Seven Wonders #5
Deities' Table

Time for the worst Wonder in the game :)

UNLIMITED:Saga screencap

Yay, Deities' Table! What the hell even is this thing?! It's like... a giant triangle multi-layered mirror that is held up by some weird tree. Why? Who knows!

UNLIMITED:Saga screencap

You actually start out at the base of the tree, and there's this tiny map that's only like three or four spaces long. There are no monsters or treasures or anything in this area. Though, you can notice that you need Architect to search here.

As you approach the tree (I guess?) you can see the "table" is "reflecting" onto the floor. Step on the reflection, and you'll realize (??) it's a "warp zone."

UNLIMITED:Saga screencap

Then you're taken to the Mirror of Sins. There's also Mirror of Dreams... and a third one that I already forgot what it is called.

The map looks like cracked glass, and you essentially hop around between the fragments. However, you can't always go to the fragment next to the one you're on. There's no way to really understand the actual path by looking at the map, so you just have to hop around and try to cover all the segments, and hope the way you're going will lead to the ones you want to jump on. It's not random or anything; there's a set path. It's just that you can't understand it by looking at it.

UNLIMITED:Saga screencap

Everything in the map just looks like these mirror shard things. So all your targets will be "Something is reflecting." Even the floor/room. Also, all skills that can be applied to any type of target that exists in the game will be available. So like, even if it's a monster, skills like Fortuneteller and Road Guide will be available. So you can try to defuse the floor, unlock a monster, and negotiate with a treasure chest...

Though actually attempting something that doesn't work (like using Defuse on a monster, for example) will just result in a buzzer sound. It's the same as if the option was greyed out -- just it's white now. I guess the main reason it's like this is because if only the available options were white, it would be obvious what everything is.

But... it's still pretty much obvious what everything is, because other than having their appearance changed to a mirror shard and having their name and level replaced with "Something is reflecting.", everything in the game still behaves as normal. There is one difference, and that's that when you step onto a space, you won't get the "look around" thing that shows you the things in plain sight on the space, which means if there's a monster there, it won't come up and say "Something is reflecting." (like how it would normally show you the monster and say "Vegeplasts." or something.) Treasures still get announced by characters, since the behavior of passing an observation check or using Architect still exists.


  • If the treasure announcement happens, it's a treasure.
  • If the space was yellow/red before you stepped on it, it's a monster.
  • If the space was blue before you stepped on it, it's most likely a trap.

There is a possibility that a space was blue, but then a monster walked onto it on the same turn you did. But assuming it's a trap is safe -- just try to defuse it. If it's a trap, you'll attempt the defuse reel. If it's a monster, you'll just get the buzzer sound and it doesn't use a turn or anything, and now you know it's a monster.

The only time it really gets "interesting" is if there's multiple things on a space, and one of them includes a treasure. If it's just monsters and traps, you can just try to defuse everything to deduce what is a trap and what is a monster. If there's a treasure, though, and one of the other things on the space is a monster, interacting with the treasure will cause the monsters to aggress as always.

But the entire time I was on the adventure, not once was there more than one thing on a space at a time, so it didn't matter. Though in other playthroughs I've had many things on a space at a time.

UNLIMITED:Saga screencap

This is the entire adventure. There are three maps, all pretty much like this but different layouts. At the opposite end of each is a warp to the next. Get to the final area and there's a boss. That's it.

BTW, everything you can interact with on a map has a level, and it is always displayed in the description of the target (except for the "Something is reflecting." thing which is unique to this adventure), so you'll get stuff like a Level 1 "Part of the table is reflected in the floor" lol.

UNLIMITED:Saga screencap

There's one other gimmick here. As if exploring a convoluted map of nothing but "Something is reflecting." over and over wasn't fun enough, now we have the SHARDS.

Every so many turns (maybe 10-15?), these broken mirror shards will fly at you. This brings up a reel. Hit green and the shards will disappear. And it's a very easy reel with tons of green everywhere. But hit either of the fail nodes on the reel...

