Subadventures Digest #1

Kurt and friends have made a lot of progress :) The only thing available to do now, besides heading into the final adventure, is do some subadventures and wait for the story to progress a bit. So we're going to do just that.

Lumina Stone

Time to grab a free magic tablet! I only got 8 Lumina Stones this time, and you actually get a different message at the end of the adventure, when returning to the starting point -- the inventory says that it's "unfortunate" that you get his invention (though I think it's supposed to be like you're getting different prizes depending on how many you collect?)

Either way, it's the same result -- the invention breaks in your hands and you're taken to panel development.

UNLIMITED:Saga screencap

While wandering around in the desert, though, I did find a good opportunity to have Platy "practice" Diplomacy, hoping to get antoher 'talking' skill. There seem to be a lot of Slimes out here, and Slimes never aggress, so you can just try to negotiate with them over and over. And since they like to congregate, you don't even have to move away from the space you're on!

UNLIMITED:Saga screencap

Of course, it doesn't help if you hit a critical failure on your negotiation on the very first attempt, and it makes them all fight you anyway...

UNLIMITED:Saga screencap

And after the adventure, we found a Silver Helm in the shops, so Kurt got a new hat.

Monster Extermination

Next, we head up to Healer's Hills to get some fights in and work on the tablets we're studying.

UNLIMITED:Saga screencap

After wandering for a while, you run into the boss of this adventure, which is three Gatorgrasses... this is a pretty tough fight for the party, honestly. I'm not using Reverse Delta against anything except the Gauntlet battles, and the party hasn't really glimmered any decent weapon arts, and we only have a few nice magic arts at this point. And Kurt's bubbles do 0 damage against these things. So our options are pretty limited...

UNLIMITED:Saga screencap

Edel did glimmer Arrow Rain, though, which was pretty nice. The Gatorgrasses are a bit too bulky for it to really be helpful right now, but this is a great weapon art to have in the arsenal.

It basically came down to whittling away at LP with Divine Lancer (L3 Aim Spear art) and Thunderbringer. Sadly, Platy still hasn't learned Thunderbringer, so it was mostly Norff out there. Josef's knife didn't seem to want to cut up these veggies.

UNLIMITED:Saga screencap

Prior to the adventure, I made that Diamond that I bought into a staff for Platy. Look at how cool it looks!

UNLIMITED:Saga screencap

Afterward, Norff got the first L4 panel we've seen this playthrough. It was a Wood Familiar, which isn't too bad.

UNLIMITED:Saga screencap

And then afterward, we got Silver Boots for Kurt, so now he has a full set of Silver armor!

Insect Extermination

Time to go around and collect up the insects that are infesting Healer's Hills. This was intended to just be another hopefully-find-treasures-and-learn-from-tablets adventure, but...

UNLIMITED:Saga screencap

I got really lucky in the fight with Domliat and defeated him...! He did a lot of Crossfire, which is scary, but the least likely of all his abilities to deal LP damage. And Kurt's shield kicked in a couple times, too. I think Domliat must only have 6 or 7 LP, because I was kind of keeping track of them to see how well I progress as I go on.

Kurt was down to 1LP at the end, too. He had two actions left in the queue, and I did one (every action was Reverse Delta lmao) and Tagut didn't lose any LP, even though he had lost 5LP total already. I figured Tagut would have a few actions left and attack Kurt again, and it'd be over, but Kurt's reel came up again! And I hit Reverse Delta and did 2LP damage, and Tagut disappeared. I couldn't believe it! I really was expecting to just die, so I jumped up in my chair with eyes wide, hahaha.

UNLIMITED:Saga screencap

With that, Kurt's Gauntlet has leveled up to L5, the max level. And... Domliat is the final enemy in the Gauntlet challenge, so the gauntlet will no longer be sending Kurt into battles! I'm so happy that this is finally over -- the game already feels a ton less frustrating. And this is definitely the earliest I've ever defeated Domliat (well, I've only played this story once before lol...)

After our bug-catching field trip, I got a LOT of fortuneteller panels. Like three or four characters got fortuneteller. This is nice because fortuneteller has the best Elemental growth in the game, and everyone is kind of magic-focused right now.

Night Desert

There's a Sabretiger running around the desert, and a merchant has lost his wares... this is the one where you get the five feathers that will make the Sabretiger run away. I took my time frolicking around in the desert since you have like 180 turns, and I wanted to find treasures and stuff.

