Subadventures Digest #3

There's only a few subadventures left before Kurt's story finally moves on for the last time. We're not going to unlock any new places this time, except for Starship Anchor. But we have already unlocked that, so... no new places.

Danger in the Mines

UNLIMITED:Saga screencap

This is the place with the work monsters, where we have to get the bomber ore to get into the back of the game where a demon has taken over. One work monster is playing with the bomber ore in its feet, and the other is sleeping next to where we need to mine for it.

UNLIMITED:Saga screencap

Overall, this was a fairly uneventful adventure, but Platy did finally release their new Merman Mail's Life Protection ability. Merman Mail is made from Coelacanth Scale and has a defense of 18, which is pretty nice. But it also has Wood Support, which increases the power of Thunderbringer.

At the end of the adventure, we finally got enough panels so that everyone has at least a LV4 of their primary weapon, so now we can try to glimmer some of the better weapon arts. I mean, we could try at any time, but it's easier with a L4 or L5 weapon panel.

I've also started Armand on using bows, and he and Edel both use them a lot. Both have access to Random Arrowshot, while Edel focuses on Sniper Shot and Armand on Power Shot. Armand also has access to Multi Shot for the sake of hopefully glimmering 1,000 Needles.

Leith Torles's Tower

Time to go break the seals and defeat the guardians at the top of the tower.

UNLIMITED:Saga screencap

I don't know if I showed this before when I did this subadventure, but if you head to the center of the bottom floor when you first come in, instead of going up the stairs to start scaling the tower, you can actually find a sealed chest here (this is the one containing a magic tablet). This unseals after finish the stuff at the 6th floor and rooftop.

I usually just start heading up the stairs since there's no real reason to go in the center and look at this if you already know it's there.

UNLIMITED:Saga screencap

The main purpose of taking on this adventure is to fight the golden Elder Dragon, so we can try to glimmer some weapon arts. And oh boy, did we! Armand somehow glimmered DHS and Poker's Wild in the same turn o_o!

UNLIMITED:Saga screencap

Edel also managed to glimmer Phoenix Arrow, which was pretty cool.

Armand then glimmered Thousand Needles and killed the dragon, so we couldn't make any more attempts Sadly, this means Norff is severely lacking in useful arts. Cyclone (L3 light throw) is probably the only real useful thing he has, and only for its ability to stun.

UNLIMITED:Saga screencap

Also note that this serpent is resistant to 'shocking' damage... so even if you combo five Thunderbringers against it, it's not going to be that amazing...

UNLIMITED:Saga screencap

But cold damage is decent against it, so feel free to blow bubbles at it! Also, you can see Armand's dead sprite here, which looks funny. He wasn't dead, just blacked out.

We got some magic tablets, but nothing useful. A L2 Metal, I think another L3 Wood... stuff like that.


This was really uneventful. Run around the donut and pull some switches. I was hoping to get a L5 Swimming or Obstacle Crossing for Kurt, and I indeed did! There are lots of little rocks and streams to go across here, plus I could spam road guide, so I really increased my chance of dropping one.

We also found a Forest Philosopher's magic tablet, which is the L4 Wood tablet. I replaced Platy's mastered L3 tablet, which temporarily lowered Wood a little, but upon mastering the tablet, they should have even higher Wood level than before.

It's mostly Wood arts, so there's not too much new to learn, though Seal of the Abyss and Holy Seal are both on there. But Platy isn't using Fire arts or Forbidden arts so those aren't helpful. The only other arts learnable from it that Platy doesn't already have are Recycle and Trickle. Recycle isn't particularly useful at this point of the game, but Trickle reduces the amount of actions the enemy can take in a turn, so it's great for boss battles and stuff.

Nothing really happened so I didn't even end up taking any screenshots.

Nakle Lines

Let's take some time to learn Trickle and hopefully find a magic tablet with Ice Needle on it. I don't plan on doing all the subadventures, so this is really our final chance.

UNLIMITED:Saga screencap

Maane and Malig are back at it again. These guys are so frustrating with their high Life Protection and dangerous Ripper attack...

I did manage to defeat them in a single turn, though! But only once out of the five times you fight them here. It was thanks to both Armand having access to Arrow Rain and Acupuncture, and Josef's Psycho Noise. Platy's Thunderbringer and big LP standing in the front was nice, too.

Basically I had Platy stand in front to protect the others, especially Josef, who stood in the third spot. First, Armand used Acupuncture once each against Maane and Malig. Then I just hoped that Maane and Malig would use up the rest of their actions, since Thunderbringer and Psycho Noise are terribly slow, and having Armand use a bow from the front row is fairly slow, too.

They did, and I was able to combo Thunderbringer - Arrow Rain - Psycho Noise, which did 2 LP damage to each. I got the combo off in another battle, too, but it did 0LP damage that time :P I got really lucky with the LP damage in the fight where I took them both out...

UNLIMITED:Saga screencap

And of course at the end, we fight the big bad Tagut himself. Kurt's party is pretty powerful at this point, so it wasn't terribly difficult. I did have a bit of a struggle actually doing LP damage to Tagut -- Josef's Bloody Mary wasn't really an option since Tagut could take him out too easily. Armand kept getting paralyzed, too.

Nobody died, though, and we were able to defeat Tagut. I used to struggle to defeat him even with an endgame party, so I've really learned this game pretty well, I think...

Somehow Kurt got Obstacle Crossing or Swimming (the one he didn't get on Avalon XD) and his Water level rose a lot!

Platy didn't finish mastering Trickle, but got close enough that they can finish easily at the beginning of the next adventure. I saved in a separate slot after this.

UNLIMITED:Saga screencap

Afterward, Kurt's story finally progresses once more.

Leon tells Jeanne that Starship Anchor is proof that the power of the stars was used in the Golden Age, so that she'll be encouraged to seek this power herself. Jeanne commands the Temple Knights to head out for Starship Anchor to fulfill Iskandar's ideals.

UNLIMITED:Saga screencap

At this point, the adventure "To Starship Anchor" that we unlocked by defeating Agares in the Gauntlet realm is no longer accessible. It has been replaced instead by "Jeanne's Challenge," which also takes place at Starship Anchor.

Fulfilling the condition for either one of these two ending adventures will replace the other with the new one. So if you were to see this event before defeating Agares, then defeat Agares later, "Jeanne's Challenge" would disappear and be replaced by "To Starship Anchor." It doesn't really make as much sense this way, though, as basically the story differs based on whether Kurt or Jeanne arrived at Starship Anchor first.

I have a save file before embarking to Nakle Lines so that this event won't occur and we can clear To Starship Anchor, and my newest save is after finishing Nakle Lines so we can load that and then clear Jeanne's Challenge.