Subadventures Digest #1

So, I'm just gonna kinda quickly go over all the subadventuring I did before moving on to Deities' Table. I don't think I'm going to bother going through all the subadventures in the game. I'm probably not even going to go through that many subadventures right this moment.

The main reason I want to do subadventures now, though, are as follows:

  • Ruby, Anzan, and Sapphire have a lot of tablet studying to do.
  • Fighting monsters along the way gives me opportunity to release abilities on some of the stronger items I've found.
  • Treasures have money, and chances of mimic traps (chances at more magic tablets)
  • Increasing monster rank means stronger monsters at the Wonders. An additional factor toward getting better panels in those last couple of quests.
  • Shops get new inventories after every adventure so I can try to find better weapons and increase market rank.

Danger in the Mines

I really like this subadventure because it's really memorable. Basically there are some work monsters that help with mining, but they've started going berserk, and you've been tasked with figuring out why.

UNLIMITED:Saga screencap

We started fighting some higher rank enemies here :)

UNLIMITED:Saga screencap

Finally, we got a staff with Earth Dragon ability line! The techniques in this line not only hit all enemies, but have a chance to stun them, too!

At the end of the adventure, Hiro got an Artiste panel (the thing that increases shops' inventories) and Grace got a gun panel. Since I'll be getting two guns with Mythe, maybe I'll try letting her shoot stuff now and then.

UNLIMITED:Saga screencap

And upon returning to town, I found a Silver Mail in Chapa. This means I had to trade for it, which was kinda annoying, but I was running out of inventory space, so I traded a bunch of junk swords and stuff that were not bad but had no abilities unleashed yet, so I probably would never end up using them.

I'm mostly using familiars to cast magic for the random enemies, which is kind of circumventing the 'challenge' of this challenge run, since it means less worrying about weapon EN. But I still have to think about it, as not really using weapons means you're not glimmering any arts, nor are you likely to get good weapon panels. Weapons are pretty vital for fighting bosses and stuff, so ignoring them during the regular fights is just making it even harder to get what I need for when I fight bosses.

Night Desert

There's some kind of shadow lurking in the desert at night. It attacked a merchant, and though he was able to get away safely, his goods are scattered all over the desert, and he needs someone to go pick them up.

There's a midboss in this adventure that appears repeatedly. You have five feathers that can drive it away (and can get more during the adventure). It's possible to recover all the goods and clear the adventure without ever having to fight the boss. But instead, I fought it over and over in hopes of getting better panels that way XD I'd really like everyone to have LV4 of their main weapons -- All I need left is a LV4 Bow panel for Roy and a LV4 Spear panel for Iskandar.

Mid-bosses and pretty much any scripted encounter have a chance of dropping magic tablets. I actually got one this adventure, but it was just a Fire LV1 so I didn't take it. Everyone got all LV3 panels, except Grace who got one LV4 phobia panel. It was the best thing for her stats but I don't really want her to be worthless while facing undeads.

Tribal Chief's Challenge

This adventure is about engaging in a ritual that existed long ago. Just for fun I guess, I don't know. Anyway, this adventure has a super short turn limit and it's always a bit scary. There's generally a ton of battles, and the treasures are the little bag type, so I was hoping to be able to rank up my panel drops here, too, without having to take on anything too difficult.

Everyone got one LV4 panel, except for Roy. None of the panels were very useful...

But in the shops afterward, I found a Platinum Bow! Platinum (Faerie Silver) is one of the most rare materials in the game, and makes pretty strong weapons, too. Now I just need a really cool sword and I'll have all three of my primarily-physical characters (Hiro, Roy, and Iskandar) have great weapons for the final boss (Iskandar already has two lead knives with Dice on them, and a Corundum Spear). I'm really hoping the Platinum Bow has good abilities on it... sadly it doesn't have any released yet... Since I'll mainly be using it for the final boss, it would be good to have Multishot and Sniper Shot, though I primarily want Multishot.

The Corundum Spear doesn't have Aim, which is sad, but it at least has Multipoke.

The Cavern of Murals

The murals in the cavern hold a secret. There are a few adventures that take place in the Cavern of Murals, and this is the one named after the location; however, I for some reason was thinking in my head that this was Lucky Glyphs, which has a different objective. So I was running around trying to touch all the murals...

UNLIMITED:Saga screencap

The monster rank is getting higher... These are the normal demons that walk around now. BTW I really hate aquans. Like all aquans are annoying enemies XD

This adventure ends when you reach a certain room and examine the floor -- the largest mural in the cave summons a dragon and you have to fight it. Defeating the dragon immediately clears the adventure, meaning you can take as many turns on the boss as you want, you just have to get to it in the turn limit.

When I realized I wasn't doing what I was supposed to do, I tried to rush to this room.

I landed in the room on turn 200 out of 200. I failed the adventure and was booted back to Iskandaria. I had to start all over... at least you keep your map progress... and I did grab many treasures along the way, including two magic tablets. But I also broke like 3 weapons, and since the shops didn't restock, I had no opportunity to get more. I have a lot of weapons saved up at this point but even still, I can't afford to be breaking them like this...

