The Metal Elemental Gear

The final Elemental Gear we need to collect was entrusted to the Anubito Tribe, the same Tribe that Dagul Bos comes from, which is a little unnerving.

Before we set out, we have a few little errands to run, though.

UNLIMTIED:Saga Screenshot

First, we give the Behemoth Chestplate to Anzan, which has a whopping 25 defense with Life Protection and Metal Support. This will help him become even tankier!

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Second, we go visit Lord Galeos because he's sexy and I just want to look at him some more. Also, I wanted to show that if you visit him after getting the Crown of Ares from him, he just says nice stuff to Henri.

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And lastly, we do a bit of smithery. Silver isn't a material we're going to come across much in this journey. All our silver has been from various characters' initial equips, like Armic's Silver Sword.

An unspoken rule of this challenge run (and pretty much every time I play this game, with that little exception of Kurt's scenario) is that I won't use the Time Lapse ability line. It's on almost every weight rank of axes, though, so it's kind of hard to avoid. But Silver and Marcasite combined will create either a weight rank of 5 or 6, the two ranks that don't have Time Lapse in their ability set.

So, we've created a Silver Axe. It's not for anyone in the party right now, but I already know who the next member will be, and I want to have this in advance.

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And with that stuff out of the way, we head off to the mines to meet up with our Anubito guide there. He introduces himself as Musol Yanii. Laura is quick to ask if Dagul Bos is also part of his tribe.

Musol tells us that while Dagul Bos may be an Anubito, their people do not congregate en masse. "One Anubito, One Tribe." So it sounds like they might be loners. But it also sounds like this guy has nothing to do with Dagul Bos, so that's good, right?

UNLIMTIED:Saga Screenshot

And we have a new party member! It's getting pretty rare that we encounter characters we haven't seen before, since this is our fifth scenario, but here's Musol Yanii!

His best point is his 5 in Strength Making, along with starting with an Axe Arts L2 Panel, so he's pretty powerful right from the start. His Metal Making is also at max, so you can focus him on magic arts if you'd like, though you'll have to sacrifice Magic Level for Metal Level, since the two overlap on his Growth Panel.

UNLIMTIED:Saga Screenshot

Hoping for a Metal Familiar, I give him that armlet that lets anyone use Boulder. His casting animation is particularly boring, with him just... holding his hand in front of him and the magic goes off on its own.

The Anubito are obsessed with "beauty" and Musol makes all kinds of weird comments about beauty and aesthetics in battle. He has a nice voice and is rather handsome, though. You know, in a furry kind of way.

I like Musol Yanii well enough, and he used to be one of my favorites, but I've grown a bit unattached to him. I still like him, I just don't have the same intensity of love toward him as I used to. I think because he was my very first Reverse Delta guy, which completely broke the game, and I just kind of... always associate him with that, lol.

UNLIMTIED:Saga Screenshot

Musol tells us that the Gloves of Venus are hidden in the mines, which has been abandoned by humans since the ore was all tapped out. Now it is "quiet" here again, though the place is overrun with monsters, so I'm not sure what he means by "quiet."

The adventure is the same as before -- there are two work monsters in the north and south ends of the mines called Chappi, and each is our key to securing some Bomber Ore which we can use to break through a cave-in behind which a demon has made nest. It also happens to be where the Glove of Venus are, of course.

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The Chappi in the Northern Lair is asleep, and you can try to mine for Bomber Ore near it, but you may wake it up. As I discovered through experimentation earlier in these diaries, you are required to wake it up to actually get the Bomber Ore, but you have to attempt to mine enough times before waking it up, or the Bomber Ore will not drop upon its awakening.

The sweet spot seems to be only three or four successful digs, so you only have to stop mining once, as you'll wake him if you try digging a third time after two consecutive digs.

