Urpina's Scenario
~What Only She Can Do~

Urpina from SaGa SCARLET GRACE

And so our first tale comes to an end (like a year ago) and a new tale is about to begin! Yes, it's finally back. I actually played really far into Urpina's story and then my Vita database got corrupted and it killed all of my screenshots... so I decided to start over. Which is fine, because I learned I missed out on a very important (well, desirable, at least) recruitable character.

Urpina's story seems to be a lot more focused than Leo's. While with Leo we basically just ran wherever we wanted while hunting for the Scarlet Shards, Urpina has a linear narrative and for a while you pretty much have to stick to the current region you're in because she has reasons for not being able to return from where she came. So it's a pretty different experience! And there's loads more story, when I thought Leo had a lot of story. I mean, I knew Leonard was meant to be the 'less story' guy but even still. This game is pretty crammed with story for a SaGa title. A single subquest in this game seems to have as much narrative content as like, the entirety of a single character's scenario in UNLIMITED:Saga...

But somehow the gameplay is still the focus and it's as stellar as ever. I was thinking recently if I had to rank the SaGa series both by personal favoritism and a pseudo-objective ranking, SCARLET GRACE would end up in the top three on both lists. Like, it has some ugly moments (the lack of battle environment, weird load times, so many character recolors, etc.) but the game is so addictively fun. I will load it up just to look at the name of something in the game and end up playing 5 hours when I wasn't even intending to play at all. It's so hard to put down. And it's not a mindlessly-addictive thing like instant-gratification mobile games -- the game is exciting and satisfying and thoughtful. It's amazing. Like, as far as turn-based, strategy-focused gameplay is concerned, I would have to say SCARLET GRACE is one of the best games of all time. I realize the audience for it is limited with this being probably the most brutally difficult game in the series (which is saying something, honestly!) and the fairly unorthodox systems and lack of cinematic narrative are likely to scare away a lot of mainstream role-playing gamers. But I still hope for a localization for this game. (Please buy Romancing SaGa 2 on Steam or Vita to show support for the series on those platforms! You'll also make it more likely we'll get Romancing SaGa 3 localized there, too! And RSG2 is a fantastic game that is a lot of fun, definitely worthy of its spot as being a lot of fans' favorite title!)

Of course, my ultimate (and completely unrealistic) dream is to have the entire series come to PC, included a touched-up UN:Saga. But yeah. We all know that won't happen. But then again, we're getting a new PC version of Mega Man X7 this year, apparently, so who knows! If we can prove the SaGa series is that popular/profitable...!!!


Anyway, enough rambling. Let's just play the game :P