To Iskandar's Shrine... Again

No, that's the actual name of the adventure.

So, It has been quite a while since I last updated this play diary or played this game. Lots of stuff has happened IRL and it kind of was weird getting back into this. I had to remember what everyone was working on and what was going on. Fortunately it wasn't too hard at all, and going through all the menus meticulously actually made me remember to start learning Marie's new tablet.

I guess I could have just read the last entry in the play diary as a refresher, but hey, why take the easy route, right?? >_>

Anyway, I feel like I previously had intended to do all the subadventures or something before moving on, but I decided not to take that route when I loaded the game up. Main adventures tend to give good panels as you move through them (probably since you can spend unlimited turns on them and thus accomplish a lot in one adventure) so I decided I wanted to get good panels before going to some of the subadventures where I knew there would be a good chance to glimmer some weapon arts.

Well, this main adventure actually was a good chance to glimmer weapon arts and maybe that's why I was putting it off, suspecting that. I don't know.

But, let's get started.

If you can remember from long, long ago, Mythe and his not-even-interested-in-him harem decided to follow Silver Girl to the end of the world and do whatever she wanted for not much reason more than Mythe thought she was hot. And what she wanted to do was meet Iskandar. But everyone knows he's dead, right? Haha, just kidding, we played Ruby's scenario first...

So, we're off to go grave digging in the mausoleum yet again, despite it being a crime. I don't know how we slip past the knighthood, but we're returning to the place we first met Marie and dragged Silver away.

UNLIMITED:Saga screencap

Since we've already been here and I made sure to explore thoroughly before, the map is already filled in for us! This means I can go to all the dead ends first and hope there's treasure there. Actually, I still wasn't fully back into the swing of the game and in the entire first map I didn't use Marie's familiar to sniff for treasure even once. I had already descended the steps when I realized, and decided to just skip it.

UNLIMITED:Saga screencap

All of the hallways that were unexplainably inaccessible before are still blocked off -- or rather, there's just... no way to move there. It's like they just chopped parts of the map off. But it makes exploring this place much easier, because it's actually quite huge, and the subadventure that takes place here is probably one of the most difficult in the entire game.

When we get back to the Hall of Hades, though, we reach the branching path where we first kidnapped Silver Girl. Mythe whisked her away because it was dangerous, but now he doesn't seem to be concerned about the danger, despite the whole building shaking and ominous messages telling us "something's moving around."

UNLIMITED:Saga screencap

It wasn't hard to find the something -- it happened to be on the next space I moved to. I don't know if this works like the subadventure, but during that, this guy will run all over the map and you have to try to find him. You can also just luck out and run into him right away.

This guy looks like the guardian golem dude from the Titan's Flute quest, but he is, in fact, something completely different! Mostly the same attacks, but quite a bit more powerful, this guy is called "Giants." Yes, "Giants." I don't know why it's plural.

When I had said before in Ruby's scenario that I thought the Titan's Flute guardian was great for glimmering arts, it was actually this enemy that I was thinking of. I think Giants is actually the enemy with highest glimmer rate in the game (tied with uh... Gold Elder Dragon and maybe something else). He's a bit scary -- his Grasshopper attack can stun your party members, and his Titan Thrust can easily wipe out most of your HP and dish out consistent LP damage. And when you're low on HP, all of his attacks, even the measly stunning grasshopper, will take out your LP.

The party is pretty powerful now, though, so I actually had little trouble with him. Because everyone has low LP to begin with, I did start to get a little scared, though actually mostly for Grace. Giants seemed to want to target Grace with almost every attack every turn. Maybe even Giants could sense how powerful she was. She's his main threat! Well, actually, everyone is pretty strong now. Maybe he was mocking her for still having a level three bow panel at this stage in the game.

UNLIMITED:Saga screencap

I tried to get a screencap of Grace deflecting this GIANT SPEAR with her tiny knife, but somehow got this image of her like... turning into her Pure Spirit Form or something...

UNLIMITED:Saga screencap

It was a happy day for Michelle, who glimmered both Acupuncture and DHS! Sadly, despite her L5 Dagger panel, Tiffon wasn't able to grasp that elusive Bloody Mary. Pharr didn't glimmer anything either. Granted, the battle ended more quickly than I expected it to, thanks to these new glimmers dishing out tons of damage. And Grace.

After defeating Giants, a door opens somewhere and we have to go find it. We find a few L99 treasures which Tiffon opens ever-beautifully, and get a crap-ton of money.

