Mine Adventure ~
The Festival of Regina Leone

It seems like Yun has deciphered another part of the tablet, so we head to Loch Vaan to see what's up.

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It seems the item for Metal is Venus's Mirror, which is somewhere in the mines. You know, "the mines." As if only one group of mines exists in the entire world. Well, maybe there really is only one...

Anyway, Yun offers to decipher yet another part of the tablet, even though I thought you were only allowed to get three or something? I don't really know. All I know is that you get characters from the first three and can't after that? Anyway, I choose Fire this time.

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It's time to head to the mines, and we have seven characters now, so we have to leave one out, as the adventure only allows for six (because we're going to get another new one).

Armic, Kong Ming, and Vearst are studying tablets right now, Henri needs the most battle experience to get his HP up, Norff is our Sharpeye Guy, and Pharr is amazing and wonderful and probably the strongest character in the party right now. Nuage, as much as I love him, has some nice Panels and high HP, so he needs to adventure the least out of everyone. So he's going to hang out at the inn for a while as we go spelunking.

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Entering the mines, we find Edel. Here's here on behalf of the Monster Hunters (remember... that mess from Kurt's scenario?) who have been asked to clear out the monsters in the mine. Armic asks him where the monsters are, but instead of answering, he asks what a Chapa is doing in a place like this. Armic explains that he's looking for an important item, and Edel offers to travel with him as protection, since it's not safe here.

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If you don't remember the mines, it's the setting of the Danger in the Mines subadventure, with the work monsters called Chappi. There's a wall here that covers up a path that leads to the boss, who is the root of the problem. The only way to get through to the other side is to destroy the wall with Bomber Ore, but each one is being "protected" by the Chappi at opposite ends of the mines.

This is identical to the subadventure, except we get a few little lines from Edel at the beginning about joining, and when we reach the wall that we have to blow up.

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The Chappi in the northern part of the mine is the one that is sleeping, and you have to actually try to mine for Bomber Ore near it, but you risk waking it up. The hint in one of the diaries you find laying in the miners' quarters tells you that you need to stop mining when he starts to wake up.

Since we have unlimited turns this time, I decided to actually try doing this. I kept mining until he snorted, then quit, then started again. I did this about 20 times (it takes several seconds to go through the whole process, so 20 is a lot of times lol) but nothing ever happens. It seems that you just have to keep going until you wake him up, and then a Bomber Ore will fall down. However, I think if you do it too quickly (just wake him up as soon as you can), the Bomber Ore might fall down. So there's probably a set number of times you need to mine, and then after that, the Bomber Ore will fall down when the Chappi wakes up.

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The other Chappi is on the south side of the mine near the entrance, but we have to approach him from the lower level of the mine, as he's playing with the Bomber Ore in his feet. But I explored the entire upper area first to get in more fights, then took the shaft down to the lower area in the north, and explored the entire lower area on the way to the south end to grab the other Bomber Ore.

Since we're not using Edel, he gets to be the poor sap that is forced to open the boxes with traps on them when one is a mimic trap. We want to fight as many treasure slimes as possible, as we're still looking for good magic tablets.

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I didn't talk a lot about how much I love Vearst in the previous post where we met him. I just want to say now that Vearst is one of the cutest characters. He's afraid of everything and constantly has anxiety, so I kind of relate to him lol. Every time he falls into a trap, he thinks he's dying.

Though, if you assign him a party job like lockpicking or swimming, his quote for failure is "Please don't hit me!"

Which makes me believe that Vearst must be an abuse survivor. I think the reason he has such low Strength and Skill Making is not because he's physically weak, but because he's just that afraid of fighting. And maybe he's even afraid of having to defend himself.

It's sad when you think of it that way, but... it would explain his disposition and reactions, and it just makes me want to give him more love. Either way, I love Vearst a lot and just want to hug him and tell him everything will be okay.

I know I didn't talk much about Henri, and I love Henri, too. But he's very important in Laura's scenario, so we'll get to talk a lot about him then.

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The boss is the same one as always here. Its face kinda reminds me of Jack Frost. (the Atlus one)

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Here's an Armic deflecting sprite~

It was a really easy fight. The thing only has 4 LP, and we did 2 LP damage on the first turn. The second turn I just had Henri throw it a few times and it died.

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We find the mirror and Edel congratulates us. To the bench with you, now, Edel.

Though we did get several L4 Panels, the Panel selection was pretty lackluster. Vearst amusingly enough got a Phobia panel as the only L4 in his set. I ended up giving him Architect L3, though.

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When we exit the mines, we end up in Vaftom, which means we can visit Iskandar Plaza and go to the Festival of Regina Leone!

Our cutscene starts with Armic looking at Vaftom from afar, in the water. I guess he swam to Vaftom or something? or maybe he swam away to get a nice view on the whole island.

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Armic is just so adorable! I would love to have an Armic plushie or something. Too bad this game wasn't more popular, or such a thing may really exist! I saw an Armic phone strap once, but couldn't get it. I also didn't realize it had a little figurine of him on the end and just thought it said "Armic" on a strap lol.

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Armic's visit to the festival is kind of random. It starts with visiting Ruby, which we already saw in Ruby's scenario. Armic wanders up and stares at her, and then Ruby starts to tell him about how she's getting a great reading from him, and he just wanders off in the middle of her talking lol.