If only I had one more turn, I could have examined the floor, which would have initiated the boss battle and then I could have won.

UNLIMITED:Saga screencap

When I finally got to the dragon again, my characters were really suffering. Anzan had 1 LP... and many other characters had very low LP, too (Roy had 2, Sapphire had like 4... lol). I was trying to battle a lot in hopes of better panels, including touching all the murals I came across. The second time through the cave, I guess because of my monster rank, all the murals sent out really difficult battles. Like two Dracos or three Principal Razorfish... not too hard on their own but fighting those again and again really drained my LP. Principal Razorfish in particular seems to be able to do a ton of LP damage. Its bites would drain 2LP from anyone they hit who didn't have a lot of HP... and since I was in a hurry to get to the end, my HP was generally pretty low.

So fighting the dragon was pretty terrifying, but I managed to do it. I wasn't really able to use Roy, Anzan, or Sapphire, who are all key members of the party. Roy is the best LP-damager right now, Anzan has tons of buffs and stuff, and Sapphire is just amazingly powerful. However, I still had Grace who is super amazing, and I hadn't been putting Ruby in too much danger, so she still had full LP. She glimmered Grand Slam, too :) Was hoping Iskandar would get DHS or something, but he didn't...

UNLIMITED:Saga screencap

After the battle was won, and like... over an hour of adventuring since I had to go through the cave twice and I was stupidly running all over touching murals the first time, I finally get my panels. After all that, they should be good, right?

Grace got L4 Road Guide, which gave her line of map panels a same-level bonus, pushing her Water level to 31! It's finally past 30! Now if I can get a L4 Fortuneteller and maybe a LV4 magic tablet for her, I could really push it up pretty high... (a L5 Water Familiar would be cool, too XD) But to have a water level of over 30 with her water making only being 1, I'm pretty happy.

... Nobody else got any good stuff though. Half the party didn't even get L4 panels. Sapphire got two... but they were a Pacifist and a Phobia lol. Of the two, Pacifist panels are probably easier to work with. Phobia panels severely reduce your damage against that type of enemy (And by 'severely' I mean you do like 1% of the normal damage or something, so good lucky even reaching double digits. Sometimes you won't even be able to hurt them at all...). Pacifist, on the other hand, is a vow not to hurt a type of enemy, and attacking them will also cause pain to you. But you can still attack them all you want, as long as you're willing to take damage alongside. It pretty much just turns you into a Dark Knight while fighting those, without the attack boost.

Anyway, they weren't worth using and everyone else just got junk. I'm very sad. Both the magic tablets were L1 (Earth and Wood). Pretty useless. The Earth one does have Sleep, which I have been thinking for a while would be nice to have, so I gave that one to Anzan (though I thought about giving it to Ruby instead, and now kinda wish I had).

With that, I really want to try to get the L4 Spear and Bow for Iskandar and Roy respectively, so I think I'm going to go ahead and go on to Deities' Table next. So that's all for subadventuring for now. My monster rank is higher and doing Wonders should definitely yield some nice panels; maybe even L5 panels. I already got a couple L5s, so I should be able to get them at least from a Wonder...

I don't know if anyone knows exactly how the level of panels are determined (like the exact formula) but it basically works like this:

Your monster rank + the difficulty rank of the adventure create a sort of "base level" for the panels you will receive. While panels only come in 5 levels, I think this 'base level' is more of a range, and the levels you get are determined by RNG (though it usually just 'rides' between two levels, so you'll get a mix of, say L3 and L4 panels at the end of an adventure). It is possible to push this high enough to get all L5 panels or at least almost all L5 panels, but... that's usually outside the scope of regular play.

Anyway, you can try to 'push' your chance of getting higher level panels up by performing various actions on the adventure. Fighting battles, opening treasures, and defusing traps seem to be the biggest influences on your panel levels. The base level is the most important -- you're not going to be getting L5 panels on your first adventure even if you spend countless hours hopping between two maps and fighting and treasure hunting endlessly. So my guess is there's a cap to how much you can push it up.

Of course this is all just a bunch of hidden values and hidden mechanics, and even the guidebook doesn't give a ton of detail on the specifics. But it pretty much says what I said above, I guess. The only real annoyance I have with it is there is no way to see the difficulty rank of an adventure before embarking on it. You just gotta know. Wonders tend to be very high, and story adventures seem to ramp up in difficulty rank pretty early on. But a lot of the 'middle' ones are hard to get a handle on, especially since you're just trying to guess what they might be. The really low-rank ones and really high-rank ones are generally pretty obvious, since the actual difficulty of the adventure reflects it, and you'll always remember getting high- or low-level panels from them.

Anyway, I'm gonna go to Deities' Table next. And then I might even go on to Undercity Pharos after that to try for the panels I want again if I don't get them, as well as to grab the guns from Mythe.