In Search of Grace

Last time we left off, Mythe and Sapphire decided it was a good idea to break into someone's house so they could stalk Tiffon because of women's intuition. Mythe helped Tiffon defeat a monster, and when he didn't care enough to turn her over to the authorities, Tiffon started to trust him more and offered to take him to the home of Grace, from whom she stole the photograph.

It's time to set out on the trail to Nivacolina way up north. This entry won't be too long since this was mostly a "travelling" adventure, but we'll learn another neat thing about the crafting system, and we get to see Grace again!

UNLIMITED:Saga screencap

Now that we are on the road again, we can finally check out the stats of Tiffon, the newest member of our group. I really wish they would let you look at your status menu while in town...

Anyway, Tiffon's makings are nothing particularly special. Her Strength Making is only 1, so she won't be able to use strength weapons like Sword or Axe very well, and she won't deal a lot of HP damage with any of her arts. Her Skill Making, however, is three, and she starts with two key-shape panels, so placing just one more (as I did with the Locksmith L2 that I got in the last adventure) gives you a triangle bonus, which boosts Skill quite a bit. So Tiffon is pretty much pre-equipped to become a late-battle LP-damage dealer. She even has a dagger panel, too!

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The "keys" she comes with are Locksmith and Sharpeye, both at L1. Sharpeye, fortunately, doesn't matter with levels -- you'll be able to use it just the same at any level (though you still want higher levels to boost your stats more). Aside from her Dagger Arts L1 panel, Tiffon comes with one other panel that I mentioned last time -- Phobia L4.

This skill panel never goes away, and since it's in the middle of her development panel, you can't get any line bonuses (well, I guess you could create a line of phobias...) so you're limited to how you can develop Tiffon. So I think it's best to keep her as she comes and work on developing her natural strength further. But with her Magic and Fire Makings of 3, you can build her as a pretty decent offensive mage if you want, too! Just be careful to not forget about her phobia. Sometimes at the beginning of battle with undeads, she'll yell out, "No! Don't you come near me!" so that can help remind you.

Plus we need someone to open boxes anyway!

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When Tiffon falls in a trap, she says "Watch this!" lol. Like, she's excited to fall in the trap... if you avoid it, she goes, "Did you see that?" but if you fail, she says, "Wait! You didn't see that!" Haha. It's kinda cute. I still prefer Anzan's "DEFENSE" as he falls in, though. But my favorite is still Thomas's "Daddy's fine, don't you worry~" <3

I can't even remember what Mythe says, but it would be funny if it was "Whatever."

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At the end of the adventure, Mythe scored an upgrade to his Weaponsmith panel. We didn't make it to Nivacolina, yet. Instead, we're in Wanda. Now that I think about it, it makes a lot of sense for Wanda to be a more major city, despite being out in the hills near the desert, because it's pretty much at the heart of the crossroads from Iskandaria and Escata (to the east), Torle and Nivacolina (to the north), Loch Vaan (to the west), and Vaftom and Gadeira (to the south).

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Wanda also has a blacksmith, and here we get access to some of the other things we couldn't work with before. And between all the blacksmiths, we already have access to everything, so there's not even a need for Mythe to upgrade his Weaponsmith and Accessorysmith panels...? You could just replace them and use the other blacksmiths?

Wanda's specialty is that they can work with guns. You can't build new guns from scratch; you can only repair them. But this is the only blacksmith where you can repair guns, though you probably can at Mythe Works if you get a high enough Weaponsmith panel...

Since Mythe got a weaponsmith panel, though, we can go back to Mythe Works and see that we've now added Staff to the list of items we can work with.

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Shopping around, I found a lot of nice-but-way-too-expensive items. Honestly I wish the market rank didn't carry over.

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There wasn't too much to do, so we set off toward Nivacolina. This time the adventure was called "In Search of Grace: To Nivacolina" so this has to be the last one, right?

When I ran into a treasure slime, Tiffon had a special voice line.

"Mmm, something yummy's coming our way!"

... Is she going to eat it??? What is this??? This sounds like it should have been a Roy line lol. I don't even understand...

UNLIMITED:Saga screencap

Tiffon released a second ability on her weapon. What's good, Mythe?

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And once we get to Silver Hills, I know we're getting close to Nivacolina! Unlike the travels with Iskandar, there's not going to be an additional road after this... because Nivacolina is right at the end of the hills.

Everyone got nice panels at the end of this adventure. Mythe got a Gun Arts L3, Tiffon got Locksmith L3, and Sapphire got Quick Fix L2, which allows us to repair weapons at any time on the adventure map; however, you have to roll a reel, and if you fail, you have a chance of lowering the durability of the item. Drop it to zero, and you'll break the item... Quick-Fix only works on items with durability between 1 and 20 (exclusive), so you can't just ramp your durability to 99, and you'll always have to wait until they're getting low to risk repairing them.

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We finally arrive in Nivacolina! These are rooftops. But honestly I can't tell what's going on in this picture. Nivacolina is home to the Snowman's Hat Inn, which is such a cute name. This is also where Laura settled down with her husband Pablo after quitting her pirate life. Pablo is the schoolteacher in Nivacolina, though you can't go to his school here. In Laura's story, you can visit the school, but you can't do anything there.

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Mythe is surprisingly polite when dealing with strangers. The game was like "Please excuse his rudeness" but he's always quite well-mannered it seems to me...

(Also I guess Mythe is just huge because everyone else is much smaller than him? It's weird)

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W-what do you mean Grace? She showed similar interest in Ruby, hahaha. Or is she just commenting on his politeness...??

Grace asks if the photo has resurfaced, and Mythe tells her that it belongs to an aristocrat in Longshank now. Grace asks him if he happens to know who stole it from her, but Mythe says he's afraid he doesn't know.

Mythe inquires where she got the photo, and Grace tells him it was a gift from a "Ms. Pharr"

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Apparently, Pharr is a strong and well-known warrior. Mythe expresses interest in meeting her and asks where she can be found, but Grace says she's very particular about meeting new people, and it would be better if she escorted Mythe to her personally.

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Grace seems pretty gung-ho about heading off to Iskandaria to introduce Mythe to Pharr. Or maybe Grace just really wants to see Pharr.

So, next time we'll journey to Iskandaria (which... hopefully will be a single trip and we won't have to stop in Escata or whatever...)

Before we set off, I want to point out another thing about the blacksmith system.

UNLIMITED:Saga screencap

So, let's use this Iron Knife as the base item... Notice that it has an attack of 33.

UNLIMITED:Saga screencap

But when we use Cedar as the secondary item, the expected result is a steel item instead of iron! And that has 6 more attack points than the iron knife, too.

Using certain combinations of base and secondary materials like this allows you to create items with a new type of material! It works whether you're repairing or creating a new item from scratch. And in this case, you could have used any wood material, not necessarily Cedar.

In fact, I got the iron item by combining ironstone and copse, so with two pieces of wood, I was able to transform an Ironstone item into a Steel item.

There's still a couple more things we'll learn about the blacksmith along this journey, but for now this is enough to be able to create and repair a wide variety of items easily. The basic usage is pretty simple and easy. Everything from here on out will be a way to use the blacksmith to further customize your items by being more careful with your material choices. But to show that, I'll need to get a variety of items to use first... and we're still poor and everything is still expensive.

Well, next time, it's off to Iskandaria to meet Grace's friend! And we'll get to have Grace in the party now, too! But sadly that means we probably are not going to see any more story related to her because that's how this game seems to be with sub-characters... guess we'll never find out why she seems to know all this mysterious stuff.