Subadventures Digest #2

It's subadventure time! We have five more adventures to take on before Kurt's story progresses any further. I'll keep the details out of those since we've done them all before, so we can get on with the story parts.

UNLIMITED:Saga screencap

First, about the grinding. There was a long break between posts of this game because I decided to try farming magic tablets in the Abandoned Fortress under Iskandaria (the thing outside Undercity Pharos). This is an area you can enter and exit as much as you want, find some treasures and monsters, and constantly respawn everything, without it counting as having gone on an adventure.

I spent about 7 hours total doing this, and only found maybe 4 Treasure Slimes, and not a single one dropped a tablet. So I gave that up. It looks like I'll just have to deal with whatever magic I come across. I don't have the patience for this. XD

Titan's Flute

So we head off to the tower for the Titan's Flute adventure. This is the one where you have to reach the top and flip the switches, then come back down, with two routes to choose from on the way down. One is a very long route but filled with treasures, and the other is a short route but you have to fight the statue boss on the way.

UNLIMITED:Saga screencap

Well, I decided I want to be an overachiever. On the way up the tower, I stopped into each floor's central area and unlocked all the doors and searched all the spaces behind doors for treasures. I also opened every treasure. Armand had to Locksmith one box like 8 times and I was worrying that I might run out of turns, since the turn limit is pretty tight.

Then I flipped the levers (not messing with the one that just breaks), and headed down to the room with the hidden switch. Then I went into the back route (blue half of the tower) and traversed every room there.

Yes, I'm including the optional upward path to grab all the treasures up there. And yes, I opened every treasure chest and every locked door along the way.

When I got back to the 'normal' side of the tower on the second floor, all I had to do was head down to the first floor and exit the tower...

UNLIMITED:Saga screencap

But instead I went back up to the third floor to fight the boss! I was hoping to glimmer some nice weapon arts, but I also calculated that I needed to beat the boss in like... 7-10 turns to return down to the entrance safely (leaving a little leeway in case I get into some obnoxious battles). So I couldn't spend time trying to glimmer, and had to hope I glimmered as I fought.

UNLIMITED:Saga screencap

Remember how Missile Guard protects against all piercing attacks? Since the giant uses a spear, this means most of his attacks did 0 damage. Missile Guard does wear off after a turn, but it's not hard to just cast it every turn. It's not like there's MP in this game. I mean, there's your weapon's durability, but...

Of course, when he did stuff like Grasshopper it still did damage, because it's not just a piercing attack, but also a cutting attack. And Missile Guard only protects against HP damage, so it's still possible to take LP damage. But you're a lot less likely to take LP damage when you're not losing much HP.

Anyway, I managed to get to the entrance after defeating the giant with a whole 10 turns left. I was really surprised. Though I had the layout memorized from my last runs here with Ruby and Mythe and could do a lot of things without wasting extra turns. It also helps that the party seems to be really strong.

The panels at the end weren't anything special and I did get one magic tablet while in the tower, but it ended up being a L2 Water tablet (which Kurt already has).

Kurt did get the party's first L5 panel, though! It's a L5 Road Guide, which boosted his Water level to 38. He didn't even have any L4 panels yet... O_o

I also gave a Bow Arts panel to Armand, so now he and Edel both wield Bows.

In the shops after the adventure, I was finally able to craft an item with Forbidden Arts (a Demonite Ring, which also has Forbidden Support) for Josef, so now he can make use of the powerful magic arts he's been learning.

The Cavern of Murals

This was a pretty simple adventure. I chose this one next because I was hoping to get Obstacle Crossing for Kurt. He has Swimming, and there are quite a few opportunities for him to use it in the Cavern of Murals, and Swimming and Obstacle Crossing both influence each other to drop, so...

UNLIMITED:Saga screencap

I found this area that had a space preview, but I couldn't move there...? Holding the stick in that direction just made the little clicking sound, like when you try to move through a locked door or whatever. There were no doors or hazards. We just... couldn't go? I don't remember this being here before. Did I talk about this in my previous posts with this adventure...?

UNLIMITED:Saga screencap

The dragon at the end was surprisingly tough. I really thought that I might run out of turns while fighting it. You have to open a treasure after fighting it to end the adventure, so you still need one or two turns left or you'll run out of time.