UNLIMITED:Saga screencap

And this little guy pops out. Happy birthday! It's just a Doubleheader, right? Super easy tiny bird enemy. Fought them a million times since the beginning of the game.


It is your best friend Bird of Heaven !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! For some reason this thing has obnoxiously high life protection, so dealing LP damage to it is really tough. It also gets tons of actions per turn and can inflict LP damage pretty easily (though it's usually just 1 at a time) as well as blind your characters, making it even harder to deal the 2 LP damage you need to finish this fight.

But, I mean, it's only one little thing, so you can struggle through that.

But then next time the "shards" come flying out at you, there will be more. And the reel is now a little harder. Hit fail again, and you're fighting two Birds of Heaven. And then the next time the shards appear, there's even more... fail again and there's four. Eventually you have to fight like 6-8 of these things and the reel to avoid them by that point is hard to pass so if you got that far, you're going to end up fighting these things. And holy crap is fighting a whole hoard of them ever a pain.

One of them is hard enough to damage, so you'll have to combo your strongest moves together and HOPE to pull of 1LP damage. But with like 7 of them on the field, they're going to get like 20395820958 actions per turn and interrupt a lot of your combos, even if you're trying to manipulate the turn order. Even Grace doing three Ice Needles combo'd together ended up only dealing 1LP damage to two of them, and the rest got away without a scratch. I mean, I guess they lost like 1500HP or whatever, but... it didn't seem to make them any easier to damage...

So yeah. This is a super tedious and annoying adventure. Honestly, I appreciate the design of it. It was pretty fun the first time I did it, because the looming threat of Bird of Heaven and the concept of not being able to tell what the targets/things on the space are had a lot of novelty fun to it. But I've played this so much now that I don't even care and I don't want to deal with it. But I mean other adventure gimmicks didn't lose their charm, so I don't know why I hate Deities' Table so much. Maybe other people like it. I mean, the concept is pretty cool, in theory at least.

UNLIMITED:Saga screencap

Also, when you dodge the shards (this may happen when you defeat the Birds of Heaven, too), this message appears, which I think is funny.

UNLIMITED:Saga screencap

Even Tetra Force shows up as a shard thing lol.

UNLIMITED:Saga screencap

Tetra Force means developing panels! (And I got a market rank up, which I hadn't gotten one in a while despite buying expensive stuff)

A treasure slime dropped another L4 magic tablet. I couldn't believe it! It raises your elemental levels a bit less than Fortuneteller, but having two L4 magic tablets next to each other in a joint combo gives you +5 to all elemental levels! This makes up for the difference in the normal boost (which is why Fire level stays the same between when replacing Fortuneteller with the tablet here), but you're getting +5 to all your other elemental levels...

And don't worry about the loss of Fortuneteller L4, because Ruby got that panel herself this time. Also, Ruby's Fire level is over 50!! Now she's the Fortuneteller and her elemental level is high... is she really surpassing her sister as we continue through the story? XD

Sapphire has a LOT of studying to do... honestly I don't know if she'll even get through all this by the end of the game... she only has the two "useless" arts on her first tablet left (Seal of the Abyss and Recycle). So IDK if I want to finish those to get the little stat boost for having a completed tablet, or move on to the other. It's the Silent Sorceress Siren thing or whatever, so it doesn't have all that useful of arts for me... Mind Lock is cool, though. Not as cool as Aegis Shield, though, which Anzan has.

UNLIMITED:Saga screencap

Speaking of completed tablets and Anzan, here's what it looks like when you master a tablet. It gets a cute little star :) Though I killed it because that tablet is what got replaced with the Shield L3 panel XD

Still no Bow and Spear for Roy and Iskandar... I was able to boost Grace's Water level up by like 1 or 2, I think. I got a L3 shield panel for Anzan, which I put in his center. I think those were the only noteworthy things, and that's not really that interesting...