UNLIMITED:Saga screencap

Near the center of the desert, I ran into this. It was a Diplomacy goldmine! I was a bit worried an Undead or something was going to pop in and make me fight EVERYTHING all of a sudden, but that never happened.

I did learn something interesting about the game, though.

UNLIMITED:Saga screencap

It seems that a space can hold more than 7 things in it at one time, but anything after the seventh is completely ignored for gameplay purposes. You can't select them and it's as if they're not there. But they are there! Because there were no slimes on surrounding spaces, but I had to use diplomacy like 6 times before the number of slimes on the space decreased to 6. Which means there must have been like 12 slimes on the space??

And Platty negotiated with every last one :)

UNLIMITED:Saga screencap

Of course, I spent a lot of turns doing that, and ended up using all my Retreating Feathers, so I had to fight the Sabretiger. I wasn't worried about the party dying, but we're still not that great at fighting big boss-like enemies yet, since we don't have great LP damage. It was really hard to get the Sabretiger to go down, and I was worried I'd end up running out of turns for the adventure.

I had already found the third and final box that belonged to the merchant, so I was just exploring the nearby spaces and using Josef's familiar to search for treasures. I did find a lot of money along the way, so I'm glad I did it. I was expecting to have to fight the Sabretiger, but I really wasn't expecting it to take so long.

Then when I landed on the space with the final box on it again, ready to pick it up, the Sabretiger attacked that turn... so I had to fight it a second time...

UNLIMITED:Saga screencap

After finishing the adventure, the story has had time to progress. We see Leon visiting home and talking with his father.

Lord Burgundy asks Leon about Jeanne -- it seems she's popular with the other Knights, and he wonders if she may be a potential danger to the Knighthood. Leon says she's just a pretty puppet.

And then his internal voiced monologue says that the he is the real dangerous one himself. I don't know why they decided to turn Leon into a stereotypical villain who just... wants to be evil all of a sudden. He really seems more like the type to be corrupted by misled ideals like Jeanne was.

After Max reminds him that it's important to know who is pulling the strings of a puppet, Leon also comments about how his father was always strict with Kurt but lenient with him, but he was too easy on him.

UNLIMITED:Saga screencap

After going through a million Lazulis (and going through a lot of money spent buying them all...) I finally have gotten Wood Arts onto an Angelite Ring, so now Platy can have an accessory with Wood Support and Wood Arts, and eventually it will release Life Protection as well. I need to make one of these for Norff, too. Having a magic-themed party is pretty fun for many reasons, and one is that you look into different kinds of armors and equipment than normal. Generally you'd just give everyone everything made of Damascus, and stick to a few great armors like Obsidian Mail. But when you're considering elemental support and other support abilities, you get to play with a variety of equipment. I'm hoping to find a Merman Mail for Platy eventually, too.

Seeing the next story scene has expanded Kurt's travels even further north. We now have access to Iskandaria, Escata, and Nivacolina. This also means we have access to the ruins underneath Iskandaria, so we can go there and fight monsters (learning from tablets!) and hunt for treasure chests to make money (and maybe fight Treasure Slimes) without having to clear adventures. And since we only have a limited number of adventures, this can be really useful.

I haven't really done any grinding outside of just clearing subadventures in this play diary yet, so I might actually try it out. We have a lot of magic to learn across all our tablets, and possibly finding some more would not be bad at all. It's a little worrisome to raise the monster rank too much at this point, since the party is still developing, but I can always move on if I feel the monsters are getting too tough.

Money has been a problem this game -- I keep running into really nice stuff that I can't afford. I've had to leave behind things like Diamond Crown and Obsidian Mask because we simply don't have the funds to buy them. Money is easier to get from story adventures because you can take time hunting treasures, or adventures with long turn limits like Wonders. Kurt doesn't have many story adventures, and we're not strong enough to take on Wonders yet, I think. Deities Table is the only one available right now (though we could get more by clearing out some of the lower-level adventures from some of the inns in other cities that have access to them), and I'm really worried that if we got into a battle with many Birds of Heaven that we'd not be able to survive. I think it would be best to wait until we at least have Acupuncture, but having some other nice weapon arts would be good, too.

With our new town selection, we can do Titan's Flute now, which is not only full of treasure, but also has a midboss we can fight and hopefully glimmer at least some of the better mid-tier weapon arts. So I might head there next.