School Exams

So, last time we had a few tests of our strength with Field Day and our first akido match, but now it's time for... our school exams!

Tokimeki Memorial 3 Screenshot

We only have three weeks to prepare...

Tokimeki Memorial 3 Screenshot

We spend the first week painting to study Fine Arts, since it's looking good on the BioRhythm chart, and studying Fine Arts boosts both Academics levels a little, too. We get to level 6, and Yabe just... appears in front of us.

His name is a pun on the word "yabai," which is often said colloquially as "yabe," and when you see him you just say "Ah, Yabe." It's hard to really translate, as saying "yabai" is similar to saying something like "omg," but really what it means is very different depending on context, as it can be used to express a lot of different reactions.

But I think what they're going for here, is whenever Yabe appears, and we say "Ah, Yabe." it's supposed to also sound like we're saying "Oh, no!" or "Oh, shit!" or something, like something bad is about to happen XD

ANYWAY, overexplaining aside, he just... tells us that our pitch is good these days, giggles, and walks off? To which of course we respond "What the hell was that," our normal reaction to pretty much everything.

I don't know if it was supposed to be some kind of weird innuendo or what...

Tokimeki Memorial 3 Screenshot

And with all-important tests coming up... we work on our drawing of Makihara. Well, the BioRhythm was looking pretty crappy for Academics in the upcoming week -- we'd be right in the middle of a pinch moment for the week, so I decided I'd spend this week resting. After all, rest is important for tests, too, right? So we work on hobbies during the weekend and then sleep through the week.

Sadly we didn't get to finish our drawing of Makihara because the progress bar stopped JUST before the end. It loves to do this, really...

Despite spending the whole week sleeping, we actually got two events! Both were the 'try to wait for someone' type, and we looked for Tachibana both times, but never found her...

Tokimeki Memorial 3 Screenshot

Okay, one week left before our exams... and luckily the BioRhythm is looking good, because our Sciences are still at level ONE. I do prep study over the weekend both days to get a boost over the week, and damn, does it pay off! We get huge boosts to both Academics, and even to Fine Arts!

Tokimeki Memorial 3 Screenshot

When we get our Sciences up to 2, we get a special event. Similar to the "Can I Ask you Some Queeshon?" event we got last time, if I haven't explained it, there are many events that can only be seen through leveling up and won't happen at random like other events. Usually these are part of characters' stories and you trigger them by hitting a certain level or doing good in a certain subject. Naturally, our interest in Sciences causes Kawai to have more interest in us so...

We end up catching her recording us with a camcorder from behind some lockers. At first, we just realized there's someone peeking out from behind the lockers and taping us, but after really looking, we realize who it is. But when we try to start to talk to her, she gets a "!" over her head and it plays the Metal Gear Solid 'alert' sound thing. You know the one. Just a little higher-pitched. Then she dashes off behind the lockers and we lose sight of her.

Again, a hearty "wtf" from our protag.

Tokimeki Memorial 3 Screenshot

We actually managed to level up Sciences again in this same week! And we got a very similar scene of her recording us from behind one of the walls of the school entrance. Pretty much the exact same thing happens, just a different location.

You'll actually get these scenes even if you haven't met Kawai yet. In fact, I was worried we might miss out on them because we already knew her since she was our ~destiny girl~, as these events normally lead into meeting her.

Tokimeki Memorial 3 Screenshot

Our studies were so successful, that we actually get all criticals for the entire five days! And it looks like we were really close to leveling up something again, too. The best study week ever!!

It's now the weekend before the text, and I don't think prep study will help the test grades (actually... maybe it does and I just always assumed it wouldn't?) So we decide to get our minds off studying for the weekend after having such a great week.

Tokimeki Memorial 3 Screenshot

First, we practice some akido... falling onto our face and undoing some of the progress we made over the week on all three of our non-Athletics parameters...

Then we rest before the day of the test, so we'll have 0 Stress going into it.

Tokimeki Memorial 3 Screenshot

So, for our first exams, we have a stat spread of 3/3/6/5, which is pretty good, really, and even though I don't think progress bars count toward your test performance, we really have ALMOST a 4/4/7/5!

Once exams roll around, they become your only option for activity at school, so we have to choose them. Though even if they gave the option to skip out on the tests, I don't know why you would...?

Tokimeki Memorial 3 Screenshot

Test scores are random but heavily influenced by your parameter levels. You have a different subject area each day, and it will show you pondering the test, then you'll get a success rating like always.

Our first exam is Japanese. I'm assuming this is based on our Humanities level, which isn't too bad at almost 4.

Tokimeki Memorial 3 Screenshot

And we did great! We get a little animation of our hero dancing in his seat with lightbulbs popping out of his head. Just like other activities, your test success can be a failure, a success, or a critical success.

Tuesday is mathematics, so it's probably considered a Sciences test. Since our Sciences are the same level as our Humanities, we expect a similar result. And indeed, we get another critical score!

