Ships Ahoy ~
The Festival of Regina Leone

Hey, it's been a while! Not too long a while, I hope. When we last left off, if you can remember so long ago, Judy realized she had to go far to the northeast according to Mr Crystal after finding her brother, but was worried about how long it was going to take. Roy suggested travelling by boat, so we walked to the port town of Gadeira, home of the Knighthood and the Burgundy family.

And so here it is in Gadeira that we resume our adventure. Our adventure is entitled "Ships Ahoy" and the description says Judy can "only pray to reach her destination safely," which is way too foreboding for what is meant to be a leisurely ship trip.

But it's a boat, and this is SaGa, so... that probably means necro stuff. Actually, who are we kidding. It pretty much logically implies necro stuff at this point.

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Our trip starts with Armand "retching" off the side of the boat. Judy suggests to Roy that if he gets seasick and pukes, too, he might lose some weight (what the fuck, Judy...) but then Roy says that the motion of the boat only makes him hungrier. I really forgot how much they tried to make Roy into a fat joke. It's kind of sad because he's such a great character in his own right. It's completely unnecessary!

Anyway, after he starts looking for munchies, we hear the same shout we heard in Laura's scenario when someone saw a ghost. And, as you guessed, the ship is overrun with undead again.

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The adventure plays out pretty much identically to the one from Laura's scenario, though this time instead of meeting Michelle, we meat Nuage a little further up. I'm definitely not complaining that we get to travel with this cutie again~ In fact, I had completely forgotten that you even recruit him at all in Judy's scenario, so this was a very pleasant surprise.

Nuage offers to protect Judy on her adventure, despite the fact that she already has assembled quite an entourage of bodyguards already. But we'd never turn down a sexy carrier with gloves and an adorable accent...

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The other major difference between the Laura version of this adventure is, of course, that at the end, rather than fighting one of the assassins chasing Henri at the end, we fight another of Clyde's minions. This time it's that bat thing again in the form of a Titan Crab. It did some attacks that I hadn't seen before, like "Mongolian Scissors," whatever that is supposed to mean.

There's not a lot to say about this boss. Even just tossing it around is pretty effective as it's not very strong.

After defeating it, it poofs back into bat form, and Judy tells it to send a vague threat ("Next time...") to Clyde as it returns to him, saying she's going to be merciful and spare the thing for now. Considering it's just a little bat, I guess that is pretty threatening. We just defeating a giant grab so why couldn't we fight a tiny bat? Though it is a bat that can morph into a giant crab, so...

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It seems that because of the battle (?), the ship drifted a bit too close to Avalon, the Flying Island. If you recall from Ruby's scenario (where we actually got some amount of description about it, unlike in Armic's scenario despite it being his final adventure...) the island is eternally surrounded by intense storms.

And of course, we get swept up in the storm and the ship is damaged. We're cast adrift and left to the mercy of the ocean. Necro boats and being lost at sea seems to be a recurring theme lately...

If you remember, in Ruby's scenario when we met Roy, he was actually swimming away from Avalon himself. It's kind of cool that that was actually an allusion to the boat accident in Judy's scenario -- as if this were an alternate timeline or something.

This time, our boat drifts to the Isle of Elve, where the city of Vaftom is. And you know what that means!

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Festival time! I mean, if we're shipwrecked and wash up at a festival, we may as well visit it, right?

Judy just kinda runs around and explores the festivities. We see the same scene we saw in Armic's scenario of the two trying to look over the crowd of tall people standing in front of them, and Judy eventually summoning Aigaion and hopping over the crowd.

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Though this time, we see a bit of an extended version of the scene, where Judy and Aigaion actually join the parade!

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At the end of the festival, we watch the memorial fires. There isn't anything story-significant here. Judy just kind of talks about how people are morning, the fires are beautiful, and how "in moments like these, time passes slowly."

Since we came here completely by accident, I guess it makes sense that more of the festival doesn't really have anything to offer to the main plot.

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After the festival, a new adventure appears in the inn. This one is called "To Longshank" and is nothing more than taking a boat to Longshank. The description of the adventure even says "(Arrive immediately.)" at the end, I guess to let us know that we're not going to actually do any adventuring by selecting this adventure. And selecting it, we just see the boat sail, and then we arrive in Longshank.

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Before we can arrive, though, we get one of those little Clyde scenes. He scolds his familiar for "bringing up the tablet" (can the thing talk...?) and reminding him that he doesn't have his hands on it yet. And apparently the thing reported back to Clyde that Judy and company were in Vaftom, but didn't tell him about Judy's threat, I guess.

And we'll get to the events that happen in Longshank next time. Sorry this one was a bit uneventful~ Well, I mean, we did get a new character and see the festival. But at this point so much of the game is just... stuff we've already covered many times before. It feels different when playing it because you have a different party and different abilities and stuff, but when you're just describing it, it's the same basic premise and everything, so...