In one of the corners, an enemy was swapping places with me again, and I realized it was that super secret powerful monster that I'm still not revealing its identity. But I wasn't able to encounter it. Because it always moves away from you, you have to be able to trap it. Despite having magic wall arts and stuff, I'm not able to do it. You can't pass through your own barriers. Maybe another magic wall art will help later. But we're not going to see this guy today. I probably would have died anyway. I surely would have died.

UNLIMITED:Saga screencap

We finally find the other room (I purposely entered it last; I could tell where it was because it actually appeared on the map despite not having traveled to it) and push a switch that we find there. Then another door opens. Joy. This one is not far, though. It's actually where the secret enemy was hanging out. It apparently fled into the new room, but it doesn't matter because entering there triggered a story event instead.

Also there was a L99 chest in the switch room that contained... a wooden sword.

Anyway, when we go to the newly-opened room, we find Iskandar's coffin. Mythe remarks that it's "one of" Iskandar's empty coffins like... as if he would have more than one? I mean, we know it's empty because everyone knows Iskandar's body was never found and the coffin is just a symbol.

Mythe refuses to open it, since they're already committing enough of a crime simply by being in this place to begin with.

UNLIMITED:Saga screencap

There's a brief pause and then... Silver Girl just... decides to shout out for Iskandar like... I guess it's normal to just... yell at someone's coffin to try to summon them.

I laughed, honestly, because that would just be so weird.

UNLIMITED:Saga screencap

But this is some crazy world where doing that actually works, so... I guess it's not too funny? Iskandar just pops up and says "You rang?" like... seriously XD This was a pretty funny part.

Mythe asks how he just popped up like that, and Iskandar basically tells him to shut his pretty little mouth. And that pretty much continues for the rest of the scene -- Mythe is shut down every time he tries to ask what's going on.

UNLIMITED:Saga screencap

Iskandar seems to have been expecting her or something, and knows she's the daughter of "Rivelvalla."

But what's more, we get to learn Silver's name! It's... Faedaljen. I think I like Constance better. I can't pronounce this... Also, I totally didn't know her name was ever revealed over the course of the game, so this is a surprise to me, too! I always thought she just didn't have a name or that it was never given. Too bad it doesn't change to Faedaljen after this (the game still calls her "Silver Girl" lol -_-)

Oh, and BTW, 'Faedaljen' apparently means 'Loyalty to God.'

A LOT is said and I'm not going to write out the whole script. Instead I'll paraphrase it because it feels easier even though I'll probably end up writing way more than just copying the script.

But basically after their introductions are taken care of, Iskandar asks Faedaljen to go destroy the Knights of the Round Table, who are the "rulers of this world" (idk). This is also a thing that I didn't realize was going to be happening. I thought they were only relevant to Ventus's plot (I really did go into this Mythe story blind!)

Iskandar explains to Mythe (finally after all that other stuff is over) that Faedaljen is an Arcanian, one of the people created by the gods, and that the Seven Wonders were the projects of her ancestors. When the Seven Wonders began to grow too powerful, the gods disappeared to... stop them... because that makes sense. Upon their disappearance, the ruined world gave birth to things like monsters and "humans." Or rather humans are like... human-shaped monsters, and the "real humans" are the Arcanians. Or something. IDK.

Anyway, Iskandar met Faedaljin's mother through an introduction by Leith Torles (the guy whose birthplace we kept returning to in Ruby's scenario, with the weird riddle old lady)

The photograph was actually of Fae's mom. Because all Arcanians look the same, because they have the "perfect human form." I guess that includes the wild pants?

UNLIMITED:Saga screencap

Iskandar just kinda wanders off and Fae asks to go to... this Tal'fa Palacaleo (?!?!?) which... sounds like something that belongs in Final Fantasy X and not this game.

And that's where our adventure ends.

UNLIMITED:Saga screencap

No level 5 panels, but the panel score was pretty nice. Almost everyone got something useful. Also almost everyone got a L4 Bow panel... except Grace.

Marie completed her line of L4 familiars to get a bigger boost to her Magic level. Pharr and Michelle both got the martial panels I wanted. Mythe completed his line of map panels to get a boost to water. Overall it was good. Fae and Tiffon already have pretty solid panels, so they're mostly just waiting on L5 panels to really progress.

UNLIMITED:Saga screencap

I ended up splurging on these Hydra Boots, since some people are still wearing like... silk socks and stuff. And that's where we're ending for today!

The next story quest is called "For the Love of the Girl" or something and the description is just like "I'll do anything she says no matter what." or something like that?!?!? I might go on with the story next or do some more subadventures. I'm not sure. Stay tuned~