We did manage to take it down, though.

Lucky Glyphs

We didn't get the Obstacle Crossing panel, so I decided to go into the Cavern once again to try for it one more time.

UNLIMITED:Saga screencap

I have Norff doing light martial arts now. His base "weight" is surprisingly high for being a small child, and I have to keep him in pretty much all Wooden Armor. I think this kind of reaffirms my belief that the "weight" stat is not so much based on weight, but the character's dexterity and ability to handle their own body. More like a "grace" stat. I think the stat is more intended to affect action speed and martial arts class more than it is meant to reflect how heavy or light the character is.

UNLIMITED:Saga screencap

After the cavern, I found a Cuirass in the shop! This armor has the highest defense of any in the game, and a pretty low weight, too. Its main downside is that it doesn't release Life Protection. Instead, it has Spirit Saver and Null Confusion. Null Confusion is definitely a good perk, though.

What's great about this, though, is that you can give it to characters who have high LP anyway, like Armand with his 22. Now that he's wearing it (along with a lot of other high-defense stuff) he takes like 8 damage from attacks that do over 100 damage to other characters.

Abandoned Castle

UNLIMITED:Saga screencap

Hee-hee-hee-hee-hee! It's time to chase the weird ghost all over the castle. I was determined to not have to redo it this time like I always do. So I would sit and carefully try to remember where everything was before moving on. I got hung up on lockpicking a chest in the basement, though, and wasted a ton of turns there... but it was a high level and I really wanted it!

UNLIMITED:Saga screencap

One thing that's cool about this adventure is that there are a lot of little lines that the protagonist will say, and each protag responds pretty differently to the weird old man running around the castle. Mythe seemed to be pissed as hell, but Kurt seems more inquisitive and ready for the challenge of chasing him down. He also says dorky cute stuff because he's Kurt. There was a time he said something like "Now, just you wait, mister!" and it was adorable, but I missed a screenshot because I was too busy squeeing over Kurt XD

And despite the fact that we didn't do any swimming here, this is where Kurt finally got his Obstacle Crossing panel. (L4!)

Deities' Table


I had spent a lot of money on stuff like Cuirass, and mistakenly bought a Diamond again when I still can't use it for what I wanted (because I kinda forgot), so I really wanted to make some more money and search for magic tablets, so I went to Deities' Table.

UNLIMITED:Saga screencap

We ran into the rank 9 vegeplast monster, Mimic. This is an interesting monster because usually "mimic" type monsters in games will either look like treasure chests or people, but in this game, they look like Lileans! You can see how it kinda looks like a big (and plantier) version of Platty.

UNLIMITED:Saga screencap

This is also the place where you fight Birds of Paradise, who have ridiculous life protection...

I did run into the big hoard, but Josef's Psycho Noise combined with Arrow Rain on both Armand and Edel (which Armand JUST glimmered) let me take them out in a single turn.

I think that really is a testament to the power of Forbidden arts...

UNLIMITED:Saga screencap

Also along the way I hit the "bomb" on quick-fix three times in a row and broke Armand's bow... Fortunately, he still has his spear, and this was after fighting the mass bird battle.

UNLIMITED:Saga screencap

Using more of his spear, though, Armand glimmered Acupuncture! This is one of the first L4 arts we've glimmered in the entire playthrough, and it's such an important one! Also, we were fighting an Anka in that screencap, not the boss Rukh.

Oh, also at some point during all of this, Josef glimmered Bloody Mary... without a dagger panel. I had to stop and collect myself after that one.

UNLIMITED:Saga screencap

We got some pretty nice panels overall afterward, but I took this screenshot to show just how important panel placement is (and how big of a deal Makings are). If I were to replace Armand's Punch L4 panel here with a Fire Familiar L4, his skill level would drop from 62 to 36! That's barely over half!

This is because Punch has one of the best Ability growth rates, and Familiars have some of the worst. But also because Armand's Skill Making is so high, that all changes in his stats are pretty drastic, because the multiplier for them is higher.

Also notice that we got three magic tablets in this adventure. They were all three L1 Water tablets... ALL THREE.

But we've made some progress nonetheless, and the party is getting quite powerful.