Ventus's Scenario


Hey everyone! It's time for my final playthrough (well, for these diaries at least) of UNLIMITED:Saga! As you may know, I've been really contemplative on how I should do this final run lol. I was thinking of trying out a much more difficult version of the challenge run I did in Ruby's scenario -- which was almost what I ended up doing. But in the end, I decided rather that I'm going to use the run to squeeze out every last bit of content I can from the game. A big part of this decision was because I started working on my fan shrine to the game, and I need to see a bunch of stuff in-game anyway. But it also seemed like a great opportunity for the diaries, because the whole point is to show the game, and there's a lot of stuff we haven't even seen yet. Well, kinda. I mean, like, really specific stuff. We haven't encountered most of the Rank 10 monsters (or ... even any of them?) yet, and seen very little of blender magic. There's a ton of wepon arts and stuff we just haven't bothered with... stuff like that.

So this final run will be a big showcase of the game's systems and features while we get to follow Ventus's story as he attempts to avenge his brother.

Which is, like, a WAY better story than I remembered, so that's going to be a lot of fun, too~