Is She Really a Witch?!
Heartbreak in Termina


Continuing our circumferential walk around Termina Donut, we come back around to the south side where there are some birds pecking at... something. This was here before but I didn't look at it yet, heading to South Gate first.

Investigating the birds, we fight them off, and there seems to be a person on the ground that they were attacking.


The girl who was being attacked seems very relieved and thankful that we fought the birds off. She doesn't know what would have happened if we hadn't come right away. Even though we kinda like... hiked across the entire region and foiled some kind of dark lord summoning and stuff first but... I'll take it.

She says she'd like to reward us, and asks if we could stop by her place if we're not in a hurry. Leo says it was no big deal and she doesn't have to trouble herself. The girl seems a bit disappointed, and apologizes for asking us to do something like that.

But if for some reason we would happen to like to stop by for a visit, her house is southwest of here, and it's the only building around, so there's no way we can mistake it.

After she leaves to go home, Liz starts to scold Leo for sticking his nose up at a pretty girl like that, trying to act cool and being a snob. Leo doesn't really seem to get what she's talking about though.


Someone seems to have started fishing a bit to the north, so we decide to stop by and say hi (and probably ask about Ai Hanumu) to this new stranger.

But instead of asking him anything, he seems to immediately give us a warning upon seeing us. Noticing we're travelers, he warns us never to go into the forest southwest of here -- there's a witch who lives there and tricks travelers into coming to her so she can kill them. If we value our life, we'll stay away.

So of course, the very next thing we do is rush to the southwest to visit the girl who clearly could be the witch he's talking about.


Liz is amazed that the house is so large. She comes from a pretty wealthy family, but even her place isn't this huge. She asks the girl if she lives here alone, and she says she does. It gets very lonely out here, so she's very happy to have company.

She offers us some tea and we end up chatting with her until dusk. Leo notices how long we've stayed and says we should get going, but she tells us we can't. She explains that there's a witch who lives in these woods and comes out at night. She tricks travelers into coming to her so she can kill them.

She points out the nearby cemetery and says that it houses all of the witch's victims. If we try to go out at night, we might end up in that cemetery, too.

Leo believes her since we've already heard this story, but then she giggles and says she's just kidding around. That's just her family cemetery. But the forest is still quite dangerous at night, so it would be best if we stayed. Liz says it's probably a good idea to take her advice and spend the night. Her house is big enough anyway.

The girl seems delighted that we chose to stay, and says she has a lot of things she wants to ask about our adventures. She really does seem eager to have company.


During the night, we're shown the world map again, and the Raven Manor (the house where the girl lives) turns into some kind of ruins, and a bunch of dogs appear outside. But only for a second -- I didn't even get a chance to cap it.

Then we cut to Leo, who happens to wake up during this moment. He doesn't even remember falling asleep. He looks around for Liz, and wonders if she already headed to her room. Then he realizes he's not where he was before.

He could have sworn he dozed off while visiting that girl, but... now he's in some kind of weird place.

But everything turns back to normal, and he realizes he's still in the manor. He figures he must have just been half dreaming and heads to bed.

The next morning, everything seems fine. Liz notices that Leo seems to be a bit out of it, and asks if his bed was uncomfortable or something.

Our friend says she's already missing us, to the point of wishing she could travel with us. She asks if we would come back and visit again some time. Leo says we can, and the girl says it's a promise. And we're able to head out on our way.

Well, something weird happened, but the girl didn't trick us into our own death or anything. There wasn't even too much hint she tried. So maybe she's not the witch after all.

We stop by the cemetery and Leo just comments that there are a lot of gravestones. We talk to fishing guy again and he seems to be mad at us for going out to the manor in the woods. He tells us we have to stay far away from the woods, because of the witch. He says the cemetery near the manor is where the witch's victims lie, and warns us very sternly not to go back there.

So of course we run straight back there and see what happens. (I did go again after visiting the cemetary, but the girl just asked us to come again soon). This time it seems talking to fishing guy was enough to trigger this event to move forward, and we're able to visit our friend another time.

She seems very happy that we came back, and said she figured we probably wouldn't show up again. We've probably heard the rumors about the witch that she joked about last time. It seems people spread these rumors like truth, and it makes people afraid to come out here, so she never gets any visitors and is always lonely.

She asks if she looks like a witch, and Leo says he doesn't know. Liz is always telling him that people aren't what they appear to be on the outside. The girl comments that Liz and Leo seem like good friends. Since we came all the way out here, and last time she did nothing but ask about us, she says we can ask her anything we'd like this time.


