Save Ursula!

When we last left off, we had arrived in Serin and caught up with Dad, who had been taken care of by Therese, the former innkeeper. But before we can continue on our journey, we're going to help look for her daughter who is late coming home.

There's no adventure in the inn related to this, so I guess we'll just have to ask around. But before that, let's go shopping! In a way, it kind of feels nice to be able to shop again. I'm sure I'll start hating the tedium soon enough, once we have more towns open...

I don't remember if I mentioned what we bought last time, but we make off with a Silver Helm, a piece of Silver, and some Ravenite. Actually, I kind of remember typing that now...

Anyway, with our new goodies in hand, we head to reconnoiter in the inn. Mostly people are just giving Therese and Beauvais's backstories or whatever, but when we talk to Kent, one of the inn employees...

UNLIMITED:Saga Screenshot

Oh, no! They do kidnap!!!!

And with that simple bit of information, we now have an adventure we can select entitled "Save Ursula!"

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We're taken to the caves where you might remember in Kurt's scenario that the Knighthood sent monsters in to attack Armand and his gang. The Knighthood aren't here right now, so we probably won't have to deal with that.

And since we're here, we get to check out Daddy <3

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Thomas has pretty nice makings for battle -- his Strength and Skill Making are both 4, and he even has a Fire Making of 4, the maximum! Even though he's supposed to be inept at magic... Maybe he gained some Fire affinity from his wife or something XD (Maybe it's a sex magic thing...)

He also starts with a lot of nice equipment, including an Iron Axe and a Gun. And with his nice set of starting panels, he has good abilities fitting his stats, and his stats are already kinda high for a character we just met. And it's still the beginning of the game, too!

I mean, it's only reasonable to make him so great, though ~~~ Nothing less for our beautiful Daddy~

UNLIMITED:Saga Screenshot

When we enter our first battle with him in the party, he says, "Judy, let Daddy handle this~" with this super sexy southern drawl. Like... his voice is so wonderful I'm not even kidding...

And he refers to himself as Daddy, too~~~

He's perfect <3<3<3

Of course, Judy doesn't sit out the battle just because her dad asks. She's a pretty assertive kid, and is tossing around the monsters just as well as the burly guys accompanying her.

There's really not much in the cave; we hardly run into any monsters. I know that Armand's little hideout is to the right when the path branches, so I had forward to look for treasures. There are a lot of treasures in here. We still don't have Sharpeye, so we just have to blindly Defuse them and hope we don't mess up and trigger some bad traps.

And so on the very first one...

UNLIMITED:Saga Screenshot

We get into a fight with a Treasure Slime...

We are not really prepared to handle these things at all right now, and we even end up having to fight the toughest of the three types...

We're still mostly using martial arts, which are bludgeoning damage that the slimes resist, so most of our attacks do no damage at all. At least we can stun with throws, though. And the Slime's attacks all completely deplete a character's HP in one shot. And Treasure Slimes get many actions per turn, so we're losing LP pretty rapidly...

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We end up with no choice but to resort to the Opal Armlet that we had Judy equip just in case. It allows anyone to use Shock, but it only has 10 durability. We really, really don't want to use this up.

But just Shock alone isn't really all that amazing, so we have to try to combo into it with some punches and stuff...

Fortunately we manage to get through the battle with only having to use a few EN from the armlet, but now the party is pretty weakened and we can't really risk getting into another fight like this, so we have to ignore all of the rest of the treasures in the cave :(

UNLIMITED:Saga Screenshot

There aren't a lot of monsters, though, so we don't have to risk too many battles. And Daddy has diplomacy, so he can sweet-talk the few we run into away.

He's peerrrfffeeeeccccttttttttt

UNLIMITED:Saga Screenshot

When he gets hurt in a trap, he says, "Daddy's fine, don't you worry." which is so adorable and wonderful and I love him..

UNLIMITED:Saga Screenshot

When we get to the back of the cave, though, there's... some kinda strong monsters waiting for us...

I don't really know why these are here; I guess an optional challenge if you want to fight them or something, or a punishment for trying to seek out lots of treasures when you're supposed to be rescuing Ursula...

UNLIMITED:Saga Screenshot

These things are pretty terrifying with our current abilities. They can easily overwhelm the party with their attacks, and LP is dropping even faster than in the Treasure Slime battle. Oh yeah, there's THREE of them for some reason. Three!

UNLIMITED:Saga Screenshot

The fight gets pretty close... They manage to take out Kurt, but we also take out two of them. I don't want to use the Opal Armlet anymore, because we really need to conserve the durability on it, and you'll see why later.

Thomas glimmers Hammerfall somehow, and with a bunch of throws we manage to take out the last one before it can take us out.

And now we really can't afford to get into any more battles at all... at this point we're risking a Game Over with every step...

Also, for some reason, Kurt can still defuse traps even though he's knocked out.

UNLIMITED:Saga Screenshot

We head back around to where the gang's hideout is, and Judy yells out, "Found it!" when she sees Armand lol.

Ursula doesn't really seem to be in any real danger or anything, but we don't really ask any questions, we just start attacking.

UNLIMITED:Saga Screenshot

It looks like we're going to have to fight Armand, but then he says, "I'm counting on you," and we see he has some kind of mage friend with him. The friend summons an Aquan monster, but it ends up killing the guy who summoned it... Armand seems a bit annoyed and runs off to leave us to deal with the monster.

This thing can breathe fire and use its long green tongue like a whip. There's not much more to say about it. It did a lot of damage, but it ended up falling pretty fast. I was worried for a bit, but the fight was over before I knew it...

UNLIMITED:Saga Screenshot

Afterward, Armand says he'll "let Ursula go" so I guess he did kidnap her. Even though she seems to worry and care about him when we meet her in Kurt's scenario. Maybe Kurt Ursula and Judy Ursula have completely different stories lol...

Anyway, Mr. Beauvais (who is kinda handsome) appears and chews out his stupid son, but Judy is just glad to have found her dad and have everything work out in the end.

Then Beauvais disowns Armand and says as his reformation punishment he must accompany Judy and help her on her quest to find her family. But Judy doesn't even want him to come along... but somehow we're stuck with him in the party, anyway.

Judy also mentions that the weird incantation we saw Armand's cohort do was a bit unsettling, and wonders what exactly was going on with all that.

And from there we get to develop our Growth Panel.

Judy already got the familiar back that we had to get rid of last time, and we're able to put it in a much better spot now, too. It also happens to make a line bonus (though that will be messed up as soon as we are able to move the others, because all three are in bad places) that boosts her Spirit Level from 2 to 12! Her Magic and a few Elemental Levels go up, too.

Other than that, there really weren't any interesting panels this time, despite all our struggle and our near-death experiences. But now that we have this whole strange thing out of the way, we can go back to looking for our family, and hopefully find Mom before Clyde does...