The Festival of Regina Leone

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After completing Deities' Table, Kurt's story progresses once again.

Here's how it went:

Jeanne: Sir Leon, I have made up my mind. I shall leave the temple and go conquer the Seven Wonders. That is what the spirit of Iskandar is all about.
Leon: [to self] Amazing! This woman actually believes that ancient "Iskandar spirit" rubbish.
Leon: [to Jeanne] It's just as you say, Dame Jeanne. The Knighthood must return to fundamentals.
Jeanne: To have Sir Leon Burgundy's support is most inspiring.
Leon: However, my father seems to think otherwise. My sincere apologies. Father is an old-fashioned man.
Jeanne: No need to apologize. Such age-worn stubbornness will be abolished by the new generation.

And so now we can more clearly see that Jeanne's thoughts and motivations are being manipulated by Leon. Leon is interested in the Seven Wonders and in Kurt's Gauntlet, but only from a lust for power, probably from his upbringing of being the spoiled child of the Burgundy family, which is already a power-hungry lot to begin with.

So when she suddenly became seemingly power-hungry herself in Ruby's scenario, but still acted like she was the hero, we can better understand why. It's kinda cool that Jeanne's story is better explained in another scenario -- I like the crossover between all the stories here. But at the same time, if you play Kurt's first, you'll be a bit spoiled to Ruby's, but if you play Ruby's first, you'll not understand Jeanne's motivations at all.

Anyawy, after seeing this, we open up our final two locations on the map: Torle (the supposed birthplace of Leith Torles, the furthest north city in the frontier close to the Ice Slab Sea), and Vaftom (the city with the festival and mausoleum and everything, on Elve Isle, the furthest south you can go).

And heading to Vaftom, we're finally able to see Kurt's festival cutscene!

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It starts with Kurt just wandering around the festival.

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He accidentally bumps Ventus and knocks him down on the ground. An Anubito man asks if he's okay and tries to help him up, but Ventus doesn't notice, and when standing up on his own, accidentally headbutts the guy right in the chin.

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He thinks Ventus is trying to pick a fight, and gets ready to beat him up. But Kurt interferes and says there will be no fighting today. Well, Mr. Anubito doesn't care for this either, and punches Kurt to the ground!

Now Kurt is mad, and the two begin to duke it out.

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This actually becomes a playable battle. You're also only allowed to use martial arts, since it's supposed to be a street brawl, I guess. No magic or weapon arts allowed! It's really easy, though, or at least it was with Kurt's Call Back.

After winning this fight, Kurt decides to visit the Temple.

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He notices that it's very quiet. A stranger comes up to him and asks if he is Kurt. Kurt says he is and asks for the identity of the kid in return.

He says he's just a messenger, and delivers this message to Kurt:

"The day has come. We will assassinate Lord Burgundy amidst the chaos of the festival."

Kurt freaks out, of course, and demands to know who sent the message and where the murder will happen.

The kid doesn't know who sent it, but says that the assassination is going to be when Max visits Dixon's Mausoleum. Kurt demands that the kid follow him as they go into the mausoleum (the underground part of the temple with Iskandar's fake casket -- the one that Silver Girl yelled "ISKANDAR!" at in Mythe's story lol)

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We head into the mausoleum, and like in Mythe's story, a lot of the paths are just non-existent, so that we're forced to head to the Dixon side (while in Mythe's scenario, we had to go to Iskandar's side).

We also were only able to bring 6 party members along, because Hiro joins the party at this point. He also comes with just a handful of L1 panels and all his Levels are below ten. So he's way behind by the time you get here, since you have to have cleared at least 20 subadventures by this point..

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When we get to the Hall of Heaven, Kurt notices that the guardians are quiet, which is a bad sign. He's talking about the large monsters that stomp around down here -- we encountered one of them in Mythe's scenario and had to fight it. They normally make stomping sounds every few turns and you get a message saying something's moving around. But tonight, everything is quiet...

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When we reach one room, we find Lord Burgundy being outnumbered by a group of assassins. Kurt rushes to his side and asks if he is all right. He says that he is, and it seems like he almost starts to call Kurt "my son" or something, but stops himself.

Kurt tells his father to escape while we fight the assassins ourselves, and Max thanks him.

And then we fight the assassins. It's a very short and overwhelming battle. May as well been fighting Guckies.

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After the fight, we're shown the end of the festival with everyone lighting the fires and praying. Kurt's monologue tells us that we continued to fight off the assassins for quite some time, and notes the irony that people are praying for the dead while right under them, killing is taking place.

And then we're free to go back to our adventuring. Maximilian does not apologize to or further thank Kurt, nor does he accept him back into the House of Burgundy or anything like that. We hear nothing more from or about him, and everything is the way it was before coming to the festival.

So even after saving his father's life, Kurt is still exiled from his family, and his brother is plotting against him. It's a rough life being the Gauntlet Guy.

(Also, I managed to get a magic tablet during this short adventure, and it was... another L1 Water tablet. I think that the chance of getting four L1 Water tablets in a row is probably worse than getting any random L3 or L4 tablet, but somehow we managed to do it!)