The Beginning

And the time is finally here! The SaGa game that I've hardly touched, and we're going to go for a full blind play, yayy~

I don't have much to say to start this one off that I haven't already said in the masterpost for this diary. If you're bored between entries, maybe try reading the SaGa SCARLET GRACE Play Diary, which currently includes my entire blind playthrough of Leonard's scenario and my first impressions and tons of mustache fanservice. Or try the UNLIMITED:Saga Play Diary since no one seems to want to play through that game themselves except me, heh. I've done six of the seven scenarios so far so there's a lot to look at~~

OK, shameless self-promotion aside, let's just jump right into the game. Or at least, we will when it is actually released in two days. Well, I will. You'll have to wait for me to actually write an entry about it. But who is even reading this this early...??