of keys so her Skill level went down. Maybe it was a mistake to place it... I'd like to get a row of L5 keys, but I feel like I'm not going to have enough adventures to do that at this rate. I should settle for L4 panels on everyone's formation bonuses, and just go for L5 only for their weapons and stuff like that.

Oh, Marie got L4 Fortuneteller, too, which raised her Fire level quite a bit!

Scared Knight

Some undeads stole this guy's sword. But he's scared of undeads, so he wants someone else to go retrieve the sword. So off we go to a cave full of countless undead. As if poor Tiffon has not suffered enough...

This cave is the same place where Ruby came to hide the knife to try and trick Iskandar long, long ago. Remember that hoard of undead that just wouldn't let up? They're still here. And no, you still don't get anything for defeating them.

We actually have to fight another hoard in another spot to get the sword back. Not too difficult, because...

UNLIMITED:Saga screencap UNLIMITED:Saga screencap


And there's really not too much more to say about this adventure. It's pretty straightforward. Go in cave, fight the baddies, get the sword. The cave isn't big and you find the undeads pretty easily.

Everyone got L3 panels which was a bit of drag, especially since I finally had to get rid of Pharr's Artiste panel.


One person... got one... L4 panel...

UNLIMITED:Saga screencap

TA-DA!! Why did this take like the entire GAME??? Everyone else already has their weapons at L5 panels lmao.

I feel like this entry is already getting pretty long, so I think I'll stop for now. I'm kinda tired anyway XD though I also want to keep playing...? >_>; But uh, stay tuned for more wacky adventures with the uninterested harem.