Subadventures Digest #2
feat. Coliseum Ruins

Well, it's finally time to recap everything that happened in Armic's adventure leading up to going to the final Wonder. I did almost all the subadventures, so it took a while, plus I haven't really been playing as much recently; trying to work on the site.

This time I'm going to feature a subadventure that I kind of just glossed over before, because it's pretty neat. But first, the other junk:

The Three Keys

Venturing into the house with the Sabretiger and the weird basement. It was a good opportunity for Kong Ming to practice lockpicking with all the doors (also, with him and Pharr picking locks, we didn't need to use the keys).

Lots of chests means lots of opportunities for Mimic Traps. I found a L4 magic tablet for Vearst, to hopefully let him learn enough different arts to make a really cool fusion art.

Nuage also got Staff Arts L5!

The Sevenfold Tail

Traveled the path during No-Travel Season. I had a lot of bad luck with the wind blowing me back this time, but the party is pretty strong anymore so almost everything is pretty easy. Pharr got a Kick L4 panel, which combo'd with her other martial panel and was placed on the far right, boosting her Strength and Skill Levels up to 49 and 51 respectively! For her fairly poor Makings, she's turning out to be quite powerful.

Legendary Leviathan

I actually remembered to not scare the birds off so the fish will jump out and we can catch it. The boss looks like Aspidochelone, but its name is Fastitocalone. Armic got Road Guide L4, which is the only really notable thing.

Seven Waterfalls

Since this is a pretty easy adventure and the turn limit is strangely high, I took the time to run around and treasure hunt and get the most out of my turns. Sadly, I didn't really get any great panels out of it.

UNLIMTIED:Saga Screenshot

Though after finishing the adventure, I found an Obsidian Mail in the shops! This is particularly exciting because it's the highest-defense armor that also has the Life Protection ability. But what's even better than that is that it's on the second page of the Chapa trading list...

UNLIMTIED:Saga Screenshot

Which means we can trade it for another material! Spry had extra Glossed Silk, but didn't have any Obsidian, so I was able to make the trade with him, and get a Cuirass! Cuirass has the highest defense of any armor int he game (26!), but it doesn't have Life Protection. But since we did a trade with the Chapas, that means the defensive power is taken from the new material, but the ability set is taken from the old material. So we get a Cuirass's defense power with the Obsidian Mail's ability set, giving us an armor with both 26 defense and Life Protection! Something unique you can only get by trading with Chapas, so this is something I can only do in Armic's scenario, and only if the other Chapas happen to have the right materials in excess and are missing the material I want to give away.

I don't know if the other Chapas' inventory is randomized or if it follows some kind of pattern. They seem to always have very similar inventory each time I run into them (as in, each Chapa has similar to what they had the last time, though different from each other). And they seem to fill up their list more as Armic fills up his. So maybe there's a pattern here and you can actually plan for these things. But I don't know.

Anyway, our shiny new unique Cuirass went to Nuage. I wanted Vearst to keep his Silver Mail for the Water Support, plus it wouldn't be too bad to have the healer also not be the tank, since healing ability is partially based on your current HP.

Pirates' Invitation

Time to go solve the seashell puzzle for the little girl.

UNLIMTIED:Saga Screenshot

Not much happened here, but Nuage did glimmer Kickrush, a heavy Kick art. He didn't get to use it much because he got a new Kick panel after this, but I had covered his old one up with Punch L5 or something, so he didn't have it this time, making him able to glimmer heavy kicks. The animation was pretty cool.

Sunken City

Finding the memento. This is a long adventure with many turns and many treasures. There are also a lot of roof gap things for Vearst to practice Obstacle Crossing. Sadly, he didn't get a new panel, though. It didn't even matter if we let the gathering fish get into a fight with us, because the party is so strong at this point we can dispatch the whole lot of them in a single turn.

Coliseum Ruins

And now for our feature presentation! I've talked about this one before, but it's kinda neat, so I figured I'd show some more details.

UNLIMTIED:Saga Screenshot

There's an abandoned ruins of a coliseum, though the door to the central area where the fighting was performed has been sealed or locked somehow, and there doesn't seem to be any way to open the door. To make things worse, a strange Vegeplast monster has made the place its home, prowling the area and devouring anything in sight, so it makes it hard for anyone to even explore the place.

UNLIMTIED:Saga Screenshot

Taking one step in, we run into this undead that can talk! It seems that the poor thing can't rest because it wants to have a rematch in the coliseum once more. But it seems to realize the door is locked, and wonders "where it has gone," so maybe it knows the solution. Not that we ever get any more out of it, so this wasn't a very helpful hint.

After its little spiel, it just starts repeating "I wish to fight..." over and over and we let it be on its way.

