Subadventures Digest #1
feat. Sunken City

So, Mythe helped Michelle with her problem and now he's decided to follow Silver Girl through whatever she desires. And she desires to go dig up Iskandar's corpse or something, so it's back to the mausoleum once again.

But, why not travel around the whole world accomplishing random adventurous feats that have nothing to do with this goal?!

Tribal Chief's Trial

We did this one in Ruby's scenario, too. Pass the trial!!! It's not so hard, but the turn limit can be a little tight. I don't know if you have to actually find both the orb things or if it's fine to just find one then head for the end...?

I ended up just doing both orbs anyway oops. Pharr finally got an axe panel here! (L3) And now that Silver has a Throw panel that she got last time, she's able to do light martial arts <3 The basic "Throw" has been replaced by "Hairdryer." However, this means she doesn't have access to the throws she glimmered before, since they're not part of the Hairdryer line.

Danger in the Mines

Another we got to do in Ruby's scenario! Since I have a better idea of its length, I will take a bit more time looking for treasures this time maybe?

I got many good panels -- Pharr got Axe L4, Tiffon got Locksmith L4, Mythe got Accessorysmith L4... Pretty much everyone got something nice in their panel selection except Marie, but I happened across a L1 fire magic tablet from a treasure slime drop, so she got that. Everyone improved! I've changed how I want Mythe to be built (lol) so I ended up replacing Swimming with Accessorysmith. Now I don't think I have anyone who can swim, though...

I really need to get another Quick-Fix panel because Pharr's is in the Middle of her growth panel and I want to replace that spot XD I shouldn't have put it there?? I think I was originally going to do a triangle bonus on her but I want to do line now, so I need that spot...

Silver Girl now has a triangle of all three martial arts panels... which means she has access to all three lines of light martial, plus a boost to Strength level from the bonus!

I have to make sure to remember to tell Marie to start studying her new tablet...

Got a Black Spear for Michelle!! Now Pharr, Michelle, and Grace all have 'ultimate' weapons.

Monster's Lair

"Knock off the powerful monsters and nab the treasure!" That's the whole description.

I forgot to start studying Marie's tablet.

I have no idea what I'm supposed to be doing. This is a subadventure you can take from... Serin? I think? The cave is the one from the Armand subplot of Judy's scenario. It shouldn't be too big of a place, but I only have 80 turns and there's no clear objective... I mean "knock off" the monsters and I guess there will be treasure, but...

OK, I guess you just go to the back of the cave and beat up some orcs, then find they are guarding three chests all over level 90. One had a magic tablet! But, um, then you have to get out of the cave by the end of the turn limit. I just barely made it... only 2 turns left.

Another round of nice panel drops. Tiffon got L4 Dagger, so she just needs another L4 key and she will be completely built :P I mean, I'll probably end up getting some L5 panels but all L4s are good enough for the end of the game. Constance Silver Girl just happened to get a L4 earth familiar, which is awesome. She just finished getting her three martial panels, and I wanted her to have two triangles of 3 familiars and 3 martial panels, so I didn't have to 'wait it out' for the familiars to start coming! And now she'll have access to Sleep, too!

The tablet was a L2 metal tablet. Mythe already has it and I don't really care for anyone else to learn from it, so I just trashed it.

In town, I got a Black Knife for Tiffon. Now everyone but Marie has an ultimate weapon -- though eventually Pharr is going to have two (since she is dual-wielding axe and sword). Now I gotta hope for enough Damascus to make ultimate accessories lol. I don't mind not fitting everyone with them, but it would be nice if at least Michelle could get both her accessory slots filled with them... She needs all the +defense and +life protection she can get... I also want to get her a better armor but none are popping up in the shops. The best armor anyone even has is Pharr with Serpentine Mail... and it's only got a defense of 14 :\ Marie is decked out in all silk totally by coincidence. Mythe has a full suit of Silver stuff like Grace did last game.

Overall I've been having pretty good luck with panels and items.

Sunken City

UNLIMITED:Saga screencap

Finally, an interesting subadventure we haven't seen yet in these play diaries! This is another one from Serin. This is another subadventure that actually has quite a bit of personality. You get a unique painting of the place when you start, along with a little backstory.

Basically, the city of Roanne, known for its beautiful red rooftops, was caught in a flood and now only the muddy rooftops remain, with the city mostly underwater. Someone hired you to go into the remains of the city and bring back a memento to remember the city by.

UNLIMITED:Saga screencap

Basically, you just walk around on rooftops for most of the adventure, which are poking out of the water. Every so many turns, shadows of fish will appear in the water surrounding you. As you continue to spend turns, more and more fish will crowd around you, and if enough gather, they'll jump out at you and make you fight a big hoard of aquans.

UNLIMITED:Saga screencap

But as you explore, you'll find some windows to upper stories that you can crawl into. Going inside will cause the fish to scatter. You can spend turns inside freely without worrying about more fish gathering. Sometimes there will be monsters inside, and quite often there will be treasures. While inside, you can also look around for mementos. There are actually a lot of different descriptions of the various areas so it's kinda fun to search through them all as you come to them, even though it takes a turn, and if you know where the memento is, you don't need to search. But you get 300 turns, which is plenty to do a little bit of treasure hunting.

