The Creepy Magic Tablet ~
Looking for Mom ~
I'm Coming For You, Mom!

Now that we're done having fun at the festival, it's time to get back to finding our lost family. Last time, we took a ship to Longshank which was a lot less dangerous than our original boat ride.

Apon arrival in Longshank, Judy hopes that we may find Marie here. Walking into the High Tide Inn, the very first person we talk to says that a beautiful young woman has been staying here. Well, I guess we already found our answer. Judy and Roy wonder if the woman in question is their sister, and head to the room to find out.

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We arrive in the very lavish room, surprised that Marie was able to afford such a thing. It seems that upon finding her lost, the inkeepers offered her to let them know if she needed anything, and she "took them at their word," ordering a lavish room and stuff. She even asked them to find a dragon fang that Josef wanted, and they seem to be out trying to find it at the moment. Judy and Roy feel sorry for the inn family.

Judy shows Marie the creepy magic tablet that she had found earlier, and Marie notices it's similar to a broken piece of a tablet that she's carrying. Judy says that we should definitely look into it, but Roy suggests that they need to find Mom right away. Marie argues that their mother is strong enough to take care of herself for a while, and we head off to where she was given the fragment as a gift.

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We're taken to the garden where we can come on a subadventure in other characters' scenarios to retrieve a lost letter, which happened to be a love letter to Marie. First we get into a boat wreck in the place Roy washed up in Ruby's scenario, and now we find that Marie was indeed in the garden here, and someone gave her a gift, in the same place where someone was trying to give her a love letter in other scenarios. I like how the events in Judy's scenario kind of correlate to events in other scenarios. It's cute. You don't really see much of that with other characters and scenarios, but I guess if they were doing this kind of thing constantly, it would be a bit much.

All around the Garden of Death are littered pieces of the magic tablet. We actually have a turn limit this time, even though this is a story adventure. And once it runs out, we're taken back to town, unable to find enough of the broken tablet to figure anything out. It doesn't matter how successful you are at finding the tablet fragments, either; this is a 100% fail rate adventure.

So all we did was waste our time while Clyde was able to get closer to Mom... At least we got to choose some panels. Roy got Locksmith L3 and Nuage got Obstacle Crossing L3.

Back in town, now that we have most of our characters, we go ahead and run through the Fugar's Mansion subadventure. We end up with an Earth Artist's Magic Tablet L2, which goes to Marie.

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Our next available story mission is called "Looking for Mom," and is a series of travelling adventures. Now that we've traveled quite a bit north, Mr. Crystal is telling us that Rebecca is somewhere far to the east. So we have several adventures in a row of nothing more than traveling on the highroads to the east.

Along the way, though, we do find some Demonite in the shops, but we weren't lucky enough to release Forbidden Arts on an item for Judy.

Having Roy's Magic Lock art helps in fighting lots of treasure slimes along the road, but we're unable to find any magic tablets. For a playthrough that is intended to be all about magic arts, we certainly are getting terrible luck with anything related to magic arts...

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When we get to Zomar, Clyde's minion returns to him and warns him that we've already made it to Longshank. He seems pretty upset that the party is getting closer and closer. He says "Rebecca would have found it," I assume meaning something like that she would have figured out the mystery of the creepy tablet that we were trying to unravel in the Garden of Death. He also reveals that he's tracked down Rebecca now, so he's going to go momnap her soon.

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We're able to sell the tablet shards that we found in the Garden (which are strangely made of copper, of all things) at least, but it's still not enough to afford the Cuirass nor the Faerie Silver that popped up in The Seahawk Inn.

Nor the Obsidian Mask that showed up in the Strelitzia Inn, either...

We do find another piece of Demonite, though, which is at least affordable, but it still doesn't release Forbidden Arts for us, so Judy still can't use the powerful magic arts she's been studying.

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We continue travelling to the east. There's not a lot to say about travel adventures, but here's a cute screenshot of Roy's 'hurt' sprite, in which he, of course, holds his belly like he ate too much or something. Or maybe he's hungry?

We travel through Wanda and some other places and eventually end up in Escata, where we discover the entire place has been razed. Judy wonders if Clyde was the one that burned down the kingdom, which would have been a cool suspenseful moment if we didn't already know that it was Dagul Bos from playing the other scenarios. But I guess it's not leading up to any kind of reveal, though, because the first rando we talk to in the inn tells us that Dagul Bos was responsible anyway.

