The Wood Elemental Gear

After obtaining the Crown of Ares from Daddy Lord Galeos and meeting with Armic to plunder the Boots of Vayu from the Regal Lion's treasury, we're off to look for another one of the Elemental Gears.

Our next stop is the Jade Forest where the Lilean Tribe resides. While they are reclusive and hardly ever seen by humans, we are greeted by Platyphyllum, our good friend we met in Kurt's scenario.

They tell us that the Forest's Keeper is guarding the Ring of Jupiter, which is buried among the roots and the center of the Forest's Eye.

This is the same Keeper that was guarding Jupiter's Anvil in Armic's scenario, too... though we met Pharr in the forest instead of Platy. I wonder if the Anvil and the Ring are related somehow? I mean, they do have the same 'Jupiter' name...

UNLIMTIED:Saga Screenshot

Platy's dialogue is... strange. They say they'll "find the Blade of Escata," even with the Ring hidden. But we don't need to find the Blade? We already have it? We're searching for the Ring...

I said before that Laura's scenario is full of poor scriptwriting, at least in the localization. Japanese is a language that is heavily dependent on context and nuance for its meaning, and you can tell that this game was translated literally from a text dump and then brushed up a little, with no regard to context whatsoever.

Throughout the story, we hear all kinds of weird lines like this, where it's hard to tell what someone is talking about or they seem to be talking about something completely different than what they should be talking about. The Blade of Escata is also referred to as a sword, dagger, knife, etc. throughout, and you may not even realize they're talking about the Blade at times if you're not expecting this.

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Anyway, if you've forgotten Platy, here is a refresher. They have decent and balanced Strength and Skill Making, and particularly shine in Wood Arts. Since we focused on magic arts in Kurt's scenario, and we're not able to buy stuff in this game (meaning getting magic items is much harder), I'm going to focus on Platy's physical capabilities this time.

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Not far into the Forest's Eye, I encountered THIS. I was terrified! After the mishap in the Regal Lion cove, every regular Guckie is scary now. Diplomacy got rid of it though, and it was probably just a regular Guckie.

I think I mentioned before that I wasn't sure what the exact solution to the forest's eye was, and that I always just... keep moving south until eventually I'm out.

Well, I think that the solution is even simpler than that -- This time, I was focusing on Diplomacy and treasures and stuff, and used up many turns without ever moving from the space I started on.

And we got to the center! So I guess it just goes by turn count, and it doesn't even matter what direction you move in here...?

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Arriving at the center of the Forest's Eye, Platy says that the Ring of Jupiter is here, and we suddenly are thrown into battle with Jumbo Moch, just like before. The party is pretty weak at this point, and it seemed to really enjoy using Regeneration to restore all of its HP quickly this time around.

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Platy started out using staves, because I love staves.

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And with his new Punch L3 Panel, Armic is already able to use light martial arts!

It takes a while, but one nice thing about Laura's party is there are a lot of bulky members with lots of LP, so we can struggle to deal LP damage sometimes and still be alright.

Laura gets Locksmith L3 at the end of the adventure. I'm really hoping she gets Sharpeye soon, as right now Michelle is the only one who has it, and she'll be leaving very soon.

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Henri didn't get much interesting, so I gave him a familiar. Something I think I haven't brought up yet is this message. Every time you place a familiar on someone's Growth Panel, you get this cautionary message that the "familiar configuration has changed" and "main attack settings will be deleted."

I'm really not sure what this means at all. Perhaps it means that if you went into the Status menu and set up a default battle command for that character, giving them a familiar will erase that...? Which seems... really random (wouldn't any change of equipment cause the same problem?) though I never use the default command thing so I don't know...

But honestly it sounds like it's a reference to some game mechanic that was cut from the game but they accidentally left in this text or something lol. I'll never really know, though. Well, I guess I could go set a default command and then place a familiar but... nah.

(EDIT: Okay, I realized after writing this that the default command thing is indeed called "Main Attack Setting" so my guess is that whenever you place a familiar, it resets your Main Attack Settings to default in case you had been using one of the familiar's commands as your Main Attack, since it would be gone now...)

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After snatching up the Ring of Jupiter, we exit the forest to the south and arrive at Sadovos, so now we have access to yet another location on the world map. Sadovos doesn't have any available subadventures, but they do have a magic shop. But we can't use that in this game, so...