When you go into the windows, the painting for the space you're on "flips" so that it shows the interior of the building. And it seems to count as a separate area -- traps and monsters that were outside the window will be left there, and you'll find them again when you come back out. And the inside has its own traps and monsters and stuff, too. Even though it seems to be the same space.

There's also some areas where you can use the Obstacle Crossing skill to get across. Pharr has L4 so I was able to use that to reach some really nice treasures, including a L99 treasure chest, and a chest with a magic tablet in it!

UNLIMITED:Saga screencap

Eventually you'll get to an old music hall that must have been on a hill or something, because it's above water (and the 'space' doesn't look like a rooftop, either). This is where the actual memento is, so you don't actually need to search any of the rooms inside the windows.

When you reach it, a boss will jump down at you. This is just a high-ranking wildling, but it's pretty cool looking for a normal monster.

The party made quick work of it, though several party members were almost dead at this point. The low LP of everyone is pretty scary honestly.

UNLIMITED:Saga screencap

Once you defeat the boss, you can find a 'Melody Disc.' You have to spend a turn to pick it up, but then you clear the adventure.

Despite this being a sort of long adventure with tons of battles and lots of treasures and stuff, I got all L3 panels. When that last simple adventure with 80 turns, few battles, and a 'boss' that was lower rank than the regular enemies I'm fighting... gave me all L4. A couple characters did get a single L4 panel, but the only one who ended up having a useful one was Tiffon...

Who got a L4 Iron Body panel! Iron Body is a passive skill that reduces the HP damage you take, but more importantly, it has the highest ability growth of any panel in the game. So I used it to boost her Skill Level by a lot.

The tablet was another L2 water, and I trashed it again.

Pharr got her Black Sword, though.

Coliseum Ruins

This... is an adventure I don't remember at all...

There's actually a lot of description to this adventure; it was pretty cool. Basically a haunted old coliseum with a door to the actual arena that is locked and has no keyhole. No one knows how to open it. There's also a strange vegeplast that roams the place eating everything it finds.

When you enter, an undead appears and talks to you, talking about the door and chanting "I wish to fight." As you wander around the halls outside the arena, you'll come across these old barrels. Inspecting them makes a vegeplast appear, which seems to be choking... you can put your hand into its mouth, but it usually just bites you. But in some barrels it will have a button in its mouth (!?) and once you press all three buttons, the door opens, and you fight these three wildlings that I guess are like spirits of coliseum fighters or something. Lots of treasures inside.

I actually did this a while ago so I don't remember if anything interesting happened during it or while I was in town lol. Oops? I forgot to update this entry about it. Well, I went to bed saying "I'll update tomorrow" and then I didn't. And then I haven't played for almost a week now XD;;

Sevenfold Tail

This is one of a few adventures that take place at the Sevenfold Tail (I wrote the SaGa Wiki article about it haha), which is a winding path up a mountain. Along the way, there are seven unique waterfalls which have become a bit of a tourist attraction. There's also a "No-travel Season" in which there are such fierce winds even carriers don't go up the mountain.

The goal of this adventure is to get to the summit during No-travel Season. Why? No reward or anything; I guess you just wanted to challenge yourself. A lot of adventures' goals boil down to "Oh, this seems hard! Let's see if we can do it!" -- In fact, that's pretty much the point of going to any of the Seven Wonders, just to see if you can do it. I guess it's kind of like people climbing Mount Everest or something IRL.

Anyway, this adventure is mostly just you dealing with the winds and getting to see the waterfalls. At each major turn in the path, you can view one of the waterfalls. On the straight parts of the path, you have a chance of running into the high winds, which make you reel a check to see if you can steady yourself or if you get knocked back by the wind. Anything but success will knock you back one space. It also wastes a turn, as basically the method it uses to "knock you back" with the wind is to have the game decide the direction you move during the next turn. The reel happens at the beginning of the turn, though, so you can have the wind "knock you back," and then ... have someone discover a treasure chest through luck of perception check, and even get into a battle with an enemy that aggresses... and THEN you'll move back one space after all that is over LOL.

The higher you are on the mountain during No-travel Season, the more likely a turn is to trigger a wind, and the harder the reel. The last little stretch is just two spaces in a row with an extremely difficult reel. If you're not good at timing the reels, you could easily use up what's remaining of your 200 turns here, not kidding! Fortunately I'm not so bad at the reels so it just takes a few tries to get up to the summit.

It's a really simple and somewhat annoying adventure, but I just really like the area of the game. the waterfalls are pretty to look at, and I like that they put all this effort into lore for areas like this and the previous abandoned coliseum and stuff, despite it not having any relevance to the story or anything. One of my favorite things in RPGs is discovering little areas that have their own little story like this... I just really like the way it makes the world feel alive. Despite this game being mostly just text and menus, I feel like the world is very vivid and expansive in my head. Compared to a game like I Am Setsuna where the game world has almost no personality, and feels more like just a series of near-identical screens I must navigate to progress the game's goals. It doesn't feel like a living, breathing world like this game does.

