The Mystery of Dr. Wily

ROCKMAN2 Screenshot: Year 200X

It is the year 200X.

ROCKMAN2 Screenshot: Scrolling up the building

Dr Right's Super Fighting Robot, ROCKMAN, thwarted the nefarious plot for world domination by Dr Wily.

ROCKMAN2 Screenshot: Helmetless Rock

But Wily managed to escape, and now he has built eight fighting robots of his own...

ROCKMAN2 Screenshot: ROCKMAN2 title screen!

Welcome to the play diary for ROCKMAN2! Again, this is going to be another diary of my attempts at a no-damage run, stage-by-stage. When we start this game, we get a proper introductory cutscene this time. Awesomely enough, the intro music for this game was the ending music for the previous game, and it has a really cool effect with the music leading from the peaceful and increasingly-exciting tune while we see the screen scroll up the side of a building, ending with transitioning into the epic and adventurous title music when the game's title appears...

Unlike the previous game where we were rescuing Rock's brothers who had been reprogrammed to fight, this time we're going to be facing off against an army of eight advanced robots that Dr Wily has built solely for the sake of destruction, meaning they're going to be even deadlier (in theory)! And since Wily has had time to study Right's designs while messing with the previous six bots, he's learned a lot about how to build these things, too.

ROCKMAN2 is probably the most recognizable and most popular entry in the entire classic series, both in Japan and abroad. While the first game was a small commercial success, the second game was a huge seller, and was the introduction for most fans into the series. I don't know exactly why, but if you know someone who only had one Mega Man game growing up, chances are, the game they owned was Mega Man 2. For a long time, it was the only game I owned myself, and so it's a very dear game to my heart. While it's probably one of the clunkiest games in the series with some really terrible design flaws, you'll generally find that it's a lot of fans' favorites. It's not my favorite, but I still enjoy it quite a bit, even moreso than some of the more polished games in the series. It's definitely a nostalgia-goggles thing, though that puts it at the top. But even with its flaws, it's still a really great game, and much more solid than most NES games.

Pressing the Start button, Rock's helmet appears and he teleports away, prepared to fight again...