After waking him, if you've dug enough times, Bomber Ore will drop down and you can grab it. Once he's awake, you can't dig anymore until you've left the corridor leading to the northern lair, which will trigger the Chappi to blow fire after you, giving you a small hit to HP that you can easily recover with a single rest. It's more just an annoyance and a waste of turns if you didn't grab the Ore before waking it up.

UNLIMTIED:Saga Screenshot

After grabbing the northern Bomber Ore, we head into a nearby shaft that lowers us into the lower level of the mine and head for the southern lair. The Southern Lair is easier to get to first, but I like to fully explore the upper level, then descend and fully explore the lower level, so doing them in this order works out a little better for that.

In the lower level, there are a lot of little locked doors that lead to rooms where you can find treasures. I also finally remembered to screencap Francis getting hit by a trap, because there's something about him just screaming out "Take the pain!" that is very funny to me.

UNLIMTIED:Saga Screenshot

Laura had a lot of bad luck with her fortunetelling in the mines. We ended up opening up a lot of L1 chests...

We did find a few nice things, though, like some Opal, which I was hoping to find. For a mine, there sure weren't enough gems and minerals. But I guess this mine is supposed to already have been depleted of resources and abandoned, so I guess that makes sense...

In the underside of the southern lair, we're able to find another Bomber Ore by prying it from the feet of the other Chappi. I don't really know what the challenge is here. It seems like sometimes instead of getting the Ore, you'll just get kicked and take a little damage, and have to try again. It seems completely random and you almost always get the Ore on the first try, though, so...

UNLIMTIED:Saga Screenshot

After getting both Bomber Ore, we head to the caved-in area and toss the Ores, opening up the path. And like always, we continue down the path to where the demon (I think it's called Jester X or Jester Y or something) has made its base, and we fight it.

UNLIMTIED:Saga Screenshot

I only ended up getting one screenshot of it because Henri shot it dead in the first turn.

But unlike the other three adventures we've been on like this, we don't find the Elemental Gear at the end. In fact, it seems the Gloves of Venus are nowhere to be found. It seems someone else got to them first and had already taken them away.

Since the Gloves of Venus are a secret known only to the Anubito, and there's only one Anubito who seems to be after their power, that could mean the Gloves had to have been taken by only one person...

UNLIMTIED:Saga Screenshot

Dagul Bos.

UNLIMTIED:Saga Screenshot

And with that, the adventure ends, and we come out empty-handed. Well, at least as far as new Gears go. We did get a powerful new party member and some panel selection.

Laura finally got a Sword Arts panel. I forgot to mention this but she had not gotten one for the entire game up to this point, even though I gave her a sword as early as I could and used it every adventure...

But she finally got one, and at L4, so that's awesome!

Sadly, I had to make the choice between the Sword Arts L4 and Sharpeye. We don't have Michelle anymore, so we have no way to see what kind of locks and traps are on treasures now. In the end, though, with how obnoxious it was to get up til this point, I ended up going with the Sword Arts panel.

Francis got Bow Arts L3, and Platyphyllum got Spear Arts L4!

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Afterward, we're in Vaftom for some reason, and Laura says that the only option seems to be to head to Dagul Bos's place and confront him head-on, taking back the Gloves of Venus.

But Henri is worried about what might happen if Dagul Bos is able to get his hands on the Blade of Escata and the Elemental Gears, since going to face him essentially means bringing the entire set directly to him.

UNLIMTIED:Saga Screenshot

Francis suggests that we leave the Gears and the Blade with Lord Galeos for safekeeping, and he and Henri rush off, leaving Laura alone, who seems to not be fully comfortable with this idea.

And with this, it's now subadventure time. Our next story stop is to head to Lord Galeos's castle, but I'd like to get a lot of adventuring done before that. Since heading there will remove the Blade of Escata and the four Elemental Gears from our inventory when we leave them there for protection, I want to avoid it for now to keep them in the inventory while we do our subadventuring, and there's another reason why I want to leave the game in this state, too, which we'll talk about soon enough.

But I have a lot of adventuring to do before I can write another entry!