Laura's Scenario

Laura artwork by Tomomi Kobayashi

Laura was the first scenario I ever played in this game, as well as the first I ever cleared (though my first play was not also my first clear! It took many tries and learning before I ever actually cleared the game the first time...), and since then I have played her scenario several times because I tend to be drawn toward things I'm already familiar with, and it's just pretty fun. I really like her party, plus we get to see a lot of Lord Galeos.

Since I'm familiar with Laura's scenario pretty well, I decided to do a "no shopping" challenge run this time. In most RPGs, that probably would seem like nothing, but in this game, shopping is your primary source for equipment. While you can get some loot in treasure chests or from the extremely rare monster drops, those tend to be low-level items that won't be as helpful near the end of the game, and are better off being sold to get money to buy the items from the shops.

So that means our access to equipment will be both limited and determined by RNG, which will make things hopefully pretty interesting. This is also a bit of a "trial run" to see how easy or difficult the game becomes when removing shopping, because I'm considering doing a no-shopping, no-repair, no-martial run all at once. I might even do it for my final Ventus run in this diary, since Ventus would be a perfect character for trying that out, and this game has gotten pretty easy for me by this point. Plus there's the fact that shopping becomes incredibly tedious as you progress through the game because there are more shops and you really should check every last one between every adventure. Ventus happens to have more shops available to him than any other character, too...

But we're not supposed to be talking about Ventus! Laura is who we're here for now. Her story suffers from some poor localization, but I still like her story a lot, and her party is fun to play with. A lot of power and variety. Her story is straightforward so it's "easier" to navigate than others, though she does lack a bit of options when it comes to subadventures, as she doesn't travel to a few of the major cities in the game like Iskandaria or Gadeira, and many of her story adventures take the place of what are otherwise memorable subadventures. For a long time, hers was my favorite scenario in the game (but I think title goes to Mythe now, after finally clearing his scenario and enjoying the heck out of it), and even though I wouldn't put her at the #1 spot any more, I would say that she's still one of the best, and I'm always happy to play through her scenario. I hope you enjoy reading as much as I enjoyed playing!