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Then he wanders over and tries to watch some of the festivities, but he's too shrot, and he can't see over all the humans standing in front of him. Next to him, a little girl is jumping up and down trying to see, too. Two cute shorties, one a rodent, and one a mage, straining to see a big production... reminds me of Final Fantasy IX :)

Judy gets a great idea, though, and summons one of her familiars, and uses it to jump over the crowd, leaving Armic behind.

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Armic continues to wander even past sundown, when the memorial fires are lit, and he watches them from the island.

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Nothing particularly special happens with the festival (as I mentioned before, this is entirely missable, but I wanted to see it.) So now it's back to shopping! We're really finishing up our list. I bought some extra Meteorite and traded for a few of the other items we needed. One of the Meteorite Daggers turned into a "Frail Dagger" made out of Glossed Silk... so it seems it is possible to create items out of materials they normally can't be made with by trading with the other Chapas. I guess I was wrong.

And yes it's actually a dagger made out of silk. I don't really get it. It has an attack power of 1. I'm curious to try equipping it to see if it looks funny or anything...

Now that I think about it, maybe they wouldn't take my Cedar because they already had Cedar finished themselves...? I didn't really pay attention to that. I bet that's how it works -- the trade will only work if they have excess of something and you give them something they still need from their list. (EDIT: Yes! This is it! I figured it out, hahaha!)

In the end, all I needed was Faerie Silver. There was some in the shop, but I couldn't afford it, so I ended up spending even more money on other things, and then ended up with this being the only thing left. I probably could have bought this if I had sold some items, and then easily could have hopped into the Abandoned Ruins under Iskandaria to farm the last bit of money I needed, because I wasn't too far off. Like less than 10,000kr, I think, which I could get from a single treasure chest.

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But with the remaining money, I bought a few bestial stones instead, since now I was way far away from being able to afford the Faerie Silver, and took an old Silver Sword I had and started forging the bestial stones into it... and after only the second one, I happened to get Faerie Silver! There's a 20% chance of crafting Faerie Silver when you add bestial stones as the secondary ingredient on top of Silver. I was pretty lucky to get it the second time. But after trying like... 20 or more times to get special Steel, I feel like I deserved it.

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And once we finish the entire list, we see another little scene with Yun.

So it looks like he's figured out where the last item is, the item for Fire. I really thought we weren't going to be able to get this one for some reason. I thought the story would take a turn after the third so we couldn't...?

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When we get there, he tells us that that Ares's Banner is at Flying Island (also known as Avalon). You know, that donut place with the three towers and the elevator cage in the middle.

That... does not sound parallel to the rest of these little adventures, which were in common places. It's at one of the Seven Wonders, and well, since I've gotten to the end of everyone else's story... I already know that Flying Island is going to be Armic's final adventure, because the other six wonders are taken by the other six protagonists.

So that means... this is the end! Though, the party is nowhere near being able to take on Chaos. Henri still has a bunch of blank spaces or L1 panels on his Growth Panel! And barely over 100 HP... and we've hardly glimmered any good weapon arts, and everyone is still studying early magic tablets.

So ... we're not going to go here right away. I guess this is the story turn I've been anticipating. If we had chosen Fire before now, we would have went somewhere else probably, and met Rebecca. But we're probably not going to meet her at Flying Island...

It's also a bit peculiar to be at the end of the game when we have not met any kind of antagonist. So far the most antagonistic character has been Spry, who just kind of insults us after trading with us. Maybe the other three Chapas will be at the end trying to fight over who will be the savior of the village, and accidentally summon Chaos or something...? But Armic is the only one who knows about the location of the special items since he's the one who gave Yun the tablet to decipher...

So why would the other Chapas even know to go there...???

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Anyway, the Chapas are still willing to trade materials even after we've completed the whole list. Since we've opened the final adventure, I don't think we actually need to keep the items on the list anymore (and the village chief won't take them), so I began equipping them to the party and turning them into useful things. If I need to later, I can just unequip them.

I made the Diamond into a Diamond Spear for Pharr. The Damascus and the Ash both went to making staves for Nuage. I just gave the Dragonscale Knife to Henri outright, since he was the one looking for it anyway, and it has an attack power of 55, which is not bad at all. I am curious what ability set it will have.

I'm going to hope that eventually a Chapa wants to trade away some Diamond or Damascus in exchange for Ash, because it'd be great to have one of those two as my staff with the Roundhouse ability, which is only available at the lightest possible weight rank, which most materials can't reach.

Anyway, an interesting thing happened after equipping the Black Staff to Nuage. At the time, it was the only thing I had equipped of the set of stuff from the list, so we had a full list except Damascus. And then Qalesin shows up and offers to trade, but afterward, he tells us a bit about Damascus! He says that he's seen it made from Mullock and Steel, but you can't just make it normally. There's some kind of trick to it.

I think I've gone over how to make it before, but I'll review: You need to combine Steel with Wood materials until you get special Steel (everything you make with special Steel will have 1 less attack power than the identical item made with normal Steel). Then you need to make reinforced Mullock, which you just make by combining two normal Mullocks. It's a 100% success rate so you don't have to worry about figuring out if it worked or not. Then use the special Steel as the base ingredient and the reinforced Mullock as the secondary, and you'll make Damascus.

I didn't realize there was actually a hint in the game about it (I learned this through GameFAQs forums lol) but that's pretty cool.

Anyway, that's where we'll stop for now. Get ready for some Subadventures Digests coming up, hahaha.