Summer Vacation

Hey, everyone! It's been a while. I kinda took a break from all of the play diaries to create the website for them, and deal with fun health stuff, but it's finally time to return to TokiMemo3! If you've been reading other diaries, I guess you knew that already, but for those of you reading only this one, we're back! And updates should be regular from now on~~

When we last left off long, long ago, it was the beginning of our summer vacation! So far we're still kind of meeting people and studying and stuff, and when we're not at school, we can't get the random events for leveling up (since they are events that happen at school), so our summer will be... maybe a bit uneventful. We don't have anyone's number but Makihara, so we can't call up our friends and ask them to hang out. Well, we have Shiratori and Yabe's numbers but you can't call them for dates haha.

When I first booted up the game this time, I went to load my save file and... it was gone! I was really freaking out... but then I realized I had just left my UNLIMITED:Saga memory card in... my file was safe and sound on the other card :P

Tokimeki Memorial 3 Screenshot

Since we don't have too much to do, we can at least spend a lot of time working on our hobbies. I kinda wanted to try out other hobbies, but since I'm still excited over remembering how great Kawai is, I decide instead to work on doing the sketch portrait of her.

I was thinking we didn't really have any obligations in the summer and wasn't really paying attention to what I was doing, just quickly selecting the hobby command, and...

Tokimeki Memorial 3 Screenshot

We missed out on Akido practice! Even though school isn't in session, we still have practices on the third Sunday of every month, and we still have to go to them...

Missing this one in the summer, we just have a little moment at night with the blinds closed where we remember that we had practice that day, but we missed it.

If we miss a second practice, though, we'll be kicked off the team...

I tend to be bad with this in every TokiMemo game, even though on practice days it defaults the cursor to the club activities command and in this game the little tooltip by the icon even changes to say it's practice day... Though I guess it would probably be more "challenging" if you were using a mouse, since the cursor would probably just be at the spot you left it...? I would probably never go to practice then LOL

But I usually just quickly move the cursor to the calendar or the thing I was planning on doing that day without reading the little box or paying attention to where the cursor started. You'd think I'd notice it being in a different place than usual but... I honestly can't even tell you where the cursor defaults to normally, and I just finished a play session...

Tokimeki Memorial 3 Screenshot

So to make up for it, and since athleticism seems to be in the forecast based on the biorhythm chart, I decided to practice Akido for the weekly activity. I guess missing practice made us suddenly out of shape or something, because we fell on our face three times in a row...

But after that, we at least got a critical success and managed to level up Athleticism to Level 6...

Tokimeki Memorial 3 Screenshot

After that, though, the summer festival is being held at the shrine! We decide to go alone -- nobody really likes us well enough to invite us to go with them, I guess, and I we don't have the option of asking anyone to go, either.

We find that there are some festival games to try, and we're given the option of trying out the Frog Hop game or the Smart Ball game. I'm terrible at both, so I just picked Frog Hop since it was the first in the list...

Uh, you could also choose not to play a game if you wanted.

Tokimeki Memorial 3 Screenshot

And so it's minigame time! Frog Hop is actually kind of fun, I'm just... really terrible at it. You can press left or right on the directional pad to rotate the frog's hopping pad, and then when you hold down the circle button, you'll fill up the power gauge on the right side of the screen. When you release the circle button, you'll hit your mallet on the level that flings the frog with the amount of power you stored up by holding the button.

You get three frogs to hop, and landing them on the stumps in the pool will give you points. There are tiny little stumps off to the left and right, and they're constantly moving around, too, that seem to award the most points. I don't know if I have ever actually landed one, but I feel like I have and it was worth 50 points.

Otherwise, there's a big 10-point stump right front and center, a 30-point stump in the far back center, and two 20-point stumps off to the side that are much larger than the little moving stumps off to the side. And then in the center of the pool is a 40-point stump, though sometimes it will change numbers and be a 10-point stump for a bit... so if you don't time it properly, you can end up landing the difficult hop on that small platform, but still only get 10 points...

Tokimeki Memorial 3 Screenshot

I decide to just go for the big 10-pointer in the front to get the feel for the game since I haven't played in a long time. And... I can't even manage that. I hardly flip the frog at all and he plops right into the water just in front of the launch pad.

Tokimeki Memorial 3 Screenshot

The second frog, though I went for the 40 in the middle... and I managed to land it! But it changed back to 10 just as the frog was in the air, and I only ended up getting 10 points...

Tokimeki Memorial 3 Screenshot

I decided to try for it again, this time adjusting the timing to hit to 40, but... I overshot and it turned back to 10 again anyway...

So, three attempts and I only scored a measly ten points...

Tokimeki Memorial 3 Screenshot

After playing a game, you get to go to the prize exchange! There are a few different prizes, like a package of pocket tissues, bromide cards of enka singers... then they start getting weird, like for 120 points you can get a hamster. There's also a family vacation to Hawaii for 200 points, but I'm pretty sure it's impossible to get that many points, so it's just there for show I guess. Similarly there was like a leather jacket or something at 170 points. But 120 is perfectly possible, so you could win a hamster if you wanted to...

The only thing we can afford, though, are the tissues, and I forgot to even go back and get them after looking at all the other prizes, so we ended up leaving the prize booth and going home empty-handed...

Wow, our summer vacation is off to a successful start...