UNLIMITED:Saga screencap

After that, I went on to the boss. I forgot to even screencap it because it's not even interesting. It's just a regular birds enemy. Specifically, the giant phoenix-like one. But I defeated it in two turns. It's actually a unique enemy with the same sprite, but... you could hardly tell the difference.

The Platinum Bow unleashed its final ability. Multi Shots :) I'd rather have that over Sniper Shot. Sadly it doesn't have both, though. It has Stunner and Random Arrowshot.

But that's most likely going to be Roy's 'final' weapon that I'll take to the final boss. Iskandar has a Corundum Spear. I have a couple nice swords for Hiro, but I could find something better eventually, hopefully. Ruby has a good staff. Anzan has a Silver Circos now, which is one of the best shields you'll likely find in the stores. Grace will get a gun from Mythe soon. And then Sapphire doesn't use any weapons at all; she's all magic-based.

UNLIMITED:Saga screencap

And yeah. That's it for this adventure. There were more panels for the panel development after this but they were not even worth mentioning. Since all I really did was walk two spaces from the Tetra Force to step on the final warp, then fight the boss in two turns... the panels were just super random junk panels. A lot of stuff like Maharaja or whatever.

UNLIMITED:Saga screencap UNLIMITED:Saga screencap

This was all that happened at the end. Ruby ran off with the Tetra Force, and Jeanne got there a bit too late. "Curses!"

Next is Undercity Pharos, the last of the six Wonders that we're collecting Tetra Forces from so we can get to Hanging Gardens, which is the final adventure for Ruby. So there only two story adventures left. I'm going to go to Undercity Pharos, and then after that, I'll have no choice but to use subadventures to try to get my party to where I'd like them to be before the final boss. I actually think everyone is pretty good at this point... a bit underlevled, but manageable. I think if I can get the L4 weapon skill panels for Iskandar and Roy that I want and glimmer Bopeep and/or Doppelgangers for Hiro, DHS (and Poker's Wild if I'm lucky) for Iskandar, and 1000 Needles for Roy, I'll be confident taking my party to the final boss. What I have now is good enough for everything I'll face in the game, but I need those big-damage physical moves to guarantee consistent LP damage against the final boss.

Sapphire needs to master her tablets, I guess, and get Defuse L4 panel. She's just naturally powerful, so I'm good with her even as she is, but her panels are kind of a mess. I originally was going to build her as an LP-damager but then she got all these good magics and so now her build doesn't exactly suit her role, but it's not bad by any means.

The only thing I'd really like to get for Anzan is a tablet with Weapon Blessing. I'd also like a L4 or L5 shield panel. Not gonna hold my breath for either of those.

Ruby is already near-perfect. If I can get higher levels for her familiars, she'll be even stronger. She doesn't have access to all the powerful magic arts as Sapphire, but her raw magical strength has far surpassed Sapphire, so even the basic arts are pretty strong. And since she primarily uses familiars, I don't have to ever worry about her weapon durability. She also has glimmered all the useful staff arts, so she has a lot of debuffs at her disposal, too. And with her L5 staff panel, she can parry a LOT of incoming attacks. She's a bit of a late-bloomer, but she's become a really nice asset to the party. Of course, I can't rely on her too much, since I have to be way more careful about her LP. But this is my first time building a mage based around familiars, and I REALLY like it. I'll probably build characters like this a lot from now on. And I definitely think I'll build Judy this way the next time I play her story, since she has unique familiars that only she can get.

Grace is the most solid build of the team. She can heal and damage both beautifully, and her panels are all pretty good at this point. She's decked out in the perfect equipment for her, too. She's built in a way I would consider final boss material. There's not much I can do to really improve on her at this point, other than hand her a gun when I get it on the next adventure.

But since she's pretty much perfect, that means she's probably going to be the one sitting on the bench when I go to Undercity Pharos, since you have to leave room in the party for Mythe to join. Sapphire and Anzan have tablets to study, and Hiro, Roy, and Iskandar are still very much works in progress. And Ruby is forced to stay in the party, of course.