Are You OK? Shut Up!!

Woo! It's been like a week or so? Last time, we met a new friend (?) Mari Oda, who is a bit abrasive but seems to be quite the character. And now that we're moving on, it's time for the school culture festival!

The culture festival is an event in which each of the school clubs and classrooms put together some kind of little event or exhibit that you can check out, and then the students spend the day enjoying what the other groups are presenting.

Tokimeki Memorial 3 Screenshot

We're given the choice to ask someone to look around the festival with us. Since Makihara is the only person I feel like we really know yet, and we've been schoomates for a long time, I think it seems best to ask her.

Then we get to pick which club exhibit we want to go see. I didn't really know what to pick, so I just picked the astronomy club because it seemed cool at the time. I was probably in a science mood.

Tokimeki Memorial 3 Screenshot

If you remember back when we were looking at the flyers, the astronomy club's was really pushing for girls to join. Well, here's the reason -- Yabe is the club's leader and one of the only members.

The exhibit seems to be just a little educational exhibit to attract interest to the club or something, so our scene focuses around Yabe.

He gets all giddy, saying he's so glad that Makihara came to see him. She seems a bit flustered at first, but then just greets him normally. He asks, "What would you like to drink?" to which we start to respond we'd like some oolong tea, but his happy attitude fully reverses and he tells us that he wasn't asking what we wanted, just Makihara.

Tokimeki Memorial 3 Screenshot

Makihara tells him that she's okay and doesn't need a drink or anything. Yabe seems a little disappointed, but asks her to come again later. When he moves on to something else (probably harass another girl), Yukiko just giggles and says that Yabe is a funny, good person. I'm... not really seeing it, but okay... You're very forgiving, Makihara...

By the way, Yabe calls Makihara by the pet name "Yukko-chan" despite not really being her friend or anything. I'm surprised that it doesn't make Makihara uncomfortable that he acts so familiar or whatever, but... XD Maybe that's just Makihara's good nature. I wanna see him try that crap with Oda XD

Tokimeki Memorial 3 Screenshot

After the one exhibit, we're done with the culture festival. I don't know why they only let you see one thing, but I guess they don't want you to get hung up spending a bunch of time here or something; the game actually has a pretty quick pace. Honestly I'd be fine with being able to go to more than one room or booth though; you can fast-forward through scenes even if you've not seen them before, so I don't think it would really be that big of a deal if you're wanting to go faster. And the events for all the exhibits are already written so it's not like it would require any more writing or anything...

Anyway, Makihara seems to have enjoyed herself, though we didn't get a "great" reaction or anything. But that's fine by me.

I don't remember if I mentioned it in the last entry, but I ordered a game catalogue, and now we have a bunch of games we can order. I choose to get a romance simulation game, since I'm trying to make choices based on what I would really pick, and uh, well, that's what I'm playing right now...

Tokimeki Memorial 3 Screenshot

We have Monday off from school, too, so we get a bit of humanities studying done, and with our bonus for the week at school we... level up art.


So even if we're an idiot, at least we'll be able to draw well. Yay! If only I could draw well irl to make up for how much of an idiot I am XD

Anyway, our level up triggered a scene!

Tokimeki Memorial 3 Screenshot

We're walking in the hallways after school when we hear the sound of someone crying coming from one of the classrooms. Ah~ are we finally going to see our first really serious scene??

We have the option to go and investigate what's going on, or to leave whoever it is alone. It's not our business, and I definitely would have run way IRL, but I don't want to roleplay a completely inept idiot just because that's how I am. We might be able to help. So we decide to go check it out.

Tokimeki Memorial 3 Screenshot

We go into the classroom to find Oda alone, crying. We kinda freak out, and then ask her what's wrong, but she doesn't reply and keeps weeping to herself.

Maybe she didn't hear us or something, so we call out her name again, but...

Tokimeki Memorial 3 Screenshot

Now she's mad. "Excuse me, but can you please shut up?"

I should also note that Oda's full name ("Oda Mari") is a pun on "shut up" -- basically it's a way to tell someone stfu but using ~formal language~

Maybe it's because she is quick to tell people to shut up?

Anyway, we seem a bit surprised at this sudden turn from sobbing to scolding, and rightfully so, I'd say. Oda comments on how ignorant we must be; she was in the middle of practicing her acting skills, not crying.

Tokimeki Memorial 3 Screenshot

Then she gets smug and says perhaps she can't blame us -- maybe her acting was just that good.

This girl, seriously... from crying to raging to bragging all in the same minute!

When I was playing this game with a friend before, he said he thinks that she's probably trying to cover up that she was really crying. I think it's a bit curious they would do that but not have her at least stammer or anything, to try to hint to the player that maybe she really was. Usually these kinds of scripts tend to be very blatant with stuff like that -- you can always see stuff like that coming.

But I do think it's an interesting idea. He ended up buying the game after watching me play, but neither of us ever ended up pursuing Oda's story (well, I haven't talked to him in years so maybe he finally did but I kind of doubt he even remembers that this game exists hahaha) so we never found out. And I'm super avoidant of spoilers, so who knows.

Tokimeki Memorial 3 Screenshot

After returning to our school week, we do level up our Humanities at least. We get the option to try to go home with someone, so I choose Oda, since she's the only one we haven't gotten to walk home with yet, I think.

But she doesn't show up, so we continue on. School continues for a while like this, pretty uneventful. We do get another one of those scenes of Kawai video taping us from a distance and running off when we catch her.

But for the most part, every level up we get is a try-to-walk-home thing, and the people never even show up.

Tokimeki Memorial 3 Screenshot

We also get one of the 'booby prize' scenes where Shiratori "compliments" us by saying that we'll never be as good as him even though we're doing good with our studies right now.

... Even though we score better on the tests, just saying.

Tokimeki Memorial 3 Screenshot

We also get another scene with that green-haired girl who's been spouting random English at us. Turns out her name is Chitose Aizawa, and she is good friends with Makihara.

They went to middle school together. Which means... we all went to middle school together. But of course, our player character doesn't remember it.

I want to say, "How can they be so unobservant?!" but then I realize that... I'm pretty much exactly like that. Just the other week, I spent an entire week wearing the wrong shoes and didn't even notice. Like, I have regular shoes that I wear everywhere, and then I have 'work shoes' that I keep just for lawn work. But somehow I put on the lawn work shoes even though they're nowhere near the regular shoes, and continued to wear them for a whole week, never realizing I was not wearing my regular shoes. I didn't even realize it until my boyfriend pointed it out to me.

He was... pretty amazed that I could go an entire week wearing different shoes and not even realize it, and even so was I, because they feel completely different on my feet and everything... but at the same time, we're kind of used to this because I really am this oblivious at the world around me.

It's especially frustrating for my therapist because I give no hints at all to what kinds of things may be triggers for me because I just answer every question with "I don't know" or "I don't remember" lol...

So basically, this dumb-ass kid is me and doesn't even realize that he's been in the same class as these people and one he even interacted with but still somehow forgot they even existed.

And yeah, the school days keep dragging on with no one showing up or wanting to go home with us... so we'll just kinda stop here for now.