Wednesday is the English test. We already answered some English queeshons before, so we should be good at this, right? Yup, another critical...

Thursday is a science test, and just like on the math test, we got another critical success!

Honestly, I've never done this well at the first tests before. I've been able to work up to great test scores but usually I do pretty lousy on the first set of exams. I was really excited. But we still have one more test... will we be able to pull off another critical and have an entire set of high-scoring exams...?

Well, our Friday test is...

An art exam! Fine Arts is our highest parameter, so this should even be our best one of the week!

Tokimeki Memorial 3 Screenshot

So we managed to get great scores on all the exams! This went way better than I expected. Seeing that whole row of double circles was really exciting!

Tokimeki Memorial 3 Screenshot

As a reward to ourselves for an awesome testing week, we finish up our drawing of Makihara. Finishing a project like this will actually add your completed piece to your inventory. So now we have a drawing of Makihara.

Tokimeki Memorial 3 Screenshot

Having the drawing also opens up slots 1, 4, 5, and 6 to decorate in our room, since we now have something we can put there. We hang up our drawing over the window. Very cute :)

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On Sunday, we practice akido again and get another critical success. We're very successful recently...

Looking at the calendar, we see another 'test' icon on Monday, which to show that the results of the exams will be posted on that day. And later in the week, we also have the swimming competition.

But I'm more concerned about the test scores...

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Heading to school on Monday, all the exam scores are posted publicly so everyone can shame the kids who perform worse than them and envy the kids who perform better, which I'm sure is great for everyone's motivation and morale.

We placed 10th in the entire school! I'd say that's pretty good. Also, of all the people we actually know, we're the highest ranked!

Shiratori was the next below us at rank 43. A pretty big spread between us, honestly. And yeah, I feel smug and happy out-testing that twerp.

Kawai was the next highest with rank 85. While you'd expect her to be the brainiac at the top of the list, she really only excels in math and science. Her Japanese and English scores are pretty mediocre, and her art test was a complete failure.

Makihara was rank 121, so Kawai was the last to get in the top 100 out of all our friends. She got pretty average scores all around, with a total of 311 points.

Tachibana got surprisingly low scores, at 167th place. Her Japanese score was great, but everything else was pretty bad, especially the math and science scores.

Yabe was the lowest at rank 209 (ouch). His scores were all-around bad, of course, with Japanese even being only 29, which made his score appear in red -- a sign that you completely failed. His best test was science with only a 56.

I won't review everyone's scores every exam, just probably note anyone new we've met or any weird scores.

Tokimeki Memorial 3 Screenshot

As the week continues, we work on Fine Arts some more, hoping to push our parameters into levels up. And we even end up getting two levels up at the same time! No, you don't get two events, sadly. I was actually hoping for an event you trigger through Fine Arts leveling, but it seems we were given a Humanities event...

But that's okay, because it's hilarious.

Tokimeki Memorial 3 Screenshot

Kansai Green appears again, covers her mouth, and mumbles "The fastener is undone!" while trying not to look at us.

Tokimeki Memorial 3 Screenshot

We're given three options: to say "Wait til the light turns green." In English, to ask her what she said, or to respond, "M-My fly is unzipped?!"

Being a native of English helps here, because they tried to throw that English answer at you expecting you to pick it if you didn't know what any of this said lol. Because you would probably assume that the answer to an English question would be in English as well, and that the other two are joke answers.

Though I didn't understand what the heck "The fastener is undone!" was supposed to mean when she first said it anyway...

Tokimeki Memorial 3 Screenshot

We check our pants' zipper and she laughs at us, apologizing for her prank, and admiring us for even being able to understand colloquial English like that.

We... really didn't understand it, it was more just a result of deduction in our options but... we'll take it.

The protag lets out a very desperate, "Seriously WTF?!?!?" after she leaves.

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After that, the swimming day rolls around.

Tokimeki Memorial 3 Screenshot

And we have to look at this X_X Also why are his arms so long?? Like his wrists are like...significantly below his pelvis? Do all the characters have strangely long arms and I just didn't notice? (yeah, they do LOL, except Yabe?)

Anyway, he greets us but then notices that "another girl has been captivated by his perfect body" and comments that his beauty is a sin. To which we just reply with silence.

Because uh. What the hell kind of perfect body is that he's just a tube with long arms???????????

Tokimeki Memorial 3 Screenshot

Anyway, unlike the Field Day, we don't have any choices or minigames here. We just... are told how we did in the competition. We got first in our race, and our class got first place of all the classes, too!

Tokimeki Memorial 3 Screenshot

Makihara appears and thanks us for our hard work, helping the class to get first.

Tokimeki Memorial 3 Screenshot

And with the end of the swimming competition, we begin Summer Vacation! There's new music for it, too :) So that's where we'll get to start next time. We got two great victories in today! I'm honestly surprised I'm doing so well at everything. Other than the Field Day, I feel like I'm succeeding in just about anything the game throws at me...