She tells us in this forest there are these three urns that appeared long ago. One of them somehow vanished one day, but the other two are still there. Holy crap, is this related to the urn we buried in Gladion?! So far, these little substories seem to be pretty "contained" to each region, but this is pretty cool if it's related!

Anyway, she says that these urns are Urns of Happiness, and that they contain some kind of strange power inside. But if somehow you were able to release the power, really good things would happen.

Leo asks what she means by "good things" -- like finding riches or something? But she says she doesn't know, because no one has ever been able to break them open before. But she knows the way to break them! Near Termina Sea, there's a place called Liuhang Hole. If we can get some ore from that pit, all we need to do is put it inside an urn. Then it will burst apart and release the energy!

Leo says that sounds pretty simple, so it's a bit weird that no one has done it before. Even the girl could do it herself. She says that the pit is infested with monsters so it's hard to get the ore. It's impossible for someone like her. It's easier said than done, but she thinks people like us could probably do it.

We head out into the woods and we find the urns just lying around casually. Liz starts to get worried, saying these things look awfully familiar. If we mess with them, she's sure something bad will happen, like monsters coming out or something...

Leo says it's a risk, but maybe if we break the urn maybe it will teach us about Ai Hanumu (omfg).


We head up near Liuhuang, which is just north of the fisherman guy. So we may as well talk to him again.

Of course, he's even more upset with us. He says he knows just what happened -- we hung out with the witch again and she told us about the urns in the forest. Well they're not Urns of Happiness. He can tell by the look on Leo's face that he got it right.

He says that everyone in Termina knows how to break the urns open. But they don't do it because those urns are a curse upon the witch to prevent her from leaving the forest. If we break them, she'll be able to escape. She tricks stupid travelers into breaking them and then kills them.

He warns us sternly again not to go back there and not to break the urns.


So of course the first thing we do is run to Liuhuang Hole and grab some ores. The monsters there were really easy to fight. It definitely does seem like something most people could do.

We go to one of the urns and drop in the ore we found, and indeed it bursts open. But nothing really seemed to happen, and Leo wonders if maybe Liz was really right about these things.


Some dogs appear outside the manor, though. We head over there and fight them off.

They're not very hard to fight, and we get a Shiny Amulet for defeating them.


After breaking the other urn... the manor turns into a decrepit ruins, and more dogs appear.

... Maybe Fish Guy was right after all. While I didn't believe the "Urn of Happiness" part, I honestly did think that the girl in the manor was going to turn out to be a good guy. Maybe I'm just a bit too trusting.


We arrive and our "friend" is standing among the ruins. She tells us she is indeed a witch -- that was no lie. But she really did think those were Urns of Happiness, and didn't know any of this would happen. She wasn't trying to trick us. She truly didn't know!

We're given the option to tell her we believe her, or pretty much tell her to shut the hell up.

I... really liked her and felt sorry for her and even though it's pretty obvious she was indeed tricking us, I just... couldn't yell at her. If somehow she really wasn't an evil witch after all of this, I wanted her to be happy that Leo believed in her to the end...

And so I chose to tell her I believe her.

She laughs and repeats it back to us. "I believe you." Wow, how stupid can we be? Well, she has to thank us somehow -- thank us for breaking the curse that binds her to the forest. She decides for our reward, she'll kill us.

I know that... I had pretty much seen this coming by this point... but I still was... kind of freaking out and heartbroken at this point. Like I really, really wanted her to turn out to be a good person that Fish Guy had cursed or something. Maybe he made it so she couldn't directly tell anyone about the curse? I don't know.

But I felt betrayed, and really sad. I was like... unreasonably moved by this part lol.

"Goodbye, Leonard."


And so we have to fight our friend...

She comes along with some undead minions, and is actually pretty powerful.


Near the end of the fight, Liz miraculously glimmered Arrow Rain, which I think I described before when Gerome glimmered it, but it's a much more powerful version of Random Arrow.

Liz also got a new Role called Backup that increases the physical attack attributes of all of her allies, and makes "Max BP Down." I don't really know what this means, and I used the role and didn't see any kind of change in BP...? (Spoiler: There was a change, I just didn't notice...)

But yeah, the witch is gone now...

Seriously I was very upset by this, hahaha.

We go back and talk to Fish Guy to see if he's going to scold us. But he thanks us for defeating the witch.

The witch was his sister. She got lost in the cave near the manor, and a whole month later she was found. I don't really understand what he says next because it's super vague but it sounds like there were some kind of 'cave people' who lived in the cave or something, and around the time she came back was when she started "pretending" she was a witch. And since then the brother has done nothing but keep an eye on her, warning travelers not to go near.

He thanks us again for putting his sister to rest, and we're able to move on...