Talking more in the inn, though, we learn that most of the people who were able to protect the town have left now after the disaster, and all kinds of new monsters have been showing up. For some reason, Rebecca was here and blamed herself for the onslaught of monsters (?!) and allowed herself to be captured by them. I have absolutely no idea why, but now we're off to rescue mom who is trapped by monsters in the Titan's Flute tower.

Before heading into the tower, though, we look around the shops to find some Dragonscale Mail, a Meteorite Amulet, some Diamond, and a Corundum Crown... none of which we can afford. It's... sort of depressing. But at least we're able to get Water Arts onto a Black Armlet using some Ravenite.

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We head off to the tower on a new adventure entitled "I'm Coming For You, Mom!"

Like always, the tower is loaded with treasures. And now with unlimited turn count, we're able to slowly explore and gather them up! We even manage to find a magic tablet from a treasure slime (it's about time!)

But other than that, the treasure-filled tower turns out to be pretty fruitless. Was really hoping to get a ton of cool stuff, but other than a bit of money and that one tablet, there wasn't anything else.

We're actually unable to explore most of the tower, because we're not able to get to the top and flip the switches to change the pitch of the wind or anything like that, so the entire reverse side of the tower (where most of the goodies lie) is inaccessible. Before we're able to climb that high...

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We run into an Elder Dragon! And it seems to have gotten the best of Mom, too! We join her in battle, which means we start the battle with a knocked out party member, limiting us to four actions per turn.

This is the only time it's possible to encounter a silver Elder Dragon in the game, as far as I know.

The battle is a little tough since we're unable to use weapons, and dragons are pretty hardy creatures. It doesn't help that the thing can use its tail and roar to stun and paralyze the entire active party at once. Marie has trouble keeping up with the healing as we try to dish out a lot of combo-damage Fire Arrows in hopes of whittling away the HP and hopefully even getting some LP damage in.

The battle drags on, and eventually Judy and many other party members are very low on LP, so we're left with trying to deal our last bit of LP damage by having Roy throw the thing constantly. With the new Key Panels he's acquired during the travels, though, his Skill Level is high enough that we're able to get by now that the Dragon's HP has ben drained quite a bit, and we finally defeat it.

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After it fades away, we see not just Clyde's bat familiar, but two other little things, too. One looks like some kind of ... mongoose? That sits up? And the other is some kind of short snake with a big head and wings.

Nothing is really revealed to us through this, though, but it seems like Clyde may have been sending all of his might after us this time. It seems like Rebecca really is his top priority, and she's a force to be reckoned with.

Even though Rebecca's only "participation" in the adventure was being a dead body in the boss battle, she still gets panel selection as she's considered a part of the party now. She gets a L3 Fire Familiar, and we get some other nice panels, like Quick Fix L3 for Roy.

Sadly, the magic tablet we found from the Treasure Slime ended up just being a L1 Fire tablet, so we end up throwing it away anyway.

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We get a quick cutscene with Clyde, who claims he is going to use his "last resort" because he's "running out of time."

After the adventure, we've finally found the last member of our family, so we're able to return to Sadovos, where we'll greeted with an awkward animated scene of Judy carrying a book and smiling creepily at the camera.

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We hear a sound and rush inside the magic shop to find that the mirror that Grandpa was stuck in has shattered. Before we can freak out too much, though, Daddy Thomas (yes yes yes) returns home, and tells us that Clyde smashed the mirror to "trap Grandpa in the mirror dimension," and then he went to that dimension himself. There's no explanation why Thomas knows this and no one else does, nor why despite knowing nothing about it, everyone just seems to understand what he's talking about.

He further informs us that Deities' Table, one of the Seven Wonders, houses an entrance to the mirror dimension. Again, no explanation as to why Thomas, of all people, knows this stuff, and no one else does, despite everyone have just traveled around the world and Thomas supposedly being completely inept at anything magic-related. But I guess it's possible that Josef could have just explained all of this to him earlier while we were gone, but it also seems like he only just now returned home. I don't know.

Anyway, the final adventure is open now, and we can head off to the most annoying of all the Seven Wonders to rescue Grandpa. But before that we're going to do a lot of subadventuring to try to learn more magic arts and stuff, which we desperately need to do. Plus, we haven't been able to train Rebecca at all, and only had Thomas for like one adventure before he fell off a bridge.

Sadly, Judy has the smallest amount of available towns and subadventures of all the protagonists, so we won't have a ton of opportunity. And there's not really anything we'll be doing that hasn't already been covered in the play diaries previously, either, so there's not even really much to write in a subadventures digest. So next time, we'll be heading off to stop Clyde and save Grandpa!

And we finally have a mustache back in the party!!