Let's Tokimeki!

For my first playthrough of TokiMemo3, I plan to play a more "role-playing" style, making choices based not on what I think will have the best outcome, but how I would actually react in the situation. Well, ideally. How I would actually react to most social situations is generally not an option in games, as they don't give you neuropsychological status conditions or whatever.

But you'll see that I quickly and easily get swept up by the characters, so even though I originally intend to get the 'bad' ending by not having anyone confess their feelings for me at the end, who knows what will really happen by the end. I'll have to kind of reorganize the diary a little, but that will be okay.

A lot of the reason for playing this way first is I want to show off all of the various game systems and things to do in the game and not focus so much on characters right away, because then game systems will have to take a backseat. And if you've read my other diaries, you probably know by now that I love talking about mechanics and game systems a bit too much.

So please enjoy our high school life together as we delve into Tokimeki Memorial 3~