Anyway, fangasming about this silly mountain aside, nothing really happened on this adventure. I'm mostly just trying to raise the monster rank at this point by doing easier adventures to rack up battles, because I'm still only really getting L3 panels, and I need L4 or higher. I also am resetting the shops every adventure, and I still need to find a lot of items that have become very rare (basically, I'm looking for something from the lowest market rank... which almost never appears now in favor of higher-ranked items... If you know how to craft the best weapons, you know what I'm talking about. But I'm not going to spoil that just yet :P)

Grace did get a L4 Eavesdrop, which is nice, because I was able to complete a line of L4 keys for her (she doesn't have Defuse) boosting her skill up even more.

Legendary Leviathan

Another adventure that takes place on the same mountain, this one requires you to "catch" the leviathan that lives at a hidden lake rumored to be in this mountain. It's a fun enough solution to figure out on your own, so I'll not spoil the details here. The monster rank seems to be rising a little bit maybe...

Not really any good panels at all here, except Pharr did get her L4 Sword I've been wanting. I do get occasional L4s but it's not reliable enough yet. Monster rank, go~~~

Seven Waterfalls

Still not done with this mountain! The goal of this adventure is just to do some sightseeing. I'm not sure why this isn't the first adventure in the list instead of the last, because it would do a better job of establishing this area, rather than starting with the No-travel Season.

The monster rank has definitely risen, though! I'm getting L50+ treasure, and regularly running into things like Draconid, Titan Crab, etc. I even ran into a Tao-Tie! At the end of the adventure, I got L4 panels all across the board. Sadly only about half the characters got something useful... but Pharr got Quick-Fix L4 which is very nice.

Pirate's Invitation

This is another interesting subadventure (pretty much everything from Gadeira is great haha). A message in a bottle has washed up and seems to be an invitation from the Captain of the Pirates. You go to the island to check it out. I don't want to spoil any more, but I quite like this one.

There were also a bunch of Sabretooths running around as regular enemies. The monster rank seems pretty high now, but at the end I still only got a couple L4 panels... Frustrating! The shops were useless after this one, too...

I need to unleash one more ability on Marie and Tiffon's weapons. Once I do that, I might go tackle a Wonder. Everyone except Grace has their L4 weapon panels, so Avalon (Flying Island) might be a good place to go.

Vanished Mogul

This is a really fun adventure. Basically this Mogul went into this cave and hasn't come out, and his upset wife and concerned butler are looking for him, and want you to go in and search for him. The cave is big and a little labyrinthine, so it's fun to explore, and there's this gimmick with a keyaxe where you have to light it on fire the proper colors to open certain doors.

Again, I don't really want to spoil too much. I already detailed Sunken City this time, so I don't want to detail too many of the subadventures. A lot of them are fun like this and worth playing the game for :P I'll continue to give more detail maybe one favorite or interesting one per 'Digest' but sadly I played a bunch of good ones this time...

It's a long adventure (420 turn limit!) and the monster rank has gotten pretty high... I found a lot of treasures and fought a lot of battles, and ended up seeing my first L5 panels! Tiffon got a L5 Dagger... she has a L4 triangle combo of keys so right now she's great, I'll try to start collecting the L5 keys but there's a chance I won't get all three, and then her skill will actually be lower because she's missing the same-level bonus... but if I manage to get all three it will increase her Skill... by one... compared to what it is now. In other words, other than that 1 skill level point, Tiffon is as her max stats for this build. Well, I guess I could get Iron Body L5 but that's very unlikely XD

I also was finally able to make Marie's "ultimate" weapon, complete with Fire Arts! She actually has two staves -- the second one is made of Ash and has weight rank 1, which is the only ability set for staff that contains Roundhouse. I think Ash is the strongest material you can use to actually get to that weight rank...? IDK I haven't really looked into it that much. But it's only half the power of the black staff... but it has Roundhouse, AND it has Block, which is important. Fire Arts 'covered up' Bone Crusher here. Would have been very nice to have that one...

I also got a Holy Warrior Scroll, which has a bunch of Metal spells, but importantly includes both Weapon Blessing and Armor Blessing. Mythe already has Weapon Blessing and most of the spells on that tablet, and he got a L4 Fortuneteller, so I ended up giving the tablet to Marie.


Avalon is another name for Flying Island, one of the Seven Wonders. This is just the big donut island with the elevator cage in the middle that takes you to the fight with the blue elder dragon, if you remember from Ruby's scenario.

I decided to go for this next since I have mostly L4 weapon panels (Tiffon having L5 and Grace only having L3). My hope was that I'd get a L4 for grace, maybe some L5 for others... and hopefully glimmer some new arts against the elder dragon.

Well, none of that happened.

I did realize that the magic tablet I gave to Marie has Holy Seal on it (!) which you might remember being a signature of Sapphire's from the last game. We're getting it a little late, now, though, so it won't be nearly as powerful as it was last time. But still nice for fighting undeads and stuff.

Anyway, I think I'll go ahead and post this now, so the subadventure digest isn't just one GIANT post. I still have a lot of subadventures to do. This post is already long enough!