Travels with Iskandar 4

[Quick note: When I originally wrote these on LiVEJOURNAL, I had spoilers marked. Shortly after, I realized that there's no real point in marking spoilers in something like this, so I'm going to be taking the warnings out. If you're avoiding spoilers, read on at your own risk!]

UNLIMITED:Saga screencap

So, before we get to the next travels, I wanted to just point out that if you want to find out a bit more about Escata you can play these subadventures where you lurk around the castle and stuff and can find little hints about it. And if you wanna find out a LOT about Escata, you can play Laura's scenario XD

Actually I'm kind of glad I'm doing these recaps here, because it helps me remember the story better because I have to stop and think about it and talk about it XD Since I'm starting from fresh save data, maybe I'll end up playing all seven eventually and see Laura's scenario yet again XD Because I'm already forgetting some details thinking about it now XDD

UNLIMITED:Saga screencap

Anyway, in the middle of this adventure, we got a little scene between Ruby and Sapphire!

So, Ruby started questioning Sapphire, wanting to know what she saw in her vision that day, and why they are going on this journey. Sapphire told her that Iskandar had asked about conquering the Seven Wonders, and in her vision, she saw the death of many people... one of which may have been herself. Ruby noted that if you see your own future, you become unable to read the future anymore, which must have been what happened. Sapphire said that she wanted to get her own fortune told, and Iskandar knew of the perfect person nestled away up north, so they were traveling to visit her.

Ruby thought it was weird that the knights would want to know about 'adventurer stuff' like conquering the Seven Wonders.

UNLIMITED:Saga screencap

Sapphire also mentioned that Ruby was even more powerful than herself, but her curiosity and personality got in the way of her being able to access her power because it's too distracting, similar to how seeing her own future created a distracting fear that was blocking her own power. Ruby was just kinda like "lol wat" and the journey continued on.

If you're wondering why there's just text all over the screen, it's because the thing at the bottom is voiced internal monologue of Ruby. I have the subtitles turned on so it comes up on the screen like that. It looks really messy though XD

UNLIMITED:Saga screencap

Sapphire learned Shock :D And you can tell we're getting further north because of the snow.

UNLIMITED:Saga screencap

I know we're near Nivacolina because of this place XD I think the painting of this space is supposed to be like a thick blizzard or something lol.

UNLIMITED:Saga screencap

Do you see that tiny little enemy ??? That thing has 3LP. THREE!! It took forever to take it down T_T

UNLIMITED:Saga screencap

BTW a thing that can happen after battle is monsters dropping treasure chests, which is very nice! These also never seem to have explosion or mimic traps?? Anyway, we just... are at this more like canyon-like place now so I guess we just passed Nivacolina but like it should still be cold??? I'm confused X_X

UNLIMITED:Saga screencap

There's only two more arts on Sapphire's tablet. Detect Gold is not really worth it to me so I might forego it for now since I have to buy these magic items to keep using magic...

Metal Veil is nice because it powers up your metal magic.

Anyway, that's about all that happened on this adventure.

UNLIMITED:Saga screencap

Ruby got Monger L3, which means she gets a 20% discount in total now (with Fashion still XD)

UNLIMITED:Saga screencap Sapphire got Dagger Arts L3... nice, but I would rather have Bow Arts since I have no bow panel at all but I have Dagger L2 already... UNLIMITED:Saga screencap

Anyway, here's an example of how panel placement affects stats. You can see by placing it in the bottom left corner, it affects Magic, Earth, and Metal. That's because that spot is next to those icons. This is why it's not confusing that everyone's elementals are in different places, because this is the only time you have to care about that, and you can see them right there. When you're planning on how to build them you would also be looking at this page (or rather, the one that shows Making instead of current level but still). You never need to be able to recall the placement when you're not looking at it.

UNLIMITED:Saga screencap

Compare to if you placed it on the far right, it affects the four stats whose icons are close to that. That's pretty much how it works. It doesn't always raise the stats; what it does is basically recalculate them based on the panel's modifiers and the Makings of the character. So you can end up lowering your stats, for example, if instead of dagger L3, I was putting some like... familiar L2 on top of the Dagger L2 in the bottom left... the familiar would not have as high of a boost to physical attributes as the dagger, so Magic would go down (yes, Magic is a physical attribute lol). But familiar is pretty good with elements so the two elemental levels would probably go up.

Dagger is actually not terrible with elements... I actually wish I would have put the Dagger L3 on the far right ... but instead I was thinking "Oh, I should replace the Dagger L2..." and that I would want to eventually put Fortunetelling on the right (so I'd have to get rid of it in the middle first so it could appear as an available panel... or I might run into Fortunetelling L3 or something, but you can't get an identical panel to one you already have). This is because fortunetelling will boost Fire a lot... But it won't boost Skill much, so it might be better to put Dagger on the right and get a fairly decent boost to Skill and an ok enough boost to Fire, while keeping Fortuneteller in the middle which will just generally give a little boost to all elements. I can find something else to put in the bottom left to boost Magic...

But now Sapphire is continuing with a seven in Skill which is pretty terrible.

UNLIMITED:Saga screencap

Hiro got Seal Weapon! It would make swords not work for him in battle. Even if you equip it, all its abilities will be grey as if you equipped it to your head or foot or whatever, and you wouldn't be able to use any. Since I have Hiro using swords and not much else for now, that sounds very bad hahaha. Seal Weapon seems to have similar stat growth to Sword, but it boosts elements a little better. Sword has pretty good stat boost in general, so that's pretty good, but if you're going to be using sword, you're better off with the Sword panel... but if you're using another weapon, you won't need Sword panel, so Seal Weapon would be better. So for example, it would be better to put Seal Weapon in Sapphire's bottom left spot to boost magic rather than something like Sword, as long as it was a weapon she wasn't going to use. Seal Weapon (Axe) would be perfect XD

Oh and my market rank went up again :D

UNLIMITED:Saga screencap

Anyway, we ended up... in Iskandaria??????????????????????????????? This is like way out east on the north end of the desert............... why?????? This is so out of the way! This is further south than Wanda and Escata...?!?!

You don't actually choose where to go on the roads (if you step on the space that would normally take you in another direction, it just functions as a dead end, so you can ONLY go to your intended destination) so that means that the purpose of the last Travels adventure was to come here???

Maybe there's not a direct road between where we were and the northern places but... I know there is because in Laura's scenario you go directly from Nivacolina (small town in the north) to Wanda LOL

Anyway, it's called Iskandaria and is named for the legendary hero Iskandar. This is actually in the instruction manual, there's the 'legend of Iskandar' in there. I need to re-read that. Basically a legendary hero saved everyone or something and built this town idk. I don't know what is the relation to our Iskandar. That Iskandar looks different, though.

UNLIMITED:Saga screencap

Anyway, speaking of putting weapons on your head, all my characters literally look like this. Four of their equipment slots are being misused XDDD They are very fragile from not wearing much armor, but I really need to be releasing abilities from weapons since my weapons are going to break...

Plus I don't have that great of equips for them anyway XD I did buy a Rock Armor (quartz!) during the last shopping trip, though~ And actually got a few nicer weapons. So I might just release the abilities on those and use the other as rando fodder (as in, selling or trading) and not worry so much about releasing.

That's all my adventuring for tonight. Not too much happened XD