Tokimeki Memorial 3 Screenshot

After another week, we have our summer camp. If you're in a club activity at school, during the summer you have a week-long camp for it where you practice the thing and sometimes work on some kind of special project or something with your club members.

For Akido team, though, it's just a series of practices...

Tokimeki Memorial 3 Screenshot

We do pretty good and almost get two Levels Up. Hopefully no one is mad we skipped practice that one time now :)

Tokimeki Memorial 3 Screenshot

Looking at the calendar, it seems at the end of the month, we're having a fireworks show! This is a great opportunity for a summer date, since pretty much anyone enjoys going to it, so you don't really risk boring your date.

We still only have that one phone number, though, so we call up Makihara and see if she wants to go.

The phone rang like 7 times, which really stressed me out, because phone sounds already give me pretty bad anxiety, but I was starting to think that she wasn't going to answer or something...

But she did. And she didn't say the "it's rare for you to call" thing this time, so that's cool, I guess.

We ask her to go, and she accepts our invitation! Hooray!

Tokimeki Memorial 3 Screenshot

After making the call, we still have quite a while before the fireworks show, so we keep working on our sketch of Kawai and following the biorhythm chart to decide what to do during the week. One week, art was really great and we got all critical successes, causing two Levels Up!

Tokimeki Memorial 3 Screenshot

We practice Akido and keep inching along our progress on our sketch, and finally our fireworks day has arrived!

Before going out, like always, we get to pick out clothes... A little paranoid about missing the fireworks, I decide to be a bit conservative and just wear a suit, because it seems to work pretty well, even if it's really weird for a high school kid to wear a suit to go to a fireworks show...

Tokimeki Memorial 3 Screenshot

Upon seeing us, though, Makihara looks very disappointed. I guess she doesn't like suits. Or maybe she thinks it's weird like I said after all...

She looks away for a while, and we ask her what's wrong. She hesitates and says it's nothing, and then we're able to carry on with the date.

To be honest having both of my first dates not storm off in anger at how ugly my outfit is was pretty surprising. Generally I find it almost impossible to get girls to stay because of the clothes. So I'm pretty happy about it, honestly, even if we disappointed both of them.

Tokimeki Memorial 3 Screenshot

After our wardrobe disaster, though, we notice that Makihara is wearing kimono. She asks us how it looks, and we're given three options: we can tell her it looks good on her, it's summery, or that she should dress sexier.

Obviously the last choice is stupid, and I'm not really sure what commenting that it's summery is supposed to mean, so we just tell her it suits her, and she seems happy about it.

We head into the park and we seem to have gotten a better viewing spot than we expected.

Tokimeki Memorial 3 Screenshot

Then we get to watch fireworks! It's... actually pretty boring...

We see a few crappy little fireworks for a while, then the screen pans down to Makihara, who is standing in front of us with her back to us. Despite all the fireworks, there are no lighting effects on the background or on Makihara, so it looks really awkward to see it while hearing the fireworks sounds.

Tokimeki Memorial 3 Screenshot

Once it's over, Makhiara turns around -- I tried to capture her turning, because I wanted to have a cool screecap of that mikaeri-bijin look...

But I'm pretty convinced anymore that the models in this game will look horrible if you try to screencap them during any kind of motion whatsoever...

When she turns to us, Makihara says that the fireworks are so pretty and she wishes they'd last forever.

Our three choices are interesting. We have the obvious bad choice of saying, "You know you can just come back next year..."

But the other two, I'm not really sure what would be better. And though I'm supposed to be role-playing this play through and choosing the kinds of things I might really say if I could actually hold a conversation with a human being, I don't think I would say either of these things?

Our first option is that it's precisely because they don't last long that makes them beautiful. I think that sounds kind of poetic or something, and maybe that would sound impressive, but at the same time, it's kind of contradicting Makihara's feelings about it, so maybe she would feel bad if we told her she was wanting to enjoy them "wrong" or something. Or perhaps I'm overanalyzing it...

And then our other option is just to say that we could watch them all night long. Which is... such a terrible generic and boring thing to say, but it at least agrees with Makihara's sentiments, and it's good to be agreeable, right?

Well, if it were really me, I'd probably just agree with the other person no matter how I felt about it anyway, so I ended up going with the last choice.

Tokimeki Memorial 3 Screenshot

Makihara seems pleased with the answer and says she feels the same. We already knew she felt the same, though, because she just told us...

Afterward, we get the "perfect" thought -- er, I don't know if I explained this, but after making choices, often the player character will say one of a few set lines to themselves in their head that lets you know how your choice went over. When we tell ourselves that we seemed to have said the perfect thing, it means that the option we chose had the best possible impact on our relationship with the other person.

So I guess we picked the "right" thing. Socializing is exhausting, honestly. Why do I even want to play games about it? XD

Or maybe it's precisely because it's exhausting that makes it beautiful~~~

Tokimeki Memorial 3 Screenshot

We part happily with Makihara and head home. We practice Akido some more for the rest of the week, because for some reason our biorhythm has been all about the sports recently. And after that, September rolls around and school is back in session for the fall! At least in the end, we had a good summer thanks to our friend Makihara. After missing practice, falling on our face a lot, and completely failing at the frog game (even failing at picking a prize lol), it's nice to have ended the season spending a nice time with cute Makihara.