UNLIMTIED:Saga Screenshot

As we traverse the underground ruins, we find a lot of these barrels, which are Level 1 There's-an-Old-Barrels. The barrels won't cause any problems on their own, but if we inspect them, that strange Vegeplast we heard about before appears.

UNLIMTIED:Saga Screenshot

It complains that there is something stuck in its throat and begs us to remove the object. I guess it must be pretty hard to do anything with no limbs of any kind. How does it walk around though? And why was it in a barrel?

We have the option to try to help by sticking our hand in the monster's throat, or to leave the poor thing to suffer. Bravely, we insert our hand into the veggie's mouth, even though it might just be trying to trick us into getting eaten whole.

But while fisting this thing's face, we seem to "trigger a catch."

UNLIMTIED:Saga Screenshot

And a switch comes out of the monster's mouth! A bit weird, but we push the button. The monster coughs and gags a bit and then scampers off into the darkness of the ruins. So we got to help the thing out, got to press a button that may help us get into the center, and had a bit of vore fun.

The ruins are not very big, and they pretty much make a horseshoe shape with the center area inside, sealed off. There are various little rooms sticking out of the edges of the horseshoe, though, and we can find barrels all over the place.

Each barrel will summon a Vegeplast monster similar to the one we found before. While the description said there was "a monster," I'm not sure if these are all the same monster or a bunch of the same type of monster that live here or what.

Anyway, it seems things are not as easy as they seemed after our first encounter with the barrel plant. The next one we come to begs in the same way, but instead of triggering a switch, the thing bites down on our arm and we end up having to battle it...

UNLIMTIED:Saga Screenshot

It's not very hard, since this is a pretty easy adventure meant for early in the game, but it does have a singing attack that can paralyze everyone in the active party, which is pretty obnoxious. Plus I'm trying to use magic with everyone, and Vearst and Armic use cold magic which it seems to resist.

But after enough exploring, we trigger three different switches around the ruins, all stuck in the throats of monsters. After the third, we hear a sound of a door being open, and we're able to get into the center area.

And while fighting a monster on the way there, Nuage released Life Protection on our special Cuirass :)

UNLIMTIED:Saga Screenshot

When we enter the central area, we hear some voices, though we can't see anyone.

"Why do you mere travelers come here?"

"Turn back! You're far too weak."

"You two! Do not treat them so unkindly. Mind your manners. They have come all the way here to fight us, isn't that so?"

UNLIMTIED:Saga Screenshot

One by one, they appear, itching to have a battle once more, and challenge us to a duel in the coliseum. I have a feeling it was the one that told the others to mind their manners that stands in the center and says "Come hither!" instead of "Come!"

UNLIMTIED:Saga Screenshot

But at this point in the game, three Minotons are no trouble at all. We were able to take two of them out in the first turn, and the other fell quickly in the second turn.

After defeating them, a door seems to open in the back of the arena. It seems we vanquished these guys. Which means our poor Skeleton friend from before is never going to find his eternal rest.

UNLIMTIED:Saga Screenshot

Heading into the back of the area, we find a little storage room containing a magic tablet and some other goodies. But it's not long before we realize there's not much else here. We've solved the mystery of the arena, grabbed a bit of loot, and it's time to head back to the inn.

Kong Ming got Quick Fix L4, which is really nice. Not only does Quick Fix L4 mean I can fix items a lot faster now (a big upgrade from Quick Fix L2), but it also means I can finally utilize Norff's center space on his Growth Panel, which has been "stuck" with Quick Fix L2 all game, since it's too valuable of an ability to give up.

After finishing with this adventure, we went to a few more like Vale of Swords and Monsters' Lair. The party is strong at this point so we can pretty easily accomplish anything. Even Nakle Lines was not too difficult, taking down Tagut without too much effort. We could even defeat Maane and Malig in a single turn four out of the five times we battled them!

UNLIMTIED:Saga Screenshot

Eventually, Vearst deciphered enough arts from his tablet that he could combine Rainbringer into Thunderclap! You might remember Thunderclap as Tiberius's most powerful art in the Romancing SaGa 3 play diary, and it's a bit similar here. It dishes out tons of damage to every enemy on the field, though it has a very different animation. The "mist" effect from Rainbringer still happens, but it causes lightning bolts to strike down on each enemy in turn.

UNLIMTIED:Saga Screenshot

It was difficult to get a good screenshot of it, because the lightning part only appears for a brief moment, but it's pretty cool and it's a very powerful art. Even more powerful than Sapphire's Holy Lightning from Ruby's scenario!

And now that I'm able to utilize a cool new art from Magic Blender, I'm ready to head on to the end of the game. So we're off to Avalon~