Jade-Colored Adventure

When we last left off I had failed miserably trying to finish several subadventures. I finally did get one out of the way, and moved on to Regal Lion's Treasures, which I was able to get through, but ran out of turns near the end.

Avoiding letting the orb get warm while I try to open chests so I can put it in all three slots properly and quickly this time, we're able to clear the adventure pretty easily.

UNLIMITED:Saga screencap

After defeating the baddie guarding the treasures, we're able to run around and snatch everything up. There's a Dragon Scale Knife on the ground, which is great, because Dragon Scale is one of the things we needed from the list!

We also find some Copper and Bestial stuff, as well as some money, so we actually got quite a few items from our list.

UNLIMITED:Saga screencap

After the adventure is over, we actually see some L4 panels. But I also found a Metal Artist's tablet L1, so Armic got that instead. Importantly, it has access to the Metal art Shock which can hit all enemies. It's not as nice as Supersonic, but for this early in the game, it's wonderful.

UNLIMITED:Saga screencap

After the adventure is over, we see another scene of Yun looking over the tablet. This time he says "I see. I see." So, hopefully he has deciphered the part of the tablet we asked him about! We run straight to Loch Vaan to talk to him.

I'm still not sure exactly what triggers this. I was thinking maybe it would be a certain number of adventures, but after playing a few, I thought it made more sense if it was based on the shopping list. But how exactly would the game determine the progress you've made on the list? Especially since you can lose items by selling them or equipping them or trading them to the other Chapas. (I did test it, and equipping the items will remove them from the count on the list...)

UNLIMITED:Saga screencap

And it seems he has finished his study! The "item for wood" is Jupiter's Anvil, and it's somewhere in the Jade Forest. Makes sense that the special Wood item would be in the same place where the Lilean Tribe live, right?

Yun asks which part we'd like to work on next. I choose Earth in honor of Anzan. Though I'm still not entirely sure why we're only ever able to choose three or whatever -- I'm still avoiding spoilers for the most part -- so next time I will definitely choose Metal to make sure we get access to Vaftom so we can visit the festival.

Now we have access to an adventure called Jade-Colored Adventure from any inn. It's, of course, the adventure to set out to Jade Forest to search for Jupiter's Anvil.

UNLIMITED:Saga screencap

Upon arriving in the forest, we run into Pharr! She seems to be wondering where the "master" of Jade Forest is, though it's never revealed why. She seems Armic and asks him who he is. Armic introduces himself and explains he's looking for an important item. Pharr assumes we're gathering herbs, and suggests that we should travel together since it's safer to travel in numbers, introducing herself formally. Armic thanks her, and now we have a new party member!

Characters don't differ in their initial equipment and panels and stuff in the different scenarios, so Pharr is the same as when we first got her in Mythe's story. Fortunately, she comes with Defuse L2, so now we have all three 'treasure skills' across the party, which is very helpful.

UNLIMITED:Saga screencap

Since I built Pharr as a strength-based powerhouse the last time, I am going to try a more rounded approach this time, using spear which is both skill- and strength-based, and a little bit of martial arts (throws and kicks, most likely). I will probably also give her a couple of map skills to make her have a lot of usefulness everywhere. Because I love Pharr a lot.

She comes equipped with a spear and already has a Spear Arts panel to start, so it's a little easier to get started with this build. Though I want to "move" the Spear panel to a different location, so I'll have to find one of a different level and place it where I want and then overwrite her current one, or just overwrite the current one and hope for a new one of any level later.

UNLIMITED:Saga screencap

We don't actually travel through the entire forest -- we never get to the south side close to Sadovos. Instead, we head into the Forest's Eye, and after a few turns, Pharr and Armic talk about the "keeper" of the forest (which I assume is the same as the "master" that Pharr talked about earlier). We still don't learn why Pharr was seeking this "keeper," though. Or maybe she was just worried about its presence because she was going to try to traverse the forest alone.

UNLIMITED:Saga screencap

The "master," Jumbo Moch, appears just after we talk about it. These things are normally high-ranking monsters, so I was pretty terrified.

UNLIMITED:Saga screencap

Here's an awesome cap of Pharr jumping backward after tossing that thing into the air. Yeah, just just picked it up and flung it. BAMF.

Seriously, I love Pharr, hahaha.

You can also see Nuage's weird 'bear' pose from the front now... with a staff in hand.

UNLIMITED:Saga screencap

In the end, Jumbo just looked more intimidating than anything. It was still pretty tough, especially with its Temper Tantrum attack which caused a lot of damage to everyone on the field at once. But I think this was actually a weaker version compared to the normal monster version of this? I don't know.

UNLIMITED:Saga screencap

But afterward, we find Jupiter's Anvil. I guess Jumbo was just... carrying it around... in its... leaf hair... and it fell out when we defeated it? But honestly why question how monsters 'drop' items in games anyway...

After we put the giant Anvil into Armic's tiny pocket, we get to select some panels. Armic got a shiny new Sword Arts L3 panel, which is cool. I also got Quick-Fix on Nuage, which is nice, because I didn't really want it on Norff too much.

UNLIMITED:Saga screencap

After clearing Jade-Colored Adventure, we're given access to pretty much the entire chain of towns leading to and just beyond the Jade Forest -- Gadeira, Solophero, Serin, and Sadovos. Gadeira is our first opportunity to access a blacksmith, too, which is very helpful. Of course, it doesn't work with all equipment types, so we'll still need to find more to be able to repair and craft any possible item we'd want.

This is also helpful because crafting stuff like Damascus and Faerie Silver will be easier than hoping it shows up in the stores.

And we have access to magic shops, so we can easily buy up the Carnelian, Ravenite, Topaz, Opal, and Lazuli items we need here. Of course, they'll cost about twice as much as in the normal shops since they have all their abilities released and provide free, usable magic arts on them... but it's still an easy way to find them when we have more money. I'm not going to be doing it right away, though.

I'm also not going to be using any kind of save-scumming this time around, so I have to actually get all the materials the 'fair' way. That means I'm buying up a lot of Copse, hahaha. I'm a bit worried about the Faerie Silver since the ingredients are a little obnoxiously priced compared to the amounts of money we're able to get now, but later in the game we should have more money and access to multiple magic shops (though we can't use the one in Loch Vaan because it's been turned into our "Yun Hub" instead...)

And now it's